Now we got a pretty exciting unboxing today, for you it’s the rgt runner dt desert truck. Now i did not get the short course truck. I got the i guess. The runner dt, both of them, are solid, οπίσθιος, άξωνας, independent front suspension i’m sure they just have different body and different tires. I like that it has metal gears in the axles. I like it has oil filled shocks. The tires are extremely soft. Definitely comes with a lot of features, it’s built incredibly well, so i’m super excited to get this thing out and see what it can do. They could have went cheap and made the esc receiver combo, but the receiver is separate, then the speed controller, so that lets us put easier upgrades on it. Maybe brushless motor run 3s. This is the brushed version by the way so there’s the different color schemes. So i got this because i figured once i put it on the rocks and do some crawling with it. We could really see what its capabilities are and if it needs a bigger motor or a brushless system, we can go ahead and go with it. So i do like that it comes brushed or brushless. Now again i do have the brush version i’m, not sure how much the brushless version was and honestly i’m not sure how much this was but saying it’s ready to run, Φυσικά, battery included um. Maybe they include a 2s lipo if you get a brushless one, pretty sure this is just a standard, nickel metal and then again with the metal gears.

I, like the heat sink around the motor. Already the oil filled shocks, so they really get us set up with a nice platform to put some upgrades on all right, you guys without further ado let’s get this bad boy open, and i can get the battery on the charger um looking like. If you do not have a brushless it’s coming with the 7.2 1100 χιλιοστά της ώρας, it shows a little picture of it right there so and it looks like it does have spider gears inside the diff, so the rear end is not going to be posi it’s going To be limited slip and the cvd front axles, look pretty tough as well, so yeah i’m super excited. It looks like this was a good pick. I’M glad i purchased it for the channel, so let’s pop it open. Εντάξει, so right out of the box, you get your transmitter charger, Μικρό, looking tamiya type plug for the non lipo battery and i like the set of instructions and part numbers, but i did not see any tools or any type of tool to work on it. So that’s a little bummer i’m definitely used to getting some type of tool pack with the rc car, but there was nothing you know unless it’s not packaged in there in any kind of way, so let’s get the boring stuff out of the way transmitter does take Four double a’s, which that’s starting to be a little standard.

I remember back in the day when it was eight jesus could only count up how much money i spent in batteries for transmitters when you own more than you know, 10 12 rc cars back in the day to get your on off button third channel, which is Incredibly surprising i’m gon na have to read the instructions and see what it does, but they call this the rgt racing x6 dual proportional radio control system, Φυσικά, Είναι 2.4 gigahertz and they got a lot of trim set points which is nice as well so i’m. Sure you got your steering in your throttle and hopefully eventually you can get a trim set point for that third channel and you can switch it from normal to reverse your throttle in your steering so that’s nice. I like how the wheels drop down. I just wish there was a little bit of foam on that kind of makes it feel a little cheap. So maybe we can hunt around and put our own little wheel on there, but feels nice with that drop down wheel. It feels nice in the hand, tucking your thumb under it definitely already like the transmitter we’re starting off good. I see right away upgrading batteries after the first running video, so this looks familiar. I like how wide it opens all the way up definitely gives us room to get right in there and work on stuff and, Όπως είπα και πριν., got the receiver speed controller combo.

Now that speed controller is tucked back there and the receiver’s right there up front. I do see a placement for more channels, Εγώ είμαι., not sure if they work or not, but it does look like they are numbered, but they are just blocked off. You can see that so spot for third channel, then the other ones are blocked off and then, if you can see it’s so small but that’s the speed controller, small little heat sinks in it, έτσι λάδι γεμάτο σοκ, Φυσικά, you’re getting bushings i’m sure, maybe with The brushless one, you get bearings i’m surprised to see the metal cbd axles in there to be honest with you, so it’s looking like the motor goes to the main gear, and that sends the power to about right here and then it looks like they support it. With a bearing before it turns and then goes to the rear axle, so the rear axle can move without this shaft moving that’s a nice design. I can’t remember how much it was, but i’ll put it in the description of the video. It was cheap for everything that we’re getting here. You know metal out drives. I do see that the center drive shaft is plastic and it’s a little bit smaller than this one, but then it goes out to a plastic rear. So i don’t know they do test these rc cars and, if that’s, something that needed to be metal, maybe it just didn’t break when they were out testing it.

