I dont know whats up with that, but yeah um. It is a toyota, i believe, and its um weve already taken it out to the crawler truck that we have. It was very, very fun uh, so heres like a little size comparison. This is just an empty water bottle, theres the size comparison of it next to it. So now here are the little batteries that it comes with um 7.4 volt 5c and then so. This is not waterproof like its get like the katana, but you pop open the hood, then theres all the uh wires and whatnot, where the battery goes so the battery you uh connects right here. You connect it right here and it goes down in this little compartment down here um. So this is a you know: 1 18th scale. I think ive already said that. Well its really really cool. I will say that much which it uh i really like it. This is my first rc crawler, but not my first rc car. I have about my first jersey car, but i have a crawler, but i have a couple uh pretty. You know one of the ones that just are good like i have a bachelor and one that just goes fast um, but so the flex on it id say is really nice. I dont really have anything to test that with and have some kind of ramp or anything, but you know so, for my suspension, i wont be.

I wouldnt put this through the mud personally because i did put it through the mud and it got really dirty. Ive washed it off quite a bit and did not really wash it but ive scrubbed it off and it doesnt look bad now, but i get there got dirt and mud in the little suspension right here and its uh made. That made the suspension really really stiff and it didnt move on it still doesnt move that well like as good as the other ones, but i kind of cleaned it a little while it took me a little bit, but this is not waterproof at all. Do not get in the water, yeah and um lets go with the box over here. So it says: um 2.4, ghc, uh, 4 wheel, drive 4×4 lithium battery shocks, nine, nine g, servo rudder machine and its ready to run. It comes with two batteries, both fully charged uh, yeah, molded, hard body, functional hood scale, interior features, rhino bumper kit and roof rack just pause. If you want to read all these, i really like it a lot um heres, the radio that it comes with. It does feel a little bit plasticky and whatnot, but it gets the job done its pretty good when id say so. I i will have to make another video and put it on to this one and clip it together tomorrow, because its currently raining, or maybe the day after whenever its dry uh, because right now its like, i said its currently raining – and i dont want to take This out in the ring – and my crawler track might be super duper muddy tomorrow.

So i might not be able to do it tomorrow, but i will go ahead and um turn it on at least im. Pretty sure that this is the charge battery im, not sure. Maybe but yeah it kind of its got a throttle, trim on it too, so you can just press. It turn signals on the back too, but then the the thing is like its not like its four things like katana, where the headlights are all around theyre. Only on whenever you accelerate, which thats okay, i dont really mind that very much but um. This is a pretty good one, but uh. If you, i mean its a really good one, either way i dont know much about them, but yeah, i really like it and for its i dont yeah its really cool. I would recommend it anyway, so here ill go ahead and cut to the little gameplay now um all right, so i just kind of went in the one gap that i could get from a little showcase of the track. That ive got called a mud pit right but uh i went, i took it through there, but uh its dried up right now and im, not gon na. Add any water to it, because i really dont wan na you know mess this thing up anymore, and i did i do not recommend taking money and i exploring that the hard way. But so then you can go over those, it wont quite get over uh.

They wont get up there very well, it could be done, but and then on the bridge we made them yeah. This is for bigger crawlers, i guess, but on this ginormous mud trail or mud pit, i wouldnt – you know you know not gon na go through this. I cant really get up that well, this is you know i can get us this little thing over here, so yeah, thats kind of what weve got going. Um, hmm im just digging me a little hole with all this dirt because how loose it is! Oh there we go im gon na put it right there, i cant see it from driving a little bit. Did a lot better on this one earlier so um. We thought that it would be. Hmm.