So this one looks completely different from the original baby hawk and obviously it’s got the dji system on here so that’s why it’s got the hd in the name. This is probably the first in this class of a three and a half inch micro. So this have the new avon three and a half inch micro, props, don’t, exactly know what the pitch of the prop is, αλλά είναι., pretty quiet for the size and fairly efficient got some pretty long. Flights on this so comes with uh 1404 eco motors, and these are uh 3700 kb, and this is designed to fly on 4s there’s, two pid profiles in the flight controller. The first one is for flying without a gopro, and the second one is for flying with a gopro. So obviously, as the weight changes, you’re going to want to switch to a different profile looks like there’s a you know, some screw hole mounts here for the gopro mount. They did not send this along or the gopro mount along with this. So i did not fly with a gopro or a nike gopro, but this should be able to handle a full size. Gopro, no problem, uh versus a lot of like three inch micro, probably can’t, handle a full size, gopro um. The reason is um. I don’t have that this is a pretty early version of this and um. This video is probably not going to be out for this time. I can be released for about another month or so after chinese new year, but i have flown it a fair amount and, για να είμαι ειλικρινής, δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., Uh, well kind of difficult to describe how this is compared to a lot of other microbes out there.

But let me just go over the sort of the the frame and the design first, so you have a four millimeter bottom plate a little over four millimeters, Όπως 4.1 4.15 Χιλιοστόμετρα, pretty robust bottom plate obviously got a lot of bracing here between the front arms and The back arms, so this is designed to be flown freestyle and can be bashed quite a bit. Υπάρχει., not a whole lot of motor protection. Εδώ, you can see could be more um yeah. I didn’t really crash it a whole lot. So you know i had a couple of minor crashes but uh. I think if you definitely have a direct hit here, it’s possible, the motorbill might take some damage more likely. The props are going to absorb a lot of that so that maybe that’s why they shaved it down a bit um two millimeter top plate. You have some m2 standoffs here. I think these are like about 20 millimeters or 25 millimeters high. You have an all in one flight controller here at the bottom: uh whoop style, 25 amps f4 um has a little plastic shield there at the bottom. So, instead of conformal coating, which you might have it’s a little plastic shield for moisture because it is designed to land on the bottom and have the battery on top that’s, why they did that and the usb port is in a good spot. Δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., nice and accessible they’re running the xd30 through the front here, um it might get in the way of the gopro, so kind of depends on what kind of battery using.

I kind of wish that this battery slot was a little bit further back here, because the battery does kind of stick out in the back here a little bit more, especially if you have a grouper or something in here. But if not, then it should balance nicely right in the middle. If you use like an 850 force, which is what it was um designed for. The vista is hanging here and the top back here, uh under the top plate and there’s a little piece of carbon right here, that’s on this back standoff that holds the vista antenna and also kind of supports the bottom part of the vista. So there is a little bit of a gap there between the vista and the flight. Controller. Um should be fine. Νομίζω, unless you have a complete collapse of the top plate, then the vista will definitely bash into the flight controller, αλλά αυτό είναι., probably not likely unless you have a really bad crash, because it doesn’t weigh a whole lot. Um, the geometry of the frame is kind of interesting, so it’s about 155 millimeters motor motor. The width is 125 millimeters wide and about only 90 millimeters front to back so it’s, a kind of a squished frame. Προφανώς, they’re kind of targeting this for freestyle uh, not necessarily for racing um it’s, not really a dead cat or anything like that. Can’T you can’t, really see where the cg is, but the arms. Obviously they don’t have like uh the typical dead cat style, where the basically the arms come out sort of sideways here.

