Today i have another unboxing and video review to do on the easy, rc arizona, 118 scale. Four wheel drive ready to run crawler. This is the same company that done the the 18 scale. Patriot that i reviewed not long ago Applause and it looks like i got it upside down Applause, so let’s flip this over Applause. Like all these, you get a little usb charger and the tire tool and the radio. This is the same same radio. You get. The patriot i like how they make a match easy to keep track of what goes with what, when you got so many in order to keep track of them. So in here we got our lipo 380 milliamp hour. You can definitely get a bigger battery in there. Five wire servo, pretty typical for these small crawlers to have the esc and receiver in one okay. These are not oil filled shocks. But again i really like that on the patriot, because on the trail you got the body roll and it looked way more realistic. Dropping down over something than you would have on a full on crawler, where you want nice suspension articulation, so you don’t have any type of body roll or sway. You want to eliminate all that as possible when you’re building a serious crawler but functional spare tire there’s. No foams in these and i can see the screws they are bead locks. So i can’t tell the windows: are tinted dark they’re, not blacked out? They might? No! You can see through.

I don’t see an interior. Now i don’t see an interior in there. So i’m going to get the battery in this and get some batteries in this radio and we’ll turn the wheels on it. Okay, i’ve got batteries in remote. It takes that three double a uh. It does come with a screw holding the cover on, but it is not needed, so i never put those back in, but the radio’s got steering, trim and throttle trim your power button steering wheel and throttle so the on off switch is actually down in here. If you can see it or not, right there in front of the battery so turn that on and like always, the lights are going to flash. Until we turn the radio on okay, so got working blinkers and the headlights come on Music and forward tail lights. Come on in reverse i’m, not a fan of that. So i will um i’ll straight wire, those, but i thought that this was the exact same rc. They just put a different body on, but the wheelbase on the jeep is actually a little longer see. If you can get a shot of that there, so not exact same thing like i thought it would be, which is a little longer. Wheelbase is never a bad thing. So let’s see Music, uh Music. You can hear the little motor humming when you go to start up, actually not that bad i’m sure it picks up a lot more on camera.

Well, i guess the only thing to do is get it outside and see how it performs so i’ll see you outside Applause, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, so so, Music, so Music, so Music, i had a lot of fun, making it um. Thanks to my brother, who went with me and drove the toyota and done some recording um done really well, just um match your rc with the terrain. If you got a 10th scale, you want to be able to go over. You know bigger obstacles, but you can have just as much fun with these little guys. If you match the the terrain with your rc, it took on pretty much all the terrain we threw at. It went through the mud, no problem, um climbed good, got a good little um engine break, so it was controllable, going downhill uh. I was really impressed uh one battery um they’re a very small battery, but we had no uh no battery issues, little 380 milliamp, two cell uh. We did take these through the water. If you saw in the video one problem we did have, is the blinker uh stayed on for a while until it dried out, so i do not advise taking these through the water unless you take out the esc, waterproof it real good and then put it back In but i just wanted to try to get some cool shots, so we drove through the water a little deeper than i thought it was, but dried out done.

Fine just had the blinker uh staying on, but yeah nice little rc, especially for the money um. I will leave a link in the description as well as a coupon code. If anyone is interested in getting one of these or the patriot, both by ezrc i’ll, leave a link to each one in the description down below so check. It out use the coupon code and grab you an easy, rc arizona or an ezrc patriot they’re.