I think it’s, probably a collaboration with volantix rc. It seems pretty similar to some of the other ones like the p51. However, it does not bind with the v761 protocol on the multi protocol modules, so they must have modified it in some way, because they’ve added a couple features to the remote control, like, i think, a voltage, low voltage detection from the flight battery so they’re saying 15 Minutes of flight time on this on a 300 milliamp hour 1s battery and the transmitter will start beeping with about four or five minutes left on the battery. So it’ll give you some time to get back uh. This is a diy kit. It doesn’t come assembled like this, so it’s all in pieces, but it’s very easy to put together. You just put on the wing here, the main wing with two screws and there’s a tail section. The the toughest part is getting that horizontal stabilizer on it. Just sticks onto the back of this carbon fiber rod so it’s a very tight friction, fit there’s, no glue, that’s needed any anywhere here, so it’s, just the two screws and that’s it, and so getting that on was a little tricky. That was probably the the thing took the longest, so you get that on first then, you stick the vertical stabilizer on hooks into the horizontal stabilizer, and then you just have to um, adjust your control links and control rods, they’re just basically on little screws.

You can twist them clockwise to shorten them and counterclockwise to increase the length and just make sure that your control surfaces are neutral, and then you also have ailerons as well um, so it’s, four channels, you have ailerons elevator, uh, rudder and throttle, and you have a Brush, i think it’s a 10 size brush motor, not a whole lot of power, 580 millimeters or about 21.3 inches in wingspan. Very light should fly, for i mean it should fly like pretty slow, so it’s intended for first timers or beginners. So you know, it’s pretty easy to put together should should be easy to fly. We’Ll see here. Uh has a you know: six axis gyro stabilizer on board now um, i did uh do a little something different here. I there’s three uh holes on the control links and i use the ones that are basically the most aggressive the closest in the one on the manual says. I use the one in the outer hole on the elevator, but it didn’t look like it had a lot of throw and i wanted a little more control. So if you want some more control, um and it’s, just a smaller area, uh go with the more aggressive hole links if you’re, a beginner and you’re flying a bigger area, then just go with what the manual suggests i’m going that’s the only thing that’s a little Bit different, i think um everything was the same, except for the elevators one more throw in the elevator.

Now you have these detachable landing gear in the front and the back um. But you know: uh taking off, you’ll need, probably a very nice flat surface and a long runway so won’t be testing that just going to do a hand launch – and this is what the inside looks like. You have your two servers there for the Music, elevator and rudder. The servo for the ailerons is in the uh just underneath the wing there and then the 1s battery sits in the front. Now it is. The cg feels a bit tail heavy to me so well to see – maybe um, maybe it’s intended for that, so that you can have like sort of a high angle of attack and fly slower. I’M, not exactly sure what the designers intended for this. But you me, i thinking that if the cg is a little too tail heavy, you could probably put a bigger battery in here even get longer flights, because um there’s a little bit of extra space in here for a bigger battery. You can probably go up to at least a 600 and get a much longer flight. If you want – and you could probably add fpv to this as well um, you know it shouldn’t have any problems in terms of adding more weight. Let me know in the comments below, if you want to see an fpv mod to this model and i’ll make a video in the future if there’s enough interest yeah.

This canopy just sticks on here by friction: uh, quick, look at the remote, so there’s a return to home button here, like on the uh, the p51 and the corsair and the uh, the trojan um. You know you basically just uh it detects, which way you’re, throwing it and i’ll just come back and turn it back in that same direction. You have three modes on the gyro. You have a beginner mode, it’s all the way forward, intermediate in the middle and advanced all the way back, we’ll be starting out in the beginner mode. You have uh two rates on this one, so it’s the throttle trim here so down is for low rates. Up is for high rates, and you have your regular trims for your um uh, your rudder and elevator and aileron over here, and it just takes four double a batteries not included like uh, most typical remotes out there and i think that’s about it. Um go ahead. Let’S go ahead and give this a fly all right, so i forgot there is an on off switch on the bottom, which is nice. So after you connect the battery turn it on lay it on a like a level surface turn on the roach. You see here. Three beeps and then it should bind and see the elevators, or this are the ailerons, elevator rudder and then throttle, and you can hear the stabilizer comes on after you hit the throttle all right, so low rates high rates is two beeps start on low rates.

Gon na take off in that direction over there Music, so that’s typical with a lot of these, it seems like it only wants to go left. Oh my god, i’m going to land this here. I think my trims might be off or something see what’s going on here. I’M, not sure why it’s only wanting to go left the rudder doesn’t seem to be active. Nothing yeah, elevator works, ailerons work, no rudders, so huh i’ll try and fly it on uh. Without the rudder i’m, not sure why i was even with maybe the rotor was stuck and i was going left – let’s uh, yes, uh, it’s kind of unfortunate turn on um high rates and we’re going to intermediate mode. So i have more control i’m going to try and fly bank and yank just elevator and aileron. Only oh a lot a lot of throw in the elevator okay, i can go right. I can go right now: Music, yeah, the uh there’s, not much precise control. With these controllers, which is why i prefer flying with a multi protocol, radio Music, you can see the elevator is very touchy now well, Music, very touchy yeah it’s, probably why they wanted to put the elevator on the uh, the lowest setting it’ll climb like crazy, attracted Uh some bugs are bothering me now: Music, the flies relatively slow, actually i’m, going to adjust i’m going to put the elevator back on the the lower setting here.