So this is kind of more like a h style frame versus like an x style frame, and it flies pretty similarly to an h style frame in terms of how the pitch feels on the pitch axis could use a little bit of um firming up there in The on the eye charm, Νομίζω, on the pitch axis, but you know it’s, a pretty minor detail really depends on how you fly and what kind of tuning you want you. If you’re going to want a more precise tune, είσαι ο – probably going to want to adjust it to your liking and maybe adjust the rates as well. Now i flew this with the recommended 850 4s battery and it kind of sits like this. I think it flies in my opinion. Fly is a little bit more better with the 4s 650 and you don’t get that much of a hit in flight time. It flies a long time on the 50, like seven eight minutes, um and i’m totally fine with a five minute flight on on the 650 that’s totally acceptable to me, but you know probably depends what you want to go for, but here’s the weight um without anything On there, Παρεμπιπτόντως, the battery straps kind of torn up here, because it’s a little long, if you use a smaller battery um, even though, if you tuck it underneath the uh, the top plate there and uh, you know where the flight controller is still getting Can’T kind of pop out and then get cut up by the props, so maybe they should go with a little bit shorter battery strap with the 850.

It was still plenty of battery shop and it was still kind of hanging over so um. They might change that and by the way, Um. This is kind of an early version. So any of these specs and things you see here might be changing, not i don’t know for sure, since it’s really early it’s, like maybe a month and a half or so before, this is going to be released so be sure to check the links down in The description for all the current specs, because they’re probably going to update the product pages later, so keep that in mind. If you see anything different, let me know in the comments section anyway: δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω. 140 140.6 grams uh no battery with the 4850 we’re coming in at 2′, so yeah with uh no gopro just the forest 850 is definitely under the 250 gram mark and then with the 4S650, coming in at 2 16.9. So if you throw a nicky gopro on here, including the weight of the mount see, that could be another 30 grams or so so yeah i’m with that fourth 650. And if you just get another 250 mark with a naked gopro, i think that might work out. Um, obviously i don’t have time to test that, and i don’t have the amount for that, but uh i may revisit this later with that, if you guys are interested. Let me know in the comments section below now. Όπως είπα και πριν., the flight times were about seven to eight minutes on the 850 and about five minutes or so five and a half minutes on the 650.

You know with some fairly aggressive um freestyle flying power loops. You know that kind of stuff um you can. I don’t know you might be able to get more if you go to like even a bigger battery, because it could probably even carry more battery it’s got plenty of power, so this is interesting because it this is hard to categorize it’s hard to compare because there’s, Nothing really in the three and a half inch class, currently other than the protec 35, which is really like a whoop, and it has completely different power setup and different weight. That’S like way heavier has 2203 motors and 1404 motors and that’s more. Γιατί ξέρεις, cinema flying necessarily for freestyle flying so it’s kind of a different category. It doesn’t really compare well plus i’ve, never flown that one. So i don’t know how that one compares to this one. There may be more 3.5 inch quads coming out later. I think the reason they went with three and a half inch versus three inch or four inch. Is you get the advantages of the bigger prop which gives you more efficiency, so it’s going to be more like a four inch in terms of efficiency and flight time, while you still have the agility of a three inch, not quite the same amount of agility? But if you go to a straight to a four inch, you don’t quite have that agility over three inches. This is kind of a compromise between three inch and a four inch, and you know that’s why they went with three and a half inch pop now.

They’Re kind of going after, like the feel of a five inch in a sub 250 class micro, which is fairly difficult to achieve, and it while it does have a lot of freestyle abilities. It just doesn’t. Have that weight where you can throw the quad with the power of the motors and then kill the throttle and then have it just float over an object while maintaining this momentum, and even this big it’s, just because it doesn’t have the weight, even at 250 Γραμμάρια. On the nose it just doesn’t have the way to carry its momentum over larger objects, so i think they’re getting closer to that and in terms of the feel, but without the weight um you know, or you know basically uh. You need a lot more of the power uh in the motors to throw the quad, but then you’re gon na gain you’ll probably go over the 250 gram mark. So i don’t think the power systems are quite there yet, maybe in the in the future, where you get, maybe you can get some lighter say, Όπως 1404 Ή 1505 motors and just get about over overall letter set with a more with a higher power to weight Ratio to throw that quad over like a tree or something and do a split s, then you can quite you can get there it’s. This doesn’t quite have that same feel as a five inch but it’s getting there it’s it i mean i can see the potential and what they’re trying to do here and and their goal um.

