Look at this look at this. This is like we already went outside to play, but i finally got an rc car out here. This is like the deepest snow that we’ve had in a really really long time and we’re about to just go ripping. So i got the e revo out. I didn’t bust out the x maxx. I want to run the e revo. I think the revo a little bit better. Δεν κάνω, know why i think it’s, because the what the wheels are so far away the tires are so far away from the body. So i don’t go over, got to worry about too much uh snow on the uh. Like on top of the electronics, but if i start slurring my words because my face is going numb, it is super cold out here uh, but we’re gon na drive this thing and i’m hoping you know: Εγώ είμαι., not gon na bring it up. I’M gon na try to secure some some paddle tires before the end of the day i don’t know what’s open. I mean this is texas, so we’re not like we don’t have the infrastructure to support this kind of snow or this kind of ice. I know they’re already doing rolling blackouts out here, so i don’t know if the traxxas store is going to be open and i don’t even know if they have stuff in stock but i’m going to try to secure some paddle tires today.

So we can see the difference between non paddle tires and paddle tires in the snow Music all right. So this snow is like super thick we’re gon na see. If we can even get out to the street. I know we can drive on the streets, but this has got to be probably maybe four or five inches of snow. So let’s see what it does. Oh it can’t do it it’s too deep Music, Ω, τι είναι, going to make the street. Is it oh, Μουσική? Εντάξει, so the car already weighs about 30 pounds because it’s got so much ice on it. We’Re gon na just see if we can rip up and down the street. I think this is just too much snow. Δεν κάνω, i don’t think you can handle it. Μουσική, Ω, είναι, doing it. Ω Θεέ μου., once i get Music! Oh all right, i got evan driving because my freaking fingers are frozen yeah. I just think i don’t think there’s enough ground clearance um. I think we’re gon na have to uh bust out the x max. It is getting up and down so long. I stay in the little tire treads like up here. Look out. Let me look how deep look, how deep that is. I got that’s gon na be hard for any car um. You got ta stay in the middle bud and then you can’t let off the throttle. You got to keep your momentum. I think we have too much freaking snow to drive our sea, the scariest part about walking around look.

That was my foot that’s a curb there. I can’t i didn’t know there was a curb there, almost rolled my ankle there. He goes Music yeah as long as we stay in the middle we’re good. Καλά, once you go outside in the snow, it’s almost like impossible to keep it going Music, Εντάξει! That was fun for about 30 Δευτερόλεπτα. Then it was way too cold and the car went every time the car got stuck. I picked it up. It seriously weighed like an extra five six pounds, so i got it thawing out now. It’S inside i have it upside down, so all the water doesn’t go into the electronics, the water’s probably still going to get in there anyways, which you should be fine but yeah. It is uh that’s a lot a lot, a lot of snow out there, yep and that’s a balloon that my son was trying to see if it would freeze overnight uh but yeah it’s crazy out there guys all right guys. So i failed to secure paddle tires. I had some other ideas, but the traxxas door is closed. So now i’m, just driving my trx4 through the window which, by the way the trx4 handles the snow like a champ like it’s, just light enough to go on top of the snow and obviously, since it’s. Τέσσερις τροχοί: drive log diffs, Ω, είναι, a beast and i’m inside the house. Look there’s my window see my dog down there.

Uh i’m inside the house, driving through the window, so i’m hoping the traxxas store, will open up today. This is the next day by the way and uh i can go, buy some stuff like i, i almost wanted to try a boat. I don’t think this. This snow is deep enough for a boat um. I also want to see if the tracks uh the track stuff does better in the snow i mean i don’t know how you can do much better than this. I mean this is freaking. Awesome i’m, just gon na keep this truck outside and then just drive it. Whenever i get bored during breaks between meetings, because this is satisfying to melook at it it’s just ripping through the snow snow on the tires, not stopping. It looks like a beast. I mean i’m, όχι gon na ψέμα, that’s pretty freaking cool here, Θα το κάνω., pull it up in front of that it’s a little deep over here, but it should be able to handle it. Oh look at those wheels check out the uh, the msm on the back. Ω, that looks cool guys. I am like super geeking out over here. I just think it’s so cool. How look how ro so how rough the snow is like the rough. The snow is just hard enough again, where it’s not sinking so basically it’s, just watching a trx4 go through really rough terrain, it’s like going through rocks, but it being in the snow, uh low traction.