I, like the stance, you know just two body clips up front which is kind of standard for these. If you’re used to something like i don’t know an axial yeti, several different placements for shocks see all the holes right there, so they know you’re going to come in here and want to move things around and that’s nice. There doesn’t feel like there’s any air in those shocks, but you can also make them a little softer if you’d, λες και είναι., really nice one of my favorite rc cars out there um was the twin hammers. I really love that rc car there’s a couple people that didn’t have luck with the two speed transmission and don’t. Να με παρεξηγείς.. If you eventually go through enough water without servicing it that shaft will lock up on you and you will go through shift servos, so be nice there’s. A two speed transmission for this, but there’s also a lot of people out there that do not like a two speed transmission so extremely light, hopefully that 370 360 brushed motor can carry its own with this and the battery and i’ll, probably not for the running video. I like keeping the running video stock, so you know what you’re getting into when you do purchase that rc car, but i don’t know you guys. The tires are definitely s stupid, soft, like extremely soft, no foam. I mean i’m worried that it’s just going to keep pinching and wanting to rip off they’re, so soft, so maybe it might be with the brushed motor a little bit more of a crawler it’s got decent ground clearance as well.

I don’t know tell me what you think in the comments. I definitely can’t wait to throw this battery on the charger and see what it has to offer. So here you can see the center drive shaft. I was talking about that’s plastic from that gear to the bearing it’s. Just a little plastic lego, looking drive shaft, so hopefully the metal and everything else holds up well. But i see this getting a banana to it and maybe smacking the bottom of the chassis. If anybody’s ever owned a vaterra, v100 camaro or any of those brushed on road rc cars, that was the main problem with them. If you upgraded them to brushless, I, like the parts schematics it doesn’t, look like it’s, going to be too expensive to convert this over. To a desert truck, if that’s, what you wanted to do just to be able to switch back and forth between something like the desert truck, so i was looking over this thing and i’m impressed with the build quality. Like i said for how much this is um. You see this chassis design a lot more i’m wondering if somebody lost the rights to it, because it seems like, as soon as the twin hammers disappeared, a lot of more twin hammer. Looking chassis started to show up everywhere and the first time i’ve ever seen. This was on the twin hammers, εσείς παιδιά, so you got metal pins going through the a arms. There is a screw going down through the drive shaft to lock it on not on the rear but i’m wondering if that gear is press fitted onto it now.

This does look metal but i’m, αρκετά σίγουρος ότι είναι., just painted plastic and the rear end is also a four link. So one of the main flaws with one of the twin hammers designs was the steering it had like a bar that slid and a locked groove and after just getting sand and grit in it. It developed play and you had a pretty good wiggle without even your servo moving, and this doesn’t have that. This has somewhat of like a rack and pinion like a slash 4×4, so definitely liking. The build quality and the adjustability of everything tires are glued on, το οποίο είναι εντάξει, because it looks like they got a pretty nice glue, bead going all the way around it. I don’t see any spots that are missing so popping the shell off. You can see they do have the battery over the rear end, which is okay with me. You got a lot of weight sitting up here on front, looks like your standard. 1, 12 1 16 scale steering servo, and it does have a servo saver on it. Οπότε αυτό είναι καλό., if you bump, into something you’re not going to crash your servo right away but yeah the build quality is, Είναι, is i’m incredibly impressed. The only thing i can really add to it is, Ξέρεις, bearings would have been nice and you know that’s. Probably about it, you know for the price point this is. This is what you’re gon na get and the i don’t know if there’s a lot of lube or no lube, but after i do a running video, i will take it apart and check.

I feel like that can be a little more mushy in there. Sometimes i throw play doh in there. Sometimes i throw 500 000 λάδι βάρους, αλλά ναι, αυτό είναι., depending on what you’re gon na do with yours. If you want it to be a racer, you might want it that open, but i see this hitting a lot of the rocks kind of like my twin hammers and a couple of my other rigs i have built up. So tell me what you think i, μου αρέσει, i’m impressed with rgt’s products. I think they do an amazing job on the build quality every time they make a new rig, they upgrade it and they make it better. Οπότε είμαι., you know two thumbs up. Rgt keep it going. So.