They say its splash proof and low pressure, water jet resistance, but i havent really run it through any water. Just because i dont want to ruin it um the steering trim and the speed switch is on the controller and its got high ammo speeds, το οποίο είναι φοβερό. So this thing it really flies for uh what it is its great for kids and adults. Ive had it for about a year now and uh i enjoy it. I havent really driven it out in the snow, but i do like to take it off road and through the dirt, um were gon na check out and see whats inside of it. Now this is just uh, the actual box, that i carry the actual car in um and some of the parts this isnt, what it came with. It comes with this little pouch, two batteries, the controller, το αυτοκίνητο, the besgard six book, which is pretty self explanatory in there, some of his chinese, the other half, is english. Comes with a warranty. I recommend you filling it out and doing the warranty, because i had this car prior and the first one uh. Well it kind of broke down in like a month. Um i like it wouldnt run like you, could hear the motor going and just tires would not spin, so they sent me a whole new car for free, but i did have. I did fill out the warranty and um what you call it.

It does give you a free item when you fill out the warranty and thats how i got so many batteries. I got six of them in the pack and each battery comes with a charger. I think i said that um i usually keep a washcloth in there. Just to get the dirt and water off of it when im actually on the go um thats. Γιατί? I have two books, though thats, because i have a whole spare car just for parts come on kitty watch out um. This is the first one and now its its just pieces for me for this car um also came with this im, not exactly sure which part it is, but part of a car part of the car. Just in case something happens: um i have the tires still from the original or from the newer car i put the older tires on, so i could wear those down and save these um theyre really easy to put on. It comes with this tool and uh yeah. I have extra because of i had the extra car, but it does come with the pins. Οπότε αν., because you will lose some thats kind of a given umwere gon na put a gopro on this and take it for a run. I got fresh batteries in the controller and a charged battery in the car, so lets check it out. Εντάξει, i just wanted to show how you take the top off and change the battery.

So yeah lets pop these off four little pins. They come with extra pins, αλλά έχεις τα., try not to lose them, i mean you can go to any hardware, store, im sure and get them now. This is uh where you unplug it, and you twist this and pop this little bar off and just pop battery up, sometimes a little hard to pull and you dont want to rip the wires off so be careful and then just pop this to the side. Pops out easy access. Now i got lots of batteries. Six. Πραγματικά, four here, um two ive already used up just got ta charge them. Each battery comes with a charger, so i mean you can leave one in the house, one in the car wherever uh. The white part is the part that connects to the charger. The right part is the part that connects to the car. You slide this in the whole hole here and make sure its that way push it didnt. Do it there. We go all right and go put it back on. You just find the little holes and got a couple problems. There sometimes a little tricky to find the last of the bottom holes. Then you just slide them back in youre good. To go and having at least two batteries is good, because youre going to want to keep playing after your first battery dies, im sure youre going to want to do a second run.

So a first or a second battery is well worth it, Αλλά, Όπως είπα και, i got six and uh. It does overheat like on a hot day. It will overheat, so you might want to take a break, but uh yeah i mean you can just feel how hot it gets on the bottom. This is like a solid plastic and some metal components like this is metal, Πιστεύω, because its cold, but this is plastic. You know i dont really work on rc cars, but with this one ive had to a couple times. Last time i went running the front tire just came off so apparently my little mug lug nut was not tightened, αλλά ναι.. We got it all fixed, everythings tight and were gon na go, do a run here, Εντάξει, so uh we got ta run it without the gopro first, just to give us a feel of how fast it actually goes and uh what it can do, because when The gopros on it it does kind of topple backwards because it likes to do wheelies, sometimes so, with that wheelie it kind of falls backwards. Καλά, lets uh turn it on. Δοκιμάστε το. Τερς, the on button and youll see the lights on, and you turn this on of course, and then it pairs and the lights become bright all right, so i got it on low setting um theres the steering, trim and steering drive like left and right like how Hard you want to turn and then the switch for forward and reverse like if you want to go left this way or right.

Από εδώ, από εδώ., it all depends its all on your feel, but this is on low speed, έτσι ήταν gon na, try it out so its actually pretty pretty quick for being a little or on low speed. I got ta fix the trim start to steer off okay. Να 'μαστε, λοιπόν., i think i got it all right. Yeah there we go. This is a low setting and i do take it to dirt just because its four wheeland it goes right through especially the long grasswell go right through it. I already got a stick. Stuck all right lets go now. I can run it all the way down to like half a block. Almost it seems it goes pretty far now were going to put it on high speed, is a lot funner, but for low speeds. Ive set it up for kids and stuff. All right now were at high speed, its almost like twice as fast Applause. All right lets turn the steering all the way now should be able to do like a donut see, but i usually keep it about halfway. Just to keep it even i like to do little tricks with it and stuff. I mean im here at a trailer park, so i just drive it up and down the street. Sometimes i go to a parking lot and take it. Ω, this thing is pretty awesome, whether youre adult or a kid somebody will have fun with it thats.

For sure this is about 125, i believe on uh amazon, but i got it on sale for like 80.. So to me it was well worth it and then uh a little bit here well put the gopro on and try it out. Applause see if we can get some good pictures now it is four wheel drive, so you can do tricks with it and its very easy to get through terrain. Usually it lands on its feet. There you go so yeah and my dogs love it well. One of them does ive been running on the same battery this whole. So i mean you do get a good 20 minutes at least off this thing. I mean thats, not like the long this time, but it works its fun and everybody who sees you playing with it is gon na want to try it well. Hopefully you guys enjoyed the video, and this gave you some kind of perspective. If you want to get it or not, i wouldnt pay over 100 δολάρια γι' αυτό., αλλά είναι., it is worth it um. I guess thats, it aint got really much more to say about it.