But you know it just doesn’t really fit into any class it’s, not a it’s, not a three inch. It doesn’t feel like a four inch. It really is a kind of its own class and so i’m going to have to just wait and see how you know. Other three and a half inch quads. You have definitely definitely coming out later and kind of see how this compares later in terms of how this one is with ones that are coming in the future. So if you’re interested in that stay tuned, probably going to have more these kind of models coming up from other companies, now that emacs was kind of forged into the three and a half inch class, um you’re gon na probably see a lot more in the future. Ούτως ή άλλως, Ιμ Είμαι, just gon na show you a few more uh. I guess um i’m gon na show you the narrated flight, one of my narrated flights and then uh. You probably saw some flight footage already on the screen. I’Ll throw a couple more flights down in the video description. If you want to see additional flight footage, but i think uh, Ξέρεις, the jury is still kind of out in my opinion on this one. I you know i’m sure all the other channels are going to hype. This up. My feelings are kind of i’m kind of more i’m going to reserve judgment on this. Until i can see what other companies do, because this is kind of a thisis they’re they’re.

Forging into new territory, maybe they’re going to set the standard for this three and a half inch class. Maybe someone else come along and make something better. Μου αρέσει. I like the fact that it flies with a lot of flight time. Has the agility of a three inch uh, while not quite the efficiency of a four inch, which is fine for me, because i don’t really like flying for 15 Λεπτά, but seven to eight minutes is okay. Even even 78 minutes is kind of long in my opinion. So five minutes on a 650 is just like you know perfect for me um, so it kind of really depends on what you’re, looking for so it’s kind of nice that they’re having different models and different classes here to sort of fit the needs of different pilots. This might be great for you. It may not be great for you, but in terms of like how it compares to everything else, Εγώ είμαι., going to reserve judgment on that for a future video i’m sure more of these things are going to come out and uh make sure you’re subscribed and you’ll get More videos and notifications on that in the future, so you get an idea of what this looks like coming. You know sometime down the road anyway, here’s more flight, footage and i’ll talk to you guys in the next one Music. Αχ, so these emacs props sound pretty similar to a lot of the other ones, the scimitars at three and a half inches quiet known for their.

This is uh. This design is known for being not that noisy, but pretty good power, still Music running default. Everything here. I haven’t really touched anything, but this is a pre production sample. So some things might change some strange rates on here. Μουσική. If i take a little bit of adjusting to get used to it, but it’s not too bad it’s. Εντάξει, i don’t see any vibrations or anything a little bit of prop wash right there yeah. I think i could probably turn up the camera angle a little bit to get some more speed. Μουσική, Music overall it’s, pretty smooth, really can’t complain too much about it. Three and a half inches it’s going to be fast. If you give it a lot more camera angle, Applause yeah, the pop wash is actually pretty Music good. Is the nebula pro camera a little bit of pop wash? If you come straight down over your uh prop wash, i think the rates i need to change are on the roll axis. Yeah it’s, Εντάξει, a little pop wash coming out of this prop this power loops. Here you can see that you can just kind of fly around it’s a little hard to fly around that i’m kind of coming straight down. We need to build up more backwards. Momentum kind of like that Music, a little bit too much see here at 14.8. At four minutes and 20 seconds a lot of flight time, i think i’m running a 4s 850 on this, pretty big battery, probably a little more agility.

If you go down like a 650 and not sacrifice too much fly time, αλλά εεε, they told me that this pit tune is optimized for the weight of a force. 850.. Μουσικό χειροκρότημα. Ναι, it doesn’t quite build up enough speed on those split s’s, because the uh i don’t have quite the right camera angle for freestyle Applause still at 14.6. Καλά, six minutes of flight time kind of ridiculous Music; Μουσική, Εντάξει! So about seven minutes of flight time! 14.4 Βολτ: this is super efficient, Ναι. Nine, eight nine minutes should be doable if you’re just cruising around on this side up here, i’m gon na go ahead and call it.