OMP HOBBY SUPER DECATHLON review by Fat Guy Flies Rc

Guy flies, rc were out here at the avon park. Air models, association in beautiful avon park florida were going to take up the omp hobby decathlon super decathlon and uh lets see right either on left, aileron up elevator down, elevator right right or left rudder im running her high rate and low rates, […]

άριστα 1/14 4WD Buggy ReviewRlaarlo XDKJ-006

A new series on the channel were gon na, be calling this free car fridays or freaky fridays. Something like that, but uh yeah its a new series. If youve been following this channel for a while, you may have noticed we typically review pretty high end rc cars id say: probably the average price […]

My dream car 😍 🚗 | Just minute | Romote Control RC car review RS.261/-only #justminute #romotecar

Music is Applause. Ω, θεέ μου, my Music energy battery Music, foreign foreign, uh Music, be Music.

MICRO RC CAR FPV DIATONE – Unboxing + Αναθεώρηση + Δοκιμή

En spcificits techniques donc on voit queffectivement cest, lui, 1 76e que la radiocommande cdu 2.4 giga hertz que la voiture est quipe dune batterie li ion qui est dj inclus dans la voiture alors on va dj dball la voiture et la radiocommande, alors quest ce qui, inclut Cette premire bote donc il ya […]

Hpi baja 5 b SS review

Now this is just a quick review on how it is to build, but its the ss. Its the kit with the 26 6 cc engine on it now ive had it four years. Um the kit to build was absolutely first class. It was so much fun very easy to build because everything everythings […]

This One Is Special! FMS FCX24 Power Wagon Crawler RC Car & Giveaway | Πρόγραμμα οδήγησης RC

Ωστόσο, they went smaller, see the cars behind me, είναι 24 προγράμματα ανίχνευσης κλίμακας, which actually look really good, but we were hoping for 10th scale and you need to see these things all right check these out. These are the new power wagons from fms its on the fcx 24 σασί, and they look really […]

Expensive RC Hudy Tungsten weight review vs cheap steel weights what to consider

Now before i go into the hoodie products, this is the hudi tape. It is quite expensive, its about eight dollars for five sheets uh, but the sheets are incredibly thin, so theyre not really going to affect the weight uh of the weights that you add uh. Before this tape. I used to use […]

Κορυφή 5 Best RC Cars Reviews of 2022

Number five, the hbx all terrain rc carcan drive anywhere with a max speed of 30 μίλια ανά ώρα. Thanks to its astounding high grip off road tires, we tried it on a variety of surfaces and it just zipped along the remote controls. Distance ranges on the higher end maxing out at […]

FMS FCX24 Power Wagon with 2-speed & Πύλες! Unboxing & Αναθεώρηση

A couple cool features about this rig that sets it apart from some of the other 124 scale rigs out there. It is touted as the first one to have a two speed transmission, so were definitely gon na check that out also has portal axles for portal axle fans. It raises your axles off […]

Amoril 1/14 scale Rc unboxing and review

It is a is this going to be an unboxing today, all right so see what we get nice little card, just a reminder for beginners for uh assembly. You dont need that nice wing for the back of the car seems to be a nice flexible plastic, not too rigid, Αυτό είναι, good battery and […]

Cheating in professional RC Car Racing2022

If were going to do any better. Weve got some competition. Radio gear youve got a ready. Motor hobby wing. Esc gets really angry Music, Music and paint the body we want to race this tomorrow evening. I dont want to paint it last minute: Μουσική, car ready for racing. The clock is ticking Music […]


I Hai nah Guys totalin kita udah selesai Unboxing Sekarang kita, mau ngereview, spesifikasinya dan apa yang ada di dalamnya, sini dan spesifikasi orangnya mangojack, digital ke, sinyal, αμέσως, και αυτό, Ε., c nya, satu deket lain, satu banding, sepuluh ini, menggerakkan, roda, πλάτη, dan piramid di belakang. Oh masih menjadi Musik trainee, αυτό, γεμάτος […]