We here bringing out some excellent content today, so today’s video, we are going to be installing the edge CTS to two things. One, if you see sweat rolling off my face, it is actually very warm and humid outside today is probably like 85 88 degrees. This is not hot against here number two got ta, give a huge huge shout out and I’m going. He even asked for this nothing. I told him I was gon na. Do it, because I was honestly. I was extremely grateful and happy to get receive this, but shout out to NorCal detailing out in California, obviously Northern California Billy a mention name of my dad Lewin Berger. Thank you so much for the Hat, along with the Hat or with the t shirt, he sent me a little care package. It was just a little thank you for all the video and stuff I made. He said it’s helping out a lot. He has auto detailing business check out his Instagram I’ll. Have a pulp pop up somewhere here check it out. He does a lot of good detailing out there. California, you guys know details like my second hobby, besides working on this big thing right here, so thank you. So much brother, I preach all right, you guys, so you saw the trucks. All glossed up. Dialed in this morning went ahead and watch the wife’s Jeep and the truck got everything looking at a1 right now, so we’re gon na go ahead and do is we’re going to install the HTT s3 now couple videos ago, you guys know if you stuck around to The end of the video you know that I won, I won like an actual edge.

Cts 3 on the giveaway edge was doing their have they’re, giving away three of them, and I happen to win it because I entered it. I was extremely shocked, but once again I was happy first time I ever won something like for my truck ever. You guys see giveaways all the time on Instagram YouTube Facebook, but you never win nothing actually what I was extremely happy and impressed. So thank you. H. Family I’m, if you’re watching this, thank you guys so much. You know I’ll try to do awesome, review of it be honest about it. A lot of people are asking. Is it worth going to the CTS to or from the CTS to the CTS 3? I want to say yes but we’re going to find out and at the end of this video I will give my honest, unbiased I’m not being paid to make this video or nothing. This is a hard percent me filming. I will give my unbiased opinion if it’s worth upgrading from the CTS to two or three. I can tell you right now. If you have a CTS one, you you don’t mean to ask that just go ahead and get you the CTS three and call it today, because it’s a big upgrade but yeah. So we’re gon na go ahead and do this now. One thing that I realized was on the the wiring and stuff it’s, the same it’s, the same obd2, cable, it’s, the same esps cable.

The only thing that changes in the moment – even the clip, is the same so for people who already have the CTS or even the CTS original I’m, not sure for that one, but for a CTS. This should just plug right into it and we should be rockin and rollin. Okay, we’re gon na already open it up and went through everything. I went ahead and uploaded a background picture because you can put custom background pictures on this. One, just like you can with the CTS, went ahead and upload a background. Pic did not update it because one of the biggest features on the CTS three is is Wi. Fi updatable we’re gon na test that out and see how that works so I’m right in front of my house, so I can get. I have Wi Fi readily available, so we will be testing that feature out along with checking out what else they have to offer with this CTS n Shore. But I believe the CTS three screen, like the LCD portion of it, is bigger in terms of the actual yeah actually yeah it’s about yeah yeah. So it looks good off the bat. Very lightweight is light. You know it’s all it’s solid and just like that, you guys we are officially done not done, but we’re officially installed, that’s it, but two minutes to swap out so this just confirms you can use the edge CTS. Oh buddy, Tod cable with the HDMI port in the back.

You can also use the same amount pad not pod, sorry but yeah. So that was awesome. So first thing I want to do is update so let’s go ahead and go to settings here, and this is my first time ever messing with this. So, where I’m experimenting just like you know you would you would if you were doing it right off the bat you guys very responsive screen, and I know that was another thing that edge claimed about their new, monitor, processing, startup yeah. I think it has twice the processor and the touch screen sensitivity. I think it’s called captive touch or something it’s equivalent to like a cell phone screen. So we want to do. Is we want to set up Wi Fi set up because we want to get this bad boy connected? Okay, so enter your email, alright, so I’m go ahead, enter my email connect to the Wi Fi, and I get back with you all right. You guys so it’s right now. It should be connecting to the Wi Fi it’ll ask you for your email address and then you just connect to the Wi Fi. I think we’re, good yeah, it’s good, has a green check mark right. There awesome! Yes, my Wi Fi name is Rick and Morty all right now. What we’re gon na do is check for updates, so let’s go ahead and do that, let it do its thing. Hopefully everything goes good. Well, the company on pretty short, will man.

