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33 Παρατηρήσεις
  1. Great Video would like to see more like this.

  2. Kevin love your vids👍 how do you get Banggood to ship lipo' s to you ? I'm not that far from you and the can't ship to my location 👎

  3. Man you have serious editing skills, the music lined up perfectly with the shots, amazing slow-mo scenes, twas a eye-gasim for shure! Keep up the awesome work Kev! Also I have mentioned before scotch guard will make any electronic super water resistant, maybe it's called something else in UK, check it out.

  4. 👍👍👍👍🎮🎮🎮👍👍👍👍🇳🇱🇬🇧

  5. tekin rock 412 element proof is a great motor. i have 3 of them now and they are wonderful

  6. You seem to be a cool guy. very nice.

  7. Cold you shout out smaller Chanel because a lot of people with good potential have small Channels like a Chanel called rmd

  8. Hi kev can you recommend a servo for my savage X 4.6. I have big wide wheels and they have burnt the steering servo out . Don't want to spend big amount . I am new to the rc game and no nothing about servo's .any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Russ Goulden

  9. The intro shows you are Bragging about you Lamborghini

  10. Are there any sites that give free good rc cars for begging the hobby???

  11. Hey any tips on how to make the steering more accurate??Cuz im have my rc car and a wheel is straight and the other wheel is a little to the left and i cant drive it straight Someone can help me so i can fix the problem??

  12. Hey Kev could you purchase a traxxas slash 2wd?

  13. Kinda of getting mine were had it in sea when tide out gotta video up fun at the time but next time I took it out brushes on motor gave up that's like 3rd motor I've went through dunno if because i run 3s any ideas on motor longevity?

  14. You finally gave in and got a fancy car to shut everyone up I like it for all those people that don't think your business makes money

  15. What's the best hobby grade car for a beginner that's also broke?

  16. Kevin, the Hobbywing Xerun Axe brushless combo is IP68 rated, the same as your Note 9.

  17. Zop batteries are ace!! I've just gone over to LiPo recently from NiMh and I got 2 Zops. Upto now they've been fantastic. And Kev………..your vids are getting better and better!! Top banana!!

  18. An old 27 MHz radio might work under shallow water.

  19. Kev why ur devastator the stick tail light on left

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