This is the eat11. Now what this is a 114 scale, as you can see here, four wheel drive trucky uh. It is brushed and comes in two colors red and also a green one. Here. Okay, i believe in the box here, i’ve got the red one. Um yeah got the red one with two batteries. You can get it with a single battery as well. Okay, so not much on the box, guys 14 plus and on the bottom of the box is some more info here. It is a reader run kit, full drive, 2.4 gigahertz qualified shocks. They always use that term qualified shocks uh. Basically, this one doesn’t have all shocks guys for this budget. Uh price ball. Bearings. 48 k’s are now now that’s, quite a statement for the speed here, um, actually on the listing. It says 45ks and um yeah we’ll, see about that i’m thinking that being a ‘0 brushed is probably going to get around the 30s, maybe low to mid 30 kilometer an hour, but i will see on a speed test and classic gears. So there’s no mention of metal gears i’m presuming they’re, just saying classic as in plastic. So anyway guys this one comes in around well, you can get two versions. Okay, like i mentioned the two battery option, which i have in this box, and you can also get the single battery version now. The single battery version um is around the 85 mark at the moment at the time.

Making this video and this two battery model is a little bit over 110 dollars, so there’s a little bit of a difference in the price i’m, not too sure why the price is there’s, quite a bit of a gap in the price. I would have liked to see the two battery model a bit lower than what it is uh. I will but we’ll be looking for a coupon code to put in this uh description of this video uh. You can check that out later on guys, okay, so uh anyway, let’s open the box have a quick look and then i’ll take it for a bash test and see how it actually performs all right guys. I’Ve got everything out of the box that comes with it. Now uh we’ll start off with the user manual it’s, just a like a quick start guide. Okay, so it shows you everything you need to know it actually folds out. Okay, so it shows you how to charge it up a bit about the controls and functions and parts list guide, as well with all the part numbers. So you fold that out and you’ve got all the parts that make up this uh rc, okay, so that’s that put that to the side. Now we get four batteries with this, like i told you uh they’re, 18 650 batteries. Okay, so we’ve got four of them. You can see i’ve got the other two here with the little uh battery covers that i actually took off the car.

Okay on the sides of the car. I’Ll show you that in a second we have the charger here for the lithium ion batteries. So, as you can see, it’s clearly labeled, which direction to put the battery so make sure you’ve got the button facing to the top where towards the led lights. Now these take quite a while to charge guys they’re not like lipos, that charge relatively quickly. This is powered by a usb cable. As you can see there, you could put your own little charging brick to put it into the wall and charge it that way, rather than by just you know, trickling charge off a usb device like a computer. Now these are 18650 cells, 18650, 1500 milliamp hour 3.7 volt. Now, when you’ve got two of them, it’s going to create like a 2s lipo voltage, so 7.4 volt okay to run this uh triggy, so um yeah the the lights here for each battery. So you have two of them just like this, for example, charge both of them up, um, you’re gon na have red lights on on both and then, when they finish, charging these red lights will turn to green. Also, once it’s i’ve noticed with these charges, when it gets close to the uh full charge, they sort of go from bright red to like a orange, then like a yellow and then a green okay. But these do like i mentioned they take quite a while to charge guys so i’m gon na actually put it on the charger right now.

Okay, so now i’ve got that charging on the side here uh all we else we get is a little screwdriver to work on the car. If need be. Uh we’ve got the remote control here now this remote looks very familiar to me. Uh looks like a zillihong gp toys or hosum style controller. Now these are actually not too bad at all. They got pretty decent range uh. These are rated to 80 to 100 meters. Okay, we’ve got a nice uh soft wheel here on the side, really good grip from this sponge, and this is very basic controller, guys fully proportional trigger and uh steering, and this one just has your basic trimmer and looks like here: throttle trim, they’ve just put the T and h the other way around, so you can actually adjust this dial to make the car go slower, especially for younger ones. Okay and we’ve got the on and off switch. Now i already put the batteries in uh before making this video. It just takes three triple: ah double a batteries. Okay, now let’s have a quick look at the eachine eat 11 truggy. Now it looks pretty nice in design. I do like the design of it pretty aggressive front end. There we’ve got the eachine logo got a couple of led lights here as well: okay, eachine eat 11 on the side, speed racing, and what i like about this shell is that it’s actually transparent just over the motor there sort of looks like a lambo uh rear.

