What happens if i go complete manual? Just greetings ali sharma here welcome outdoors to rc airports and check this out today. Im going to fly the eachine volunt xrc mini spitfire, and let me tell you that these models from all intex rc mini warbird models are one of the best. They are fun to fly, theyre good to keep. You know as a collection, and you can fly them anywhere in the park outside. Even in a big hall, a big area, you can fly them indoors. I dont like the radio that it came with. So you know, i have all the volunteex rc models set in one model on my radio master tx16s and all i need to do is turn the radio on and it actually binds automatically to these little warbirds, all the warbirds. So just one model and it binds to all the world birds and i dont – have to set different models. Different names, so lets get to work. Lets fly this spitfire and see how it goes. Welcome back ali shan now fly it like you, stolen, have fun. So radio master is on and lets put the battery in im, just gon na put it in, and there have been a lot of questions from people on these planes that you know they cannot bind it and they have to turn on radio and everything. And every time turn on, they have to bind again and again. You know what i really dont have this kind of problems in my radio.

Why? Because i never updated the firmware on this not edge tx, nothing so on tx16s is still the older firmware. I just remember: i updated the firmware only one time on this when i needed to add omp omf hobby protocol thats, all nothing else, and i can fly all planes just with ease so im. Just gon na put this in the good thing is it has a landing gear all right, so we can taxi it and fly it all right. Here we go uh in full, stabilized mode. This milarama raheem, no, its okay. I can. The wind is too much for this little bird, but still flies. Look at that awesome, very stable mashallah. My mini p51 is also this stable and, of course, i had a f4u corsair, which i dont know why i cannot find it in my room. I dont know if i sold it out, but i do have p51 f22 and now this is spitfire. Look at that spitfire by the way is one of my best favorite planes i used to have a nitro spitfire. I was just trying to shoot the plane with the slingshot. You will never be lucky so spitfire, yes, is one of my favorite, along with the p50 ones, and this one you can look at it im looking at it, its flying, really beautiful, very stable. If i leave the throttle to a set limits, look at that this is hands free flying. There are slight winds around slapping it, but its doing a very good job.

So far, okay, im gon na switch to uh middle mode of gyro, so lets see how it performs its doing a slightly penguin type, wobbly movement up and down, but still very nice, actually all right what happens if i go complete manual? Oh now we have to keep the throttle up. Uh, oh almost crash dude. Look at that! So, yes, its a little bit difficult to control when its in full manual mode. But as soon as you make mistake, you can actually switch to look at stabilize mode and control it. So i did one loop: the loop not loop, the loop roll, oh almost going to the river dont, go to the river because its really very flooded. Look at that its not very easy to control in full manual, so man im just gon na fly it in full, auto stabilize mode and thats where youre gon na have fun with it. Oh i crushed it. I crashed it. Did you shoot it down? Hey im not worried that the nose will take the impact, pretty easy and it wont break and also in a hard impact times. The propeller will simply come off so armed there, you go just throw it and it goes so. When you crash these, you dont have to worry about anything that they will break. They actually do not break just now. I actually stalled it, and that is why it crashed. So you have to keep some throttle on it.

Then it will make good turns and fly very well, but sorry in manual mode. Its really not good to fly so im gon na come back for a landing. Give me a moment make a turn slow down descend slowly, whens coming from my back, keep some throttle touchdown and take off again so were gon na come back. We missed the runway im losing throttle because the battery i didnt charge the battery because raining normally doesnt give us you know window so easily, so i didnt charge the battery as soon as i saw it was dry. I just came quickly so here you are people its actually flying very well. The eachine volunteers, rc super supermarine spitfire and i actually flew it straight with the radiomaster tx16s. If you have any question, leave it in the video comments please come on, you know what to do hit that like button its right there, i know you can do it. Oh, while youre at it also hit the subscribe button right there come on dont. Be shy. Just hit it. Thank you very much for all your support towards my work that i post regular and fresh content on my channel.