This is eachine e8012, so 128 scale, two wheel, drive rc truck let’s. Take a look guys! Music check this out, like the color scheme like the uh eachine branding at the top nice bumper at the front here check out these tires they’re kind of hard feel like some hard plastic. So i like tiny cars man can’t, really break them that easy. You know this one, this one’s, you know it’s it’s, definitely toy grade. You know you can get them. You know for your kid or whatever. Somebody is just a beginner, so it’s advertised at going 35 kilometers an hour. They say it’s waterproof. It has about a 15 to 18 minute run time and it has about a 40 to 50 meter range. So that’s, not bad let’s. Take a look under the hood here. We go so it’s a pretty basic setup here. Nothing too fancy, like i said, it’s a two wheel, drive guys and you got your shock at the back here, see how far it travels chances are it’s not too much all right. So you have your power switch right here and you got your 1s lipo under there. You just have to take off these four screws. It has like a trim here, i’m, not sure if it’s functional but it’s right here, you know okay trigger style, remote, very tiny. This could fit in my pocket, the wheel here: that’ll click, so this is not a proportional steering or throttle guys.

So front is front back, is back um left and right all the way, so you sort of have to balance where you’re going. You know what i mean and where’s the power switch power switch is right here. It takes two double a batteries and that’s that pretty tiny usb charger for the battery comes with the screwdriver and manual all right. So let’s take this thing outside and see how good it is let’s. Do it guys? Okay, this little thing has some speed. Man, Music, well guys that’s. It had a little fun with this little tiny pocket car that’s.