. So i picked up a new car, obviously uh here it is, you can see it right next to me, it’s pretty sweet, but i say that about a lot of things. This is pretty sweet for a number of reasons: um, as you’ve seen it now, isn’t in its stock form um, but it was chose to tell people what the price is. So they can sort of gauge quality and sort of uh. What to expect. This was 170 pounds again from model sport, yeah uk, because that’s, where i buy all my stuff from um it’s ready to run so it’s got a 2.4 gigahertz ecx branded transmitter. It doesn’t seem like it’s uh. Any kind of clone of anything but uh seems to do the job. It’S got a little uh rubber outer there. The grip it’s got the little foe break disc in there and it’s not too displeasing to the eye. You know the stickers are a bit cheap on the sides, but you could always take those off and it’s got a carbon effect on the bottom comes with the four batteries so it’s completely ready to run. This is you don’t even have to find four uh double a’s for the for the inside there or triple a’s, where they are um and it’s got the usual gubbins inside for your trims and uh it’s, quite good yeah, it’s good. So far does the job um. So let’s look at the car i’m gon na try and not keep saying um.

I do tend to say um a lot but that’s, because i don’t script any of my videos and um allows my brain to catch up uh with my mouth, which is usually ringing faster than my brain, even though i talk quite slowly. What does that tell you any who um this is i’m taking a closer look. This is the ecx um Music temper, gen 2. comes in two flavors of colors. Basically, one is blue, one is yellow and it has little wheels that have got the the same matching. Colors on it – and that was the main part that i disliked and they were quite small um. So what i did is i took off my capra these wheels, because these are predator compound uh super swampers with some cheap but fairly weighty, wheels and they are bee locks um, so i’ll put those on there just to test out its capability and it’s, quite capable I’Ve got some video of it running. I do like the fact that it’s got it’s got some weight to it. You can see there. It’S got an alloy construction, very similar style to what you would see with the multi layers. What you would see on the ftx molar now it’s a short wheelbase i’m, not going to give you the boring details of exactly how many millimeters it is, but it’s got a short wheelbase in comparison to the capra, and i keep referring to that because it’s, a Rock crawler, obviously uh it’s, not a rock bouncer it’s, a rock crawler, so it’s supposed to be an entry level into rock crawling and when you consider how much that thing cost and how much this thing cost uh i’m.

With this all day, long uh we’ll talk about the capra a bit after i’ve talked about the vehicle that we’re all interested in looking at it. Doesn’T come with this 35 kilo servo. I seem to be obsessed with those it did come with. The spectrum. Servo seemed a bit underwhelming: it came with a nim battery pack that fits inside this little bonnet area there, which was a 900 milliamp um, and it was quite stocky, so it comes with a 900 milliamp. It comes with an esc, a combo and there’s the on button there. If you look here, it’s got a nice led light bar, which is cool. Um it’s got set up again, it’s got oil filled shock absorbers they. These are those well parts of the shock absorbers. Um, but they have springs over the top. Normally i’ve got done something different with mine and we’ll talk about in a second another thing: i’ve done is i’ve bent that bar there the steering link um to help it clear the pumpkin and gives you more steering. So the downside to it was uh, it was quite high, but then again so is the kappa standard sat quite high, so the center of gravity was quite high and it was quite average on the rocks with the small wheels that came with it. It was okay, but on my little rock pile it was struggling a little bit put these wheels on it and tires and it was a bit better.

Then i started looking around to try and get that straightness, rather than the the apex that you normally get um and what i did. There was look at the shock absorbers, so i didn’t want to spend too much money. I started looking around on facebook and youtube for what people have done for free or simply, and they were talking about pen spring mod. Excuse me so pen spring mod. Is you know anyway, but i’m gon na tell you in case you don’t pen, spring mod is where you take a normal biro pen. You take the spring out of it and you put it inside the damper inside the oil where the oil goes in the reservoir and it pushes against the down the damper inside and it adds um it takes away by adds preload basically, but it it basically lowers Your shocks so you’ve got a spring that’s pushing pushing down um well it’s, pushing the wheel off basically hard to explain. So if you look at this here, the spring inside, there is trying to push the piston up, and then you need the other spring on the it was normally on the outside that’s pushing down and you get an equilibrium where two the two springs in normal tension Mode uh grand equilibrium where they normally lower the shock to a point where it’s just about to go either way supposed to be performance enhancing. For me, i was interested in reducing the height of the of this of the piston and i also moved it down as there’s there’s a few different little holes here.