This is awesome. This thing’s really quick I’m, not gon na lie it’s pretty nice, so checking for update right now, I’ll give it 10 seconds and it takes more than that. Then I’ll just get no updates are available. Okay Wow, so you guys just saw how fast they check for updates on Wi Fi that was actually Wow. I was not expecting that alright, so we got that good. You know the measures Imperial oh yeah, let’s, see let’s, see very good update, check, display settings let’s. Try the head let’s, try the background, maybe okay, so from here you can change all your LED settings. I want you guys, sorry about that. I want you guys to take note how fast and responsive the screen is. When I’m touching it super super quick device display settings, audio setting, Wi Fi setup check for unit of measurement, restore default. Page restore default. Settings alert settings okay. So we got the home look at the home screen now. Okay, so we got it mimics, the CTS. In terms of what what you see are readily available, let’s go ahead as performance testing and then one thing to is the trucks not even on right? Now you guys it’s just plugged in using power, and I did I dunno you. If you tap the screen on the CTS to hit wake up, and then you would be able to you’d be able to you know, use it another thing to our notice is it did not ask what type of vehicle this was with the CTS 3? They they did it to where it can automatically pick up on it.

So you no longer you know you plug it in or let’s, say you restart you take your batteries out your truck. You don’t have to sit there and hit the button saying like. Oh, you know it’s a Chevy it’s, a Dodge. Alright let’s go ahead and do that all right, you guys, so we had our first hiccup with the CGS three. I don’t know if it was this first time or what, but when the pins were trying to load, it ended up having a timeout error, so it rebooted itself right now so right now, it’s rebooting itself, the keys still in the run position so we’re, just letting This do his thing real, quick. Hopefully that was just a little hiccup. I know edge is coming out with future updates, but hopefully, hopefully we’ll be good. All right! So let’s try this again. We’Re gon na go ahead and do gages getting paged from last vehicle or piss list on vehicle. Sorry, this screen looks real sharp though I’ll get I’ll, give it to them, and I, like the way this looks, it looks really sleek. It looks like a cell phone. You know like a little baby tablet – I’m, not saying this. He is today he’s just you know, CTS to those bulky edges and look. It kind of look like a. I don’t know a blackberry from back in the day, but this definitely looks nice alright. So they have a tutorial on here to show you it so I’m gon na go ahead and disable that, just because I don’t care – okay, it’s, not nice, so right off the bat we got engine speed, boost transmission, fluid 10 engine coolant fuel, rushed for fuel, rail Pressure, let me zoom in a little bit more, so you see that yep! So right there we got fuel rail pressure.

Intake air, temp hundred degrees, got a 12 volt battery, so okay, okay! So what we’re going to do is we’re going to edit the old wallpaper wallpaper is right there boom. I just pulled the screen down you guys and now I have access to the wallpaper so let’s see if we can get that changed. Oh yes, let’s. Add that bad Larry, oh yeah, and I apologize that the camera gets out of focus or like if you know it’s, not a hard percent straight I’m. You I’m holding my camera zooming in at the same time. So, okay, so we got the truck pick in the background. You can’t really see it, but it’s back there. Okay, so let’s do this! Let’S scroll down hold down the screen. Now my last edit I had, I had the little gate. I had the little pods like the one on the right there boom. The one on the right is the last one I had just I like that one because it showed I can see up to what 1 2 3 4 16 on the last one. I think it was 9 I’m, not sure, but I was able to see the most stats on that screen right there, but I think I will leave it here just because it looks so nice and it’s still new to me. Oh wow, you can select from so many oh wow Jesus. You guys see this right here. Holy smokes, okay, let’s go ahead and go back up and let’s choose the one that I was just talking about.

Let’S. Do that one select okay, so we’ll go ahead and save go back back exhale without saving your changes. You know cuz, I already hit save save as just do that or show you save this later. Okay, all right! So we out now now what we need to do is setup. Our pigs heads is gon na, be your personal information display, so it’s pretty much what you want to see that sure we don’t need that. Oh so it’s not like that. Oh snap y’all see that that is dope. That is dope as heck. Oh, my goodness, that’s fly right there, nice all right so going to you guys I’m gon na figure out how to change my page and then, as soon as I figured out all right, you guys. So I went ahead and I think I got to figure out how to access the page. Let me wrote you, I don’t know what I did. I was clicking around, but right now, I’m at I’m, at a pretty much had a screen where you can choose what page you want. So real quick. If you look at the top right screen right there, it says basic pigs right. There says basic pigs and then advanced pigs. If you have asked pigs are new, so I’m gon na click on there and see what’s in there cuz I’m curious curry vehicle for advanced, page selection. This may take a few moments. Okay, let’s see what we working with, because we never had that option for four, so that might have that injector bounce rate I was talking about in there says it’s gon na.

