Getting Started with TeamViewer – Τηλεχειριστήριο

Discover ways to get began utilizing TeamViewer to distant management any PC, Mac and Linux pc.

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36 Παρατηρήσεις
  1. Teamviewer is a scam company. They first offer free service then they will stop you from using it when you use it a longer time. The paid service is horrible. They force to a year plan with auto renewal. They have a hidden term saying that you can only cancel the service 28 days before the renewal time. They didn't inform about the renewal until the renewal date and left you no time to cancel the service. Beware and avoid of Teamviewer unless you want a big financial loss. If you want more info or evidence. You can ask me here or Google "Teamviewer auto renewal". There are plenty of complaints in their official news group. Plus we have only use their paid service only once. They offer not refund for unwanted services.

  2. Please put the download URL to the description! If you type it from video and make a typo you end up on troyan landing page

  3. Until recently, it was probably the best program of its kind on the market. I used it to help my family and friends. Unfortunately, currently it is no longer available as a free license for non-commercial uses.
    Information: "License: free, excluding commercial use" is not true!
    The program always states that it is used commercially. Pathetic!

  4. why is there a new timmer on team viewer of 10 minuets why 10 and not 30 when all i need team viewer for is control and files FIX YOUR SHIT OR I AM MOVING AWAY FROM YOU LOT

  5. good for team project building when i am overseas

  6. If u see that partner is add a virus or something just close the session

  7. Teamviewer being a standard program in windows is new to me ^^

  8. I love teamviewer! Thanks a lot! This program made me so happy!

  9. what background music do they use? plz need aast

  10. did u guys know you can make money from using this??

  11. Lol I connected my Friends and the next day at the school he say who control my computer and i say its Aex and he find alex and beat him up XD its so funny

  12. its a virus go back to 15 δευτερόλεπτα

  13. Dont use it you can get hacked it happend to me

  14. There is nothing better than watching this video with hangover on a Saturday morning. Sweet music makes me want to vomit.

  15. i hope the Viewer cant

    1.Delete Stuff
    2.Add wierd stuff
    3.Disobey PC protocols that make Lag
    4.Access much and much information
    5.add a virus that will simply Crash all items
    6.Open Hidden PRivate files and folders
    7.Indentifying locations
    8.Access the whole disk to delete/Move/add Bad stuff

    Tell me what the viewer can do and what they cant

    simply type CD[can do] or CTD[Cant do ] like this


    because i have a fear of being hacked or being spyed randomly without noticing


  16. it is hacked,the scammer will happy if you download this.

  17. Γεια σου, My name is lars. I have an issue, Today my mum said to me i was at someone house (true) and did something like 'TeamViewer' I though it was a virus (sorry because i didnt hear of it) He already deleted it, But is it like that you can go with your mouse to another PC? Can u explain me? -Lars

  18. Freeking Nice maaaaan
    Sub to my channel

  19. Wait
    if I was controlling my friend's computer does my ip address will be on my friends computer???????

  20. such a good software for music producers who know about it.

  21. worked onetime only then will only send messages back and forth.

  22. which computer i want to remote controll how culd i get pass ward and id number?

  23. o meu esta aparecendo uma janela dizendo que devido as restriçoes do firmware nao é possivel controlar o dispositivo. Oque eu faço para dar certo ?

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