You can move the position of the sharks down, so i’ve moved them down to where i think they’re going to be the lowest and did the pen spring mod and also while we’re talking about it. I ended up taking the whole spring off and putting another pen spring on the outside, because the springs themselves are normal sized and this isn’t that heavy a car, so it did seem to struggle with those springs on it. So i’ve put pens i’ve taken the pen spring mod to its natural evolution and the pen springs are actually the springs that’s all i’ve got on. This is pen springs now, so i put half a pen spring inside the top, because i wanted not too much to go against this one, so i cut them in half put half in the top with the piston, topped it up with oil again and put a Full pen spring down the bottom. Now i may cut some off that pen spring, but at the end of the day they are pen springs. You know you can get, you can get them for a pound can’t you. You have four pens for a pound on the road, so you know it’s no biggie. If you’re messing around buying pens to do some attempts at modification, but it does give me a nice, a nice stance there and these 1.9 are not too big. I did try some 2.2s, they were ridiculous and it did make it a bit higher.

Obviously so i did that i’ve got the 35 kilogram server because, as soon as you get bigger on the on the wheels and tires i could tell it was quite sluggish and it would have end up breaking. I would have changed this servo horn for a metal. One, but i haven’t got one that’s short: if you look there it’s quite short and it’s inverted, so it connects on the inside. If you put one on this longer, it does start fouling up on this bottom bar, so i’ve got to try and find a metal one that’s, quite short that will fit on there. I have tried, put the nub on the outside, but it’s going to get snagged up on rocks, and it just looks unsightly when it’s sticking out at an odd angle, and it annoyed me where that looks quite neat there. So i need to find a matter. One of those small ones: no biggie um on the back you’ll see ftx. Smaller style. You’Ll see these these here these little holders. Those are generally because it’s the same as the front and there’s a plate there, you can add to put your server on it. Does look familiar almost like it is the molar one i’m, not sure if it is but it’s a similar sort of thing you can. You can pop off it’s the same design? Almost it is the same design. You can unscrew these end hubs here. They pop out and the axle and the pumpkins are the same, both sides and what you do is you just switch out? You just buy some of these uh with the steering links on and you put them on the back.

You get a a y splitter with a circuit board on that flips. The signal connect it to your servos and when you steer you’ll have four wheel steer. I, like the idea of that but i’m doing it on my molar, so i don’t know if i want it on two cars but we’ll see i might just test it. Um it’s got a 380 35 turn brushed motor it’s, very small inside there. You can see it there and um, like i say the esc and receiver is, is combined. It doesn’t come with the um, as you can see here, doesn’t come with the locust driver’s head that i put in there. I put a little driver’s head in for a bit of fun, but i don’t put anything else. I don’t put any weight in this and i didn’t want to remove that insert either because i quite like it, a lot of people go with putting battery packs inside there. I don’t want to do that, because what i did buy because i found out the dell room 2s street off the bat i got two of these and i kept them small two: 900 milliamp: 7.4 volt. 2S lipos. I got two of these for 16 pound now. It’S easy to switch them in and out um just pull out these two pins. If you look in here, you just access the bay and yes, i could have had a bigger battery in, but i don’t care because it’s adding extra weight.

These are a lot lighter than nims anyway, so i’d gained an advantage by using the 2s it’s a little bit more perky and it’s the lighter batteries and i put xt60s on because that’s what my battery charger uses so i’ll have at the moment. I’Ll have two of those i’ll: do some tests see how long they last from a full charge and if i need to buy some more i’ll, just buy two more i’ll buy two more at 16 pound from amazon, with free delivery and uh. I won’t, even i won’t, even break a sweat over it, so that’s that’s the ecx temper i’m, going to show you some video uh. Just at the end of this brief overview of it’s operating, i think i’ve got some of it operating when it was standard and then they’re operating with some of the mods. That i’ve made people say that the the drive shaft will need replacing because it will twist and and snap other people have said. They’Ve had no issues i’m going to wait and see i’m going to measure it up and get ready with potentially something in my basket and if it breaks, then i’ll replace it with with an aftermarket one but i’m not going to go too mentally to the beginning. Because sometimes you’re just swapping stuff, that is actually okay. I do think it’s going to go especially with 2s, but we have to wait and see another cool thing about it before we go because lots of cool things about this car is that the drive shafts just pop off there’s, a lot of things that just pop Off they don’t uh screw in and it’s really sweet it’s got some nice bent bars there for clearance and it’s got a really small skid pad area there.