It just shows how much like what the car is capable of and i’m like big time geeking out like i can sit here and just drive this thing through a train like this through snow like this for hours and just watch it it it’s, τόσο γαμάτο. I just got to make sure i don’t flip over, because i don’t want to go out there and flip flip it back over and i’m sending one of the boys out there to get it all right, Παιδιά, δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., like day three of snowpocalypse here in my area, Ε, the traxxas store has not been open, Uh, neither of the hobby shops. So i really i’m having to work with what i got i’m trying to find a solution to driving in the deeper snow. My trx 4 is fun, but even when it got into the softer snowand it would dig itself in, it would still get stuck, but i think i have a solution guys. I think i have a solution and the solution. Πραγματικά, let me just show you check this out bam check it out. These are the 40 series tires from proline they’re called the proline big joes. They actually stop making these tires. I’Ve had these for a long time and the reason why i haven’t used them is because they’re so large, they’re so heavy that usually the cars would overheat or i would be burning clutches up. I think i had it on a revo 33 for a while um, αλλά ναι., these are discontinued, but these are 40 σειρά.

These are huge look at look at how wide these are it’s like it. Almost it almost like a cartoon car with how big these tires are um the x maxx might work out here, but even that it’s it’s really heavy and i just got done cleaning my x max. So i really want to make this work with the revo and i think the revo, the rebo is definitely faster. So i threw these big gel 40 series tires on uh we’re gon na find out. Νομίζω, because of how wide it is and how big a tire is, i think we’ll be able to just go right over the uh snow and we can have some fun so let’s let’s see how it works out all right here we go. Please work. Α ναι, it just goes right over everything. Soaks everything up. I lost my camera guy by the way because he is uh too cold. Α ναι. This is way better whoa, but yeah see i can go off in the snow off in the deep snow and it handles it. Just fine let’s see if we go like even there i’m able to get up there’s. Όχι, i did not have an rc car that could get up as soon as it came out of like the ruts, αλλά ο άνθρωπος. This is like handling the snow. Awesome Music that’s, my kids, trying to snowboard down the uh down the driveway. But this is it guys? Ω ουάου, i’m driving with one hand here that’s how i’m driving i have a 3d printed, but this is it.

This is my snow car Music, Εγώ είμαι., trying to drive and record at the same time, it’s a little difficult but i’m making it happen see look at that. I can go all the way off and still be fine. I would say it would get too. Oh got two cars here i would say it would get too hot, but because it’s the esc would get too hot because it’s the tires are so big and there’s. So much rotating mass. Αλλά νομίζω ότι., because it’s cold outside it’s, Εντάξει, i’m sure the car weighs a whole bunch i’m, not doing that intentionally by the way, guys as soon as you give it throttle, it likes to kind of kick over so i’m trying to counter steer it. But oh, these are awesome in the snow. Για δες αυτό.. I can go look i’m gon na go up in here, like usually you can’t, because it’s too deep but they’re. So, Ω, i got her stuck it’s too deep here, Μουσική! Όχι, i didn’t get her stuck. Look at that it hopped its way out of there. That was freaking awesome! Ναι, this is it guys. This is my new snow setup. Big joe 40 series tires they’re called proline big joe’s they’re 40 series tires they’re with 17 millimeter wheel hexes. What would have been cool is if i could have ran the x max tire Music on the revo, but yeah you can’t do that the heck size is different, but oh man, Αυτό είναι φοβερό.

So the car is super heavy i’m, probably gon na go inside because i’m super cold, but there’s, nothing that stopped it so far like when it gets trapped in the the tall snow. I can just kind of pump the throttle and it starts hopping itself out it’s. Pretty crazy look at that. Ω φίλε! That thing is a beast: nothing can stop it. Uh paul could stop it, Αλλά, like the tires are so wide it’s got so much power that it just skis across the top. I bet you these would be good for um hydroplaning. Maybe i should try to go across the pond Music golly. It goes through all the deep snow. Doesn’T care, that’s freaking awesome Music. Καλά, i hope you like this video guys i’m doing my best on recording with the snow, like i kind of wish it cleared up like the snow, was cool to me for about 30 minutes and then it’s, just a big inconvenience, nothing’s open. I can’t do any like tests. I can’t go racing uh, everything’s close. So until this stuff clears up we’re, probably just gon na, do a whole bunch of build projects. I’Ll probably reveal a car i’ll do uh the rustler 4×4 build um, but if you haven’t done so already smash the like button, please smash like button that helps me with the algorithm.