Take us a second, so we’ll give it a second once it loads I’ll get back with y’all okay, so I went ahead and load it as soon as I. Every time I sent me get back, which are like five seconds later, it loads itself. So we’re talking to now Burrage mmm 15 seconds and that’s on the high side 15, is on high I’d, say about five to eight seconds between like whenever it says, wait a moment to load under 10 seconds and is there it does not. This is a lot faster than the previous ones, so, right here it says transmissions. I have no idea what that is. Oh line pressure. Yes, I do so we just set line pressure. You guys know for on these trucks. 60S, especially line pressure, is a very big thing, ensuring that your transmission is going good. So right now we just changed line pressure. Now we got DPF stat right there, I’m gon na go ahead and click that okay, you got double tap it god! Okay, so if you want to change it, you have to double tap it, so we don’t care about that exhaust pressure. That’S, always the back pressure is always a good one. You don’t want your exhaust pressure back. Building up, okay, okay, well, let’s, go ahead and pick her up so right now the screens load in the satellite takes so no screen yet, hopefully it’s not hopefully, Shane died. I’M, go ahead, turn the truck off and make sure I was in a alright so that I was hiccup number two.

So I went to start the truck and the screen just died. I don’t know what happened I had and then I turned it off turn the key back on to not start it, but just trying to keep forward and it freaking it wouldn’t come on, so I had to unplug the HDMI from the backside and plug it back In so we’re gon na crank her up again and see if this happens again: okay, now we’re good freakin glose his game, alright, now we’re good boot time taking the sweet time. Okay, so I don’t know if that’s, if it’s cuz this honor a ram, you guys know I’m saying like a Oh 8 Ram. 2500 know if it’s cuz that but that boot time right there was about the same as the cts to I don’t know. If that’s, just I don’t know, I really don’t know what what what to say about that, but that boot time actually took a little. I was expecting to be a little quicker cuz. They said, I think the average boot time for that was like 30 seconds for 25, and this is like eight, but I don’t think that was eight seconds I don’t know so. Let’S check it out to see what looks like so right off the bat I’m hoping that every time I turn it on it doesn’t I don’t have to click pitch. I hope it just takes itself there. I’M gon na have to get into the manual to make sure I’m not skipping things.

I’M. Sure I am, but you know it is what it is. You guys can learn from my mistakes. So it’s no big deal okay, so we got all the pits on right. Now, okay, so we got engine rpm, obviously link. I know miles per hour exhaust pressure, negative 13 psi. That is interesting because it it’s stuck there. So I figured it out. So if you want to change your your pitch, all you got to do is double tap. It instead of just hitting it once like you used to on the cts too, not sure where my exhaust pressure says negative 13. Let me see yeah she stopped exhaust pressure right now should be about 0.5 0.4 idle, actually it’s, like that, pretty much the whole time. I’Ve never seen my exhaust pressure get built up that high, so interesting, I’d have to drive the truck to really tell you guys if that’s stuck or not, but right off the bat, pretty positive that that is not correct. So everything else looks good in terms of stats and parameters and whatnot feel real pressures at about 5 psi, which is usually what is that line. Pressure is about 60, once I start driving and put in and drive he’ll go a bump itself up. So, okay, all right, you guys, so I figured out how to get the calibrated speed so right here in the center, where it used to say right, it says speed, but you can change it.

So if you want to change it, all you have to do once again is double tap. It, like I said, it’s, actually pretty cool, now I’m, starting at the hang of it. So you just scroll down through to listen up to the top and do calibrating speed. I passed it, it might not yep right. There see, speeds, calibrate, speed because there’s between that one and then speed. So, if I’m correct, I believe, speed is pulling the speed off of whatever your truck is telling it. Whatever the ECM is telling you how fast it’s going and then calibrating speed is going to be. What speed is going that correctly calibrated we’re gon na we’re, going to mess around with that? As time goes on I’m, going to be able to tell you guys later on which one is uh, I guess more accurate, but I did go ahead and click select it. So when you click on calibrated speed, when you click on it once you save it, you’ll be able to you’ll, save it, and then you can double tap it and enter your tyre information. So I already did it so I’m: go ahead and exit that but uh yeah it’s pretty pretty cool, pretty cool. I dig it so far. All right, you guys, so we went ahead. I just messed around with the CTS three and he’s saying that I’m insane CTS to just mess around the CTS three initial impressions, you guys I like it.

