ΚΑΤΑΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΉ πίσω-Ταύρος “ΤΑΝΓΚΌ”του spider-όπως κίνηση σε όλη την πίσω αυλή σωρό | RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕΣ

TANGO ALWAYS RISES to the TOP! What an EPIC Radio Managed "Rock Bouncer"! That is certainly one of my favorite builds (when you can't inform from my video!) That is the third season I get to make use of TANGO, and now I do know the machine is able to take out to the mountains as soon as once more. 2019 goes to be an incredible season of RC ADVENTURES.. and tango will get his day within the solar. Just a few of my different RC mates are additionally constructing, or have constructed bouncers.. time to have a contest I believe!!

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