We picked these up at cvs for about ten dollars each. So we thought this would be um fun to review for the channel, especially with easter. Coming up right around the corner might be the perfect addition to your easter basket. Let’S get them opened up and check them out. So you just pop the lid off here and then right underneath here it takes two double a batteries. Here’S your car slide that off pop this off Music take our antenna that’s going to go on top of the remote just like so forward back right, left and then right here is your compartment with the charging cable. This is going to plug into the car right here on the bottom. Charging takes about four to six minutes and then you’re gon na get about six to ten minutes of runtime, so let’s get that charged up and then we’ll come back and check them out all right charging indicator light is off let’s, get them unplugged and here’s. The car you’ve got a little antenna. A little steering trim down here, 49 megahertz, probably good – for about three feet of distance of range yeah they’re, pretty small Music Music, oh wow, that range is really poor yeah. The range is like five feet: they’re a lot quicker than i thought they would be Music. So evidently, you can’t drive two at the same time because you can’t bind each one individually, so one Music, i do have tail lights and headlights yeah, so here’s two remotes forward Music yeah backwards Music.

So you can drive two cars at once. If you want so yeah, if you do decide to get these, maybe just get one all right guys. So these are the eggshell racers, like we said before. If you’re gon na get one probably just get one yeah for ten dollars for a little easter, uh gift for the kids and if they’re an rc fan i’d say definitely go for it. So yeah guys. Hopefully you enjoyed this little review. Video of the eggshell racer from cvs, ten dollars, y’all have a good, easter and we’ll.