So, as you can see, it’s got the stands that i really like, and i am going to talk now before we go off this briefly about al capra, because it’s related to this, this talk we’re having this is the capra and it’s a mighty fine kit. It really is um it’s really well. Engineered goes together, brilliant as a kit. It’S got beautiful geometry and you can make it really capable. You can spend more money on it and put all the brass knuckles and weight down on here and this that and the other that’s why i don’t like it. I really don’t like this car i’ve, never gelled with it and couldn’t put my finger on it, but i think it’s, just don’t find it that appealing visually and it’s very top heavy there. This roll cage, there’s, nothing you can do with it. It is as it is, it’s the main weight of the vehicle that attaches to the skid pad. You can take this off with four screws and you’ll just have the lower chassis with the skid pad. Now all that’s very capable, but as soon as you put the main chassis on the roll cage, is when you start having issues now i run this on uh 3s. 4. 200 milliamp batteries just about squeeze in there. They sit just down here in the bulkhead, but it never blows me away. I mean it’s good it’s good on the rocks than that. My friend alex and the club he’s got one that he’s pimped out with the carbon fiber.

It looks awesome, he’s put the pen spring mods in and he slowed it down and made it look better i’m, probably going to try that next to see, if it does make me feel like i like it more, i really don’t like the stance how it is When it’s got the wheels, when you tell more bro, obviously i’m using them on the the temper, but for me not that there’s anything wrong with the capra, because everybody raves about it and says how amazing it is and how capable it is. And when you do this, that and the other it’s it’s one of the best – and it probably is um but um it’s, just not for me. I don’t think it just doesn’t out of all the cars that i’ve got. This is probably my least favorite and that’s, including this i’m more fun with that outside um. This probably its function, which is when we want to go rock crawling at malcolm, is probably i’m just going to take this i mean, if you look here, it’s, not a very good comparison. Is it sorry? If you look there, you can see the difference now. I could fit that in my backpack and take another car if i wanted to and then just have this as a burn around or whatever or just put in my backpack and carry to wherever you’re gon na go. If you’ve got a bit of a hike to where you need to go to um, but that that’s for me is more it’s a more beautiful car, i think i like it because it was cheaper.

I like it because it just looks different it hasn’t. Taken me much to get it to where it is this. Just i don’t know what it is. Probably just me it’s just me. I think i always should have gone with my gut feeling and before i bought this, i was and i’ve had it in and out of my basket over and over again was the element gatekeeper kit. I didn’t buy it because people don’t rate it as highly as this because it’s more narrow it doesn’t have the qudos that the capra has and again i’m, not slating this car i’m, not saying that there’s anything wrong with it, because you know i’ve seen alex’s go With with these mods that he’s playing at the brass and everything and it’s brilliant, and especially with this motor i’ve, got the hobby wing quick, run uh 1200 oops, sorry motor esc combo, but for me now i’m thinking. I think i might sell it. I might. I might i mean this was a kit, so you don’t get any um. Well, you do get wheels. You get the wheels that i’ve got on this uh. You get some wheels with it and you get some. Do you get tires with it? I can’t remember now. I think you might get wheels and tires or you get wheels. You don’t get tires. Something like that. I can’t remember on the kit, but i’m gon na probably strip down what i’ve added to it.

I’M gon na take off my 35 kilo servo take out my um dumbo rc receiver at the back here, take out my hobby wing quick, run and then see um. If i can sell it to somebody who is going to appreciate it more for me, i just just it just hasn’t gelled with me and i think it’s the curse it’s the cursor this purchase was made with the with the money i got back from the armor Crate and then we all know how that went. So this purchase is just a kit it’s one of those cursed purchases. I think i’ll, probably end up after i’ve traded down in chains, i’ll probably end out end up with about 50p left from the whole. The whole amount that’s spent on the first creighton, but yeah it’s a shame i don’t want to just sit on the shelf. I think it’s going to sit on the shelf now that i’ve got this and i just like it more. This is probably going to sit on the shelf and i don’t want that to happen. Um so we’ll see we’ll, see we’ll, see there’s time, yet. Okay, so that’s the end of this video. This particular video about the ecx temper gen 2, which is my first dcx and it’s, pretty sweet, so now i’m, just going to mention if you’re eagle, eyed and you’ve seen my shelf before you’ll notice. This strange looking vehicle here, that’ll, be on a video that hopefully will be following directly after this one.