I really do like it it’s faster. If the screen is way more responsible, I mean that was the biggest thing I did not like about. Tts too was the fact that the screen was not as it wasn’t as big. You know, I’m saying so. Definitely like the the responsiveness is awesome. The resolution is excellent. Obviously you guys that only makes up one portion of owning a monitor for your truck, because we all get these for one purpose and that’s to monitor everything. So it looks good I’m gon na be playing around with this some more. This is not a full in depth. Every corner start to finish from features it’s, just a general synopsis of it, giving my you know, opinion on it. At the end of the day, what I recommend you upgrading it from your CTS to to the CT CTS 3. If you already have a CTS 2, so my initial answer is gon na be no that’s. Just get mad at me is what it is. I’M, being honest, I’m, gon na say no reason being is because two things hey, you get almost all the same information right now. You get same information out of this that, as you do compared to the CTS okay. Now with that being said, if the lag time, if you like purses, if you use your CTS for a lot of 0 60s and a lot of tracking and stuff you’re using it all the time every weekend, okay, I would recommend you upgrade into CTS 3, because It’S, faster you’re gon na you’re gon na have a lot more pleasant over time.

If you’re down like me, where you solely use your cts cts for gauges and stuff, like that or diagnostic diagnostic codes, like I do, they both do the same thing right now. That’S, just my honest opinion, really I dunno edge how the promo Krummel going on right now or they did have one going on where you can trade in your CTS and upgrade to the CTS 34. I don’t remember things like a harness 85 bucks or something it wasn’t too bad. It was actually a pretty good deal. I don’t know if edge still has that going on um. You know if you have an edge CTS one. I do recommend you upgrade into a CTS three leaps and bounds beyond what the seat seats yet original CTS is capable of. That is my honest opinion. Um only two things that I did not like about the CTS 3 right now was the screen froze and I had to have to unplug the HDMI from the backside and haven’t even had any truck for a day screen froze and then they every booted itself. So earlier, when I was doing it, you guys know, I told you to reboot every booted itself because it had a timeout error. Those are the two things that I wasn’t fond of. I do understand. It’S brand new it’s gon na have glitches just like any type of you know any type of technological hardware cell phones, anything digital it’s gon na have glitches brand new that’s.

A hundred percent expected so I’m, not gon na sit here and be like oh that’s, the downfall like no it’s, not because CTS to add multiple updates for it. So I know edge is gon na, come out with more here couple, more updates and etc. Right off the back, though this thing does look pretty slick, it looks really nice in the truck. I do like it, so I definitely like it, and I told you guys, I’ll give you my honest opinion. You know no one’s holding my tongue or making me forced me to say this I’m being a harpy honest, you know I don’t know. Maybe, as time goes on, I’ll feel differently, but initial impressions, you don’t, need to or let’s put a letter like this. You know if you have a CTS to right now and it’s working fine for you and you don’t, really you only use it other than the monitor. What you look at you do not need to rush out right now and go get his he’s history it’s not like that trust me save your money, don’t! Let the hype get all to you. It is not like that, but if you would like to upgrade to get a nicer looking screen faster processor way, more responsive touch screen and just a sleeker looking edge, monitor well for our percent recommending. But this is not something you need to run out. You know and go gate drop. You know, however much they want right now for 300, something dollars so I don’t know I like it, though, whatever like it and I’m grateful I’m grateful.

Please do not do not think I’m ungrateful for this monitor. I am a hundred percent grateful and blessed and happy to be able to run this. In my truck, I had no idea. I was gon na win the giveaway but I’m doing a review video. I actually do talk to edge on the side and I told them: I’ll still gon na, do a review video for the companies that work with me, like my videos, because I’m biased I’m, unbiased, sorry, I’m, unbiased, I’m, unbiased, I tell it like it is okay, you Guys know me if you know my channel for a while I’m, a straight shooter. I don’t smoke I’m sit here and be like this is what you need to get just like, with the steering over I’m Kevin in its steering with Hans. Once I told you guys straight a while to get off my truck, you know I’m saying there’s, there’s, no, shame to the game, the more transparent I can be, which all the better it’s gon na help out the diesel community. You know I’m saying so that’s. Just my opinion my take on it, but hopefully you guys did like it if there’s some things, you want me to talk about more with the SCT s3 by all means comment down below comment down below in general. I wan na hear you guys as opinions and thoughts on this. Would you get it? Would you not? What do you think about it? Have you had any issues with yours? You know if just watching this video, maybe they’ll, read the comments and they can kind of get some feedback, and you know some user experience from it.

Maybe for your next update or something, but definitely I dig it so, thank god so much for checking out channel until next time. You guys take it easy to be safe. We have a lot going on. Okay, turbos injectors things are happening really fast, really soon and it’s. The perfect timing, because hopefully this cocoa crop will blow over soon and we’ll be able to get back. Your shows – and you know, meat truck meats and stuff like that. I definitely wanted to have a meet up somewhere. Somehow I don’t know I’m gon na figure out, but uh I’m done yapping that’s it you guys take it easy, be safe.