Did you see that lets? Do it again, bismillah rahim assalamu alaikum, welcome outdoors and welcome to flight testing video of eachine f16 jet rc jet with edf. No propeller people – this is a 50 millimeter edf jet and first off, go ahead. Check out. The unboxing assembly was very, very easy and straightforward. You have to glue this and the vertical and horizontal stabilizers. You have to glue them. The wings right here are magnetic, so they will just stick here. They wont come off. However, i still did some hot glue job here. Installing the connecting rods to the servos was very easy and configuring the jet was very, very easy. Now the cg is right here. If you see, if you can see clearly where the servo compartment forward line to the forward of the wing is the cg is right there, okay, one thing i dont understand: where is the landing gear people wheres the landing gear? Why eachine, why f, 16 jet and no landing gear? You just gave us some plastic here so that we can break it on the first hard landing and how do we take off? I havent seen people hand launching an f16 edf jet, i dont know i might have to just 3d print something or you know uh add some kind of landing gear, but anyway, for the very first flight ill. Just go like this hand, launch and hope it flies. Now, in the compartment theres a lot of space right here for batteries and stuff, but if you put anything over 1300 1500 milliamp 3s battery, it gets very, very heavy.

So lets go ahead and do a flight and see how it flies. Okay, its all set its pretty nose heavy because i just have that battery. Let me check all the surfaces all right. Okay, get some wind in on this hot day. Ah feels so good. Now question is: will it take off from ground? I dont think it has enough power to take off from ground, given that this, you know, plastic things, im just gon na waste, some battery to see no its not going to fly or take off from ground. You will just waste all the battery, so im just going to take a risk and throw it by hand, give it a hand launch and hope it will fly and hope i dont crash it. If i crash it, sorry people im not used to hand launch the jets. I can only do you know ground takeoff. Here we go bismillah rahim come on jed. You can do it on full throttle. I dont know its because its too nose heavy or thats. Why? The looks like underpowered i have to give it all the time full throttle, otherwise i feel its just gon na crash. You know nose heavy will stall. Very quick and tail heavy will not fly too long so also, given that it has no rudder Applause, so thats. Another look how its turn is too difficult to turn a jet without a rudder. This way so im trying to figure out if i can keep it in the air for now and not stall, its pretty fast.

Actually, look at that really, nice and fast. I wish theyd give uh stabilizer building stabilizer in it would have been better its doing probably 120 100 140 – maybe maybe maximum 150 im hitting there not sure i have to install a gps logger on it. Once again, i wish they gave uh. You know stabilizer and rudder and, most importantly, they gave landing gear people. Then it would be a really amazing jet. I dont know why they did not want to give rudder tracking is very nice tracks, nice and straight tracks, very well, nice and straight tracking. So i see my three asses begging me to start landing im gon na land. It sounds like a jet thats, a full throttle. Now anytime, my 3s will die so lets land people zero, throttle nose down coming in really hot smooth landing right there. I was going into the wall, but anyway i controlled it and saved it. Oh wait! I can blow some air on my face feels so nice man, on this summer day hot summer day, lets uh, go back and do a jet blast on face. So im going to take a jet blast from eachine, f, 16 50 millimeter edf. The battery is almost finished, but lets see. Did you see that lets? Do it again? Oh, i failed. I filled my lungs with oxygen, so people i flew it with uh 11.1 volt. 2600 milliamp and basically putting it all the way back it did balance nice was slightly nose heavy, but in my all, rc flight experience, i would say flying a nose.

Heavy plane is always better than flying a tail. Heavy tail heavy will not stay in the air. For too long nose heavy you still have chance to keep the speed up and keep it flying without getting it installed, because it will stall earlier on lower speeds. So you can always control the speeds and keep flying and land your model safely if it is nose. Heavy, but if your model is tail heavy, you will be boom thats it, so it was nose heavy, but it did fly very well now. I want to talk about the appearance, its really nice, very beautiful appearance right here. Color scheme is good. Enough has a lot of good stickers around and good scale details. Okay on the bottom also assembly is very very easy. Setting it up is very easy. If you want to change edf its right here, you can remove it and repair your esc or remove or replace the edf unit. Okay, now really i wish each in once again, i would like to say i wish ishin provided the landing gear, its not too expensive. Just to provide a nose turning steerable gear and two under the wings, its not very difficult people, you could have easier easily provided that, and this would be absolutely a charming plane to take off and land using the landing gear. Even given that it doesnt have rudder. We dont mind we would love to have a landing gear on this, but if you could also not only landing gear but also give us a rudder man, you have a winning product right here would be a beautiful would be an absolutely feature: rich mini edf jet Right here, because the edf has enough power, given that today i flew it very, very heavy thats why i was feeling it was underpowered if i had a battery uh, no, not this one.

I have this 3s for my m2, only 700 milliamp, not enough. So if i had the right battery im sure i would balance the cg right, it would be light enough. It would give me more flight time and it will have enough power. So this is all my conclusion right here. People. Thank you very much for watching this. Video give it a big thumb up hit that subscribe button; click on that little bell, icon and save it for all the upcoming uploads. If you have any questions put them in the comment section of this video, if you like this eachine f16 link, is in video, description have fun come on. You know what to do hit that like button its right there. I know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont, be shy just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.