I am still learning about that, but the one thing i do know is: when i’m going to go and write john from fox city rc, i do want the batteries to charge up pretty darn fast and i’ve been having money. Few issues with my current charger, which is my venom pro quad, not quite sure why i’ve got two channels plugged in because the third one dropped out the other day. So this is no longer a quad charger because three out of the four ain’t working, which is why i need to get another battery charger. This has come from nitro hobbies. Ωστόσο, under the pandemic, i am buying the majority of the spares for this channel things like the foam tires on this car, which you seem to get through at a rate of about two three, Τέσσερα, a day, κλπ, κλπ. I spend more than i would care to tell my wife a week with nitro hobbies. Now those guys are based in new jersey, i’m based in california, on average stuff takes around two days to get here. That is absolutely outstanding. To my mind, i know a little bit that’s to do with usps, but a lot of it’s also to do with the company shipping, the stuff other people could learn from that right. So what price point is this at richie? Καλά, δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω.? 109. Now that compares with the venom duo charger, so you might be thinking oh big brand name venom.

Why shouldn’t i go with that. Ρίτσι! The venom kicks out 80 watts of channel this kicks out 100 watts of channel the venom kicks out seven amps the channel. This kicks out 12 amps a channel. Thus, αν, like me on a sunday morning, you’re getting up late thinking how the heck am i going to charge my batteries fast enough, you’re going to want something that kicks the power out? How will it do well, let’s get it out of the box and see oh and unlike the venom, this comes with an incredibly large amount of accessories. So why is that important, ρίτσι? Καλά, this is my battery box. Adapter lead to go with my chargers now. Each one of these leads costs between eight and twelve dollars, a piece there is more money in this box than i would ever care to tell my wife about. Ωστόσο, the easy pro duo comes with eight leads included. We’Ve got xt60 to dean’s xt60 to ec5 xd60 to ec3 xt62. Xd90. Καλά. Xc60 is tamiya, xc60 defutable xd60 to jst, which is actually really really useful. You might be thinking what the heck’s all that one about richie, but if you really run any small rc cars today, this one is actually one of the most valuable leads to buy on the box, because nobody makes those darn connectors and it does one to six Cell lipos lha v life lithium ion nickel metal hydride one top 15 cells knock out one to 15 cells and lead batteries up to 20.

What do we get for our money? Καλά, Πολύ καλά. Καλά, packaged and i’m. A huge fan of good packaging instruction manual. Read that in a second, but i have a feelingthis might be quite intuitiveto set up on your own. Oh hello, ουάου, ρίτσι, well moment. This thing kills a venom charger from the upset before i’ve even tested. This thing it comes with 12 sets of leads included at eight bucks, a piece approximately on that that’s 96, i paid between eight to twelve dollars. It was everyone was twelve dollars hundred and forty four dollars even at ninety six dollars for leads this thing’s 109 Δολάρια. Even before i have put the first battery in it, i am liking the value from this from the start, and as ever, somebody out there will say with you stuff for free, Πλούσια, you rave on about it, but i will also call it like it is. If this charger doesn’t do the job doesn’t charge that fast, then i will tell you, but from the outset this is looking like a darn good deal to my mind and one very, very cute charger, because this thing in terms of size compared to the venom, but Around about the same price point this dwarfs it loving this. This is going to sit very nicely on the bench anyway, let’s get it set up and go to work. Εντάξει, now to go on about a size that thing probably weighs maybe pound pound and a half in weight.

We’Ve got our xc60 connectors for channels a and b, so just two shelves and at the bottom here we’ve got little temperature gauges, so you can actually plug in temperature sensors, which don’t come included with the charger and whilst i would say the charger doesn’t come with Any balance boards included with it like this, which are quite handy to use you can, of course plug your battery’s balance, lead straight into the charger itself. So not a problem, and this is an ac dc charger sticking. My dc power in here from like a car battery or something like that and an ac port here so might as well plug that in fire it up and at the front i would say there is a nice little warning sticker saying: never use the charger unsupervised. Εντάξει, now i would say, like the venom charger it’s quite intuitive, to use it comes with an instruction manual. Do you really need that? Είμαι.? Not quite sure at this point, okay from the outset type of battery press that button okayand you can now use this status symbol on here. Nickel metal hydride knockout load back, lead acid battery meter, battery resistance system, settings, κλπ, κλπ. Okay time to test it out something a little bit more serious, 6s 5000 milliamp pack on here using the lid. It comes supply with xt90 into there negative to the bottom positive to the top. So now let me switch over. How do i do that? Richie boy press the button in the middle to flip between a and b lipo battery let’s press enter lipo balance.

If you want to flip between the different charging ratios on air lipo charge, lipo fast charge, lipo storage, κλπ. Discharge, Ω, αυτό είναι, good lipo, balance on there, which is the one i want to go for. Five thousand million pack success, so press enter step up to five amps on there move across 4s. Now i want to increase that using the plus and the minus buttons on here can jump up and down sort of 6s press enter battery check enter again and my success pack is now charging. You will know at no point if i needed to use the manual this stuff ain’t rocket science, not with this charger, at least and in terms of performance. The charger has finished charging that 6s lipo and we put a 1089 milliamps in 24 Λεπτά, which is not too bad to my mind. Whilst there are some similarities between this and the venom pro duo, this does dump out more power for the same price point, but not only that for this price point you’re also getting all of those leads thrown in with this charger setup. But this does have slightly more functionality as well with the two temperature ports at the bottom, which the venom pro duo does not have. Καλά, να 'μαστε λοιπόν., i have to say i am quite liking, the easy pro duo from nitro hobbies. The amount of money that i have spent on battery leads over the years is just colossal. The fact that it nearly comes with enough leads to justify the price of the charger alone is that pretty much a no brainer.

To my mind, you could go and buy the venom which doesn’t believe come with any leads, and then i have to go out and spend virtually the same amount of money to get. All of these leads that i’ve just mentioned, and whilst you might just have one type of battery at the minute, trust me in the longer run it’s the money you’re going to spend on battery leads. That is the killer. The one thing i would say it doesn’t come with any balance boards and i would highly recommend getting one of these. Then you’ve just got to plug one connector in, and i say that because it avoids any long term damage from plugging the batteries in and out to the charger itself. Ούτως ή άλλως, if you’re wondering what that success battery was for that, i was charging up it’s for my traxxas vortech 2.0, which is monstrously quick, but i think i am going to have to go and notice some more phone tires from nitro well thumbs up.