This came from i’ll have a link in the notes: 18 scale crawler from ezrc the patreon, so guys let’s pause for a sec we’re going to get this out of the box and we’ll see what all came inside all right, let’s get it going Music. So here we go guys and just before we get rid of the box. I just wanted to make mention. Look how pristine the box is. This came inside of another cardboard box, similar to how amazon ships things, so everything was in great condition and the rc was not damaged in the past. Banggood would wrap this box in the small little white foam sheet and then yellow china tape it. But that did not happen so let’s see what’s in the box. Here we got a few items. We’Ll get out of the way. First. Here we have the instruction manual but it’s more just instruction page, because this only folds up to be one piece of paper. If you’re an experienced rc guy you’re really not going to need this anyways. The only downside to this is that there is no listing of parts and the parts break down the part numbers so that’s. A little slight concern have to do some research on the internet under ezrc and see if we can get spare parts for this we’ll. Put that aside and we’ll quick look, we got a usb charging cable that’s, pretty standard for these type of size.

Rc’S nowadays, challenges charges off the balance. Plug does come with a lipo, 7.4 volt, so two cell 380 milliamp hour and 5c discharge, that’s uh kind of low i’ve never seen that before, but it should work well. This is a very low power device, pretty cool and we’ll get into this – that there’s two there’s, actually one inside the truck, so that’s kind of interesting got the mini low, c connector and one thing we’ll mention later that there is some extra room inside that cab. So you could put in a bigger size battery, so we’ll talk about that when we get to that point, got a nice metal cross wrench so that works well. I’Ve had some plastic ones in the past that you go turn the nut wheel, nut and it actually kind of just rounds off in there and strips so metal is definitely the better way to go now. The radio. It does not look the greatest at first and i was like a little head scratching there’s a screw in the bottom. I took it out uh, it uses three double a’s plastic wheel and a lot of times. You see this type of radio and it’s for non proportional, but this is proportional, as you can see, it’s, not clicky or anything so that’s. What it is the trigger feels decent, definitely not the highest quality materials, but still i have about a medium to large size. Adult hand – and it fits my hand, fine in the back here we see that it does have steering and throttle trims, which is really nice to see the on off button.

The antenna stubby up here so very basic radio, not quite as good as what the hobby plus cr 18 comes with. That would be the hobby, porter style, radio, i believe, but um for what you pay for this thing, i’m, not going to knock it too much. But it could be an area of improvement. We get to the truck itself. I think it looks really really pretty that’s a really great shell i’m, going to compare radoff to the cr18 from hobby plus or is it hobby, people’s hobby plus? I believe i’ve had this truck for a while again, this doesn’t have oil filled shocks, but this one even has a bouncier shock. So i think, because the shell is a little bit heavier, it will show bounce shocks are easy to replace, though, because you just go by length, you could use ones from other models, so we’ll put this away. This is a great little truck. I like that. It has the roof rack here. I think this, the look of it looks really scale, looks really great, actually got a real tire on the back now. The tires are super super soft and spongy very similar to this truck. This one has the same type of feel. I really like the look of that underneath there we can see that we have a metal frame, i believe, and most of the parts under there and the drivetrain and stuff are plastic which is standard fare.

I wouldn’t be surprised in the future. We see metal upgrade parts pop up parts, usually that’s the way it happens. We have a normal three wire servo there, which is good and we have a small brush motor in there. Now that looks a little bit smaller and it looks like it’d be a bill. 180 size motor so we’ll see if it’s strong enough to power this rc around. Now, if you got bigger fingers like me, you can’t really get under here. You notice. There is no body clips like this. One has in order to access the battery tray. Just take a little screwdriver and you can pop up the hood and inside is the battery and they chip the battery unplugged, which is great, the electronics are right. There, though there’s access to the servo. In case you want to take the servo out. Let me tip that there, so you can see that there that’s a pretty good layout so really no need to get into all this stuff and mess around with the body at all. Looks like a lot of the weight is in the front now, because the battery is there and everything and the motor is in the middle, so the back end will be a lot lighter than the front, which is good, especially when you’re driving uphill overall i’m. Looking pretty pleased we’re going to have a running video out on this one soon, i hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing leave a comment below i’ll get back to you as soon as i can anything you want to know about it.

I will try and answer again there’s some banggood.