You know bonnet or hood, so i think that’s, pretty cool that’s actually see through okay. We’Ve got some nice wheels here. Uh they are pretty soft. There is no foam in there. They look like they got pretty decent uh grip. These look like street radial sort of pattern, tread and they are glued okay, as you can see here, rather than using a locking nylock nut. These do have a phillips head uh to take the wheels off. I’Ll show you that in a second okay, so it’s got friction shocks guys they do spring back pretty quickly, as you can see here, all right, so um, yeah, i’ll, take a wheel off and i’ll just show you we’ll see if it’s got uh 12 millimeter hexes Or not, okay, so let’s take one of these off Music. There you go so um underneath here we do have the 12 millimeter hex all right and, as you can see, they did state ball. Bearings throughout. So it’s got ball bearings but, as you can see here, the actual hub is like a keyway for these particular wheels. So there is no axle protruding through where you can actually uh. You know, put a standard wheel on it or you know a nut. Okay, so that’s how this one’s set up, uh there’s the friction shocks, as i mentioned just a second ago. It just springs: there’s, no oil, a lot of plastic components on this one. So our dog bones swing.

Arms are all plastic okay. So as we go underneath the chassis we have the on and off switch here. Okay, so it’s conveniently located underneath and uh yeah the front cvds and axles. As you can see, the diff cups are all plastic and outdrive carbs, all right guys. Let’S uh take the shell off i’ll, put that wheel back on and we have a look underneath the uh the cover so here’s what’s under the shell. So, first off as we can see, we have a rearward uh center position mounted ‘0 motor with a nice uh heat sink there. Now the motor is connected to the esc via dean’s t plug okay, which is not really common but that’s how they went with this. One now the esc, receiver combo, is located just in front of the motor here now, as you can see here, it’s got the plug for the wiring for the led light. So go to the front bumper. Now this esc receiver combo, is not rated on the website. On the listing it doesn’t say: 45 amp, 60, amp or anything like that, so uh yeah, safest bet, is to just uh use the you know 18650s provided on the side of the esc. Here we have the steering servo. As you can see, it’s got a rather long steering linkage there. Okay, now there’s no rating of the kilograms. This one’s probably like a two kilogram servo. It is five wire, as you can see it plugs into the esc receiver.

There, okay on the sides, here’s, is where you put your batteries: okay, so both sides, so you just grab one of your batteries, make sure it is facing the plus with the button just like that, and you just pop it in just like that and grab your Cage and clip it in just like that, all right, so i’ll do the other side might as well. Now these are the batteries that were in that bag, so they’re, just storage rate, okay. So just clips in, like that very easy, very simple, okay, so uh yeah, guys that’s pretty much it it’s all made up of plastic. As you can see, uh the hub carriers – cvds are all plastic. Diff cups are plastic. I did take the three screws here off. The motor mount just to check the gearing if they’re, all metal, geared or not uh i’ll, put a photo up right now. The uh pinion is brass, but it is plastic, spurred it’s, okay and i’m, pretty safe to say that the rest of it like the diffs would be plastic. They are rather smooth, though, so they probably got some grease in there. Okay, um ball bearings throughout okay. So these wheels do spin rather freely, okay, now being a full drive vehicle. Now we can’t see no center drive sharp i’m, pretty sure it’s, just underneath that cover there on top of the steering mount okay, but oh there it is, you can just see it see it.

Just in there it’s an aluminum uh center drive shaft to connect the drive train together, front and rear all right guys. So this is fully proportional i’m going to uh fire. This up and we’ll see how it is so on the bottom. Here we’ve got the on off switch and the lights come on, pretty bright lights there and um let’s see it is fully proportional, pretty decent speed of that servo. Okay, that is all the way up. First turn it down going slower, yep, all right guys, so it seems like it might have pretty decent power. So definitely uh check this we’ll check the actual uh speed rating of this uh. They do claim 48ks. I highly doubt that uh before i go, this uh wing on the back seems like it’s made out of rubber. So look at the flexibility of that just there so that’s pretty neat uh, this wing ain’t gon na break in a hurry. Okay, so it’s not even made out of plastic, it does seem like rubber all right, so all right, guys, i’m gon na charge it fully uh. Not these batteries i’ll charge those other ones that i got going i’ll just uh. Let them go until they’re, fully charged and then we’ll take it out for a bash test.