This too it’s too uh it’s too touchy turn on the i’m going to turn on the radio. First. There we go oh now now the rudder is working again: huh wow, really bizarre yeah. I think there might be some issues with the way the controller or the the flight controller works on this one yeah and the stabilizer doesn’t work until you hit the now it’s working all right. So i’m gon na go back to low rates beginner mode, and maybe it won’t be as touchy, because i think it was on on the high rates in the intermediate mode before all right, Music, all right, much better. You can actually just fly without the rudder at all, really yeah. The elevator is still touchy, so i’m, not really even flying it with the rudder at all. You can just fly it with the elevator and aileron only it’s really smooth and stable. This is what the stabilizer on as long as you’re, not uh fiddling around with the controls too much and just kind of have it locked in. You know how about half throttle here now, if you add a little bit of rudder it’ll turn much quicker does feel. Like it’s flying a bit fast, though see let’s, get it up a little higher i’m gon na drop the throttle there just let it glide. So you don’t need to have a lot of throttle. You can just let it glide. Oh all right wow, it could fly slow too there’s, no wind right now, which is ideal for something like this no throttle there see that just floats.

So i always say if you’re beginner try and find something slow to fly like something like this is going to be ideal for you, something uh faster. You know maybe as a second plane or a third plane, because you’re gon na with something slower, you’re gon na, have more time to make corrections. Oh it’s, actually flying pretty nicely now now it’s, actually working yeah. So these, even at the low rates in the beginner mode, you have pretty decent control. All right, let’s just go ahead and i’m going to stick this into uh yeah. I think it’s be happy. We have the stabilizer on here’s the this is the intermediate mode we’re going to have more yeah. It gives you more angle of attack more more throw in the elevator. You can do kind of do a loop. All right, let’s go into expert mode here, yeah! You can definitely fly faster, can’t really do any acrobatics with this seems like. Let me see here high rates expert mode. There we go, do a loop kind of a loop yeah. It wants to constant because that dihedral wants to level out natural tendency. Oh, the elevator is much touchier, even in the uh different control position. Yeah i try and do a roll over and won’t do it now back to beginner mode there. So just something like this without without a really good controller, it’s hard to really do much with it, and so with this kind of a controller it’s better to just you know, fly in beginner mode and let the stabilizer kind of let you let it do the Flying for you yeah, so if you have a little bit of rudder, it’ll turn faster.

You know you have much more turning angle, yeah, it’s, definitely uh! You can still crash it. No i’m, getting a little low there and slow it down. Let’S see how slow can. I go before it stalls on me, yeah. I think that the cg is – and i think it is intentionally tail heavy – to give you sort of that high angle of attack, and it makes it fly a little more floaty, but it it does also make it a little more stall has a ten more tendency To stall, but i think the flight controller prevents that. So if you want to fly this in expert mode, maybe add more battery bigger battery more weight in the front, that’ll that’ll, probably uh fix the cg. I think and make it a little bit more stable. So it doesn’t have a tendency to stall Music Music. There we go so the transmitter is beeping at me because the battery is running low, probably like four or five minutes of flight time left. I don’t feel like the batter it’s uh. It has less power. I think it’s just floating. Oh, i am oh i’m running out of power. Now yeah i’m a full throttle here: i’m going to land it hmm! So there the manual is lying a little bit there. The battery. As soon as the low voltage alarm came on, uh power cut out within about 30 seconds, so i’m, not sure how much total flight time that was, but maybe the batteries just need a little more char to charge cycles.

Yeah i’m gon na turn this off that’s. Pretty annoying yeah turn this off, not bad um, not sure what was up with the rudder seems to be working after a couple of reboots so uh. Maybe something was up with the flight controller or something you know just uh. You know turn everything off and on again, i think that probably will fix your problem. If you have that – and it seems like beginner mode – is probably going to be your best bet to fly kind of slow and obviously you want to be flying in no wind or very low wind conditions, but this is gon na be pretty good for beginners. I think uh you’ll be able to fly nice and slow uh have pretty good control of it. If you want to learn how to fly and it’s pretty easy to put together, it’s like, and this uh, this one’s a two battery version, i think it was like. Ninety dollars it’s a three battery version. I think it’s like five dollars more or something like that, it’s a pretty good value. I don’t, like the controller of course, because i’m more used to hobby grade controllers, uh, maybe later on down the road. If i can figure out which protocol i can use with my jumper radio, then i’ll come back with another video with that or if you guys want to see this in fpv, i don’t think the range is all that great it’s, 100 meters from this radio, so I’M not sure how viable this is for fpv.