This is the same one as the one in the other video that i have. This is an hgp 408 humvee. So, όπως μπορείτε να πείτε, by looking at it, it’s upgraded it’s, not the same it’s got custom parts on it and yeah. So what do i do? Καλά, i’m glad you asked first thing i did: was i upgraded the tires and the wheels i’ve got some custom bead lock wheels from boom racing. They were custom made for me, but you can mix and match the parts together in the colors and stuff. So i chose that but they’re custom bead lock wheels. I’Ve got the hydrax proline hydrax tires. These are the really sticky material. I forget it’s like the g8 compound. Νομίζω – and i have the two two stage foam inserts in there. I might take that out actually and put the regular soft foam back in there um. I just don’t think i need it. It performs, amazingly with the tires already so got the tires got the wheels. I also installed the traxxas 400 servo in here. This is mainly why i’m convinced it’s not strong enough, because on this vehicle it just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes it just doesn’t move the wheels um. It was glitching out a little bit before so i added a glitch buster in here, despite the fact that i have the um bc for traxxas. It was still glitching out and i’m, not really sure. Γιατί? So i have a couple of troubleshooting steps to do there and i’ll get to that a little bit later and i’ll i’ll kind of explain how it’s wired and what you guys think because, Όπως είπα και, i don’t really know what i’m doing um so i’ve kind Of pieced this thing together through out the last year, um looking at videos and trying to figure out what will work with what but i’m, not an expert on it.

Yet so any input on that would be great i’ll circle back. I added a little model in here, which is arnold, so very fitting because he loves humvees just like me now. This is obviously not a stock part. This is from the mrap model. I bought this part separately along with the smoke machine component and i well. I tubed it up. I wired it up, so this now pumps out exhaust, which is just awesome so on top of um, the exhaust, the and the tires and the traxxas bec and servo for the steering. I also installed a mamba x, χωρίς πινέλο, motor and ee esc. The model number is a, Νομίζω, it’s the zero one, six zero it’s, A 2400 kv motor um max rpm at 75, 000, and the reason why i got that one was because one i don’t really understand what i’m doing and two, because it had the right. Shaft size it’s a 3.2 millimeter shaft that goes into the pinion gear, so the pinion gear only has a 3.2 millimeter bore, so i needed a motor with a shaft that was compatible and this one happened to be it um. It says that it’s designed for uh, δύο τροχούς, drive trucks or four wheel, drive trucks that are, you know short course, trucks for at about six and a half pounds. This weighs twice that and it moves. So i don’t know what i’m doing, but the motor doesn’t have any problems.

Making this thing go at all, it’s really fast. It doesn’t need to be as fast as it is so in first gear. It probably goes. It probably goes faster in first gear than the other one that i have the green one goes in second gear uh in second gear, on a 3s lipo. This thing will go about 30 35 miles an hour anyway, um just like the other vehicle i made it. So that the lights are always on, because i hate that so that’s cool i’m not going to go over the features on this thing, they’re all the same, you know the door handles the latches all that’s the same in the front here, oh god that was a Disaster so in the front you’ve got a little winch, so i’ve wired up this little winch. I need to get a bumper for it because i crushed the first one because i’m an idiot so yeah. I really wanted that in there for effect. So i kind of just made one fit the other thing that i did to this to make it perform better. Was i lifted it so this chassis, it hangs down that’s, where it’s supposed to be because you can’t lift the chassis, but i lifted the body up. You know this far so centimeter, so it actually doesn’t bottom out on stuff as easily and then with these big ash tires it. It almost has no trouble with basically any obstacle, so you’ll see some running videos of it crawling over some rocks and having absolutely no trouble whatsoever and they’re big rocks.

Είναι., like you know this big just kind of everywhere and it’s, just like crawling right over it. No problems at all so yeah, pretty cool thing um the stock one is totally fine. I was just tired of this thing bottoming out and i have an obsession with making things ridiculous, οπότε αυτό είναι.. What i did to this thing. I made it ridiculous. So in the back uh, the only thing that i added in here is the smoke machine. I need to get some glue or some brackets or some something so that i can actually put this up in here, so that it’s just kind of out of the wayand you don’t really see it as much but it’s a work in progress. I just wanted to make sure it functions which it does and you’ll see a video about in the snow with this thing pumping out smoke. So in your gas, your gas cap here this actually comes off now i dremeled this out completely. I don’t know how long you’re gon na be able to see it, but i dremeled it out, and i i put the tubing in up through here, which then feeds into the actual strip machine in the back. Ω, this is so dirty, so that comes into the this one, so you have to kind of turn it on its side. You kind of have to do this to fill it together to actually like feed into that thing there but yeah.

I just thought that was a little cool effect. I actually dremeled out a hole where you fill up gas in the real car put the cap in there and it feeds right into this. So i just thought that was fitting um. I also had to dremel a hole here for this, so i just drummed a hole out stuck this thing down in here and it kind of looks like but again work in progress, but it works and it looks really cool so that’s it for the smoke machine. So, moving back to my question to the audience here, why the is this thing having steering issues it was glitching out originally, like i told you so i it would turn to the left. It was totally fine. It turned to the right it would like stutter and not really want to turn if it was moving, it would turn okay. If it was stationary left was fine right was glitching out, so i added a glitch buster on top of having the bec, which i shouldn’t need. That seemed to correct the issue recently with the snowstorm. I had some some tracks on here and it wasn’t. Turning at all, unless it was moving umand it was also having just general trouble in the snow like when it was sunk into the snow and it tried to turn against the snowit just wasn’t doing it so, the way i have it wired up uh It should be normal.

I have the battery wired into the bec, the esc connects to the bec and the bec connects to the receiver the end i haven’t seen any videos on being able to program the bec, το τράκας ένα. I don’t think you can program it or change its amperage i’ve heard people say: maybe the bec in the esc is conflicting. You know that’s a thing that can happen if you don’t remove the power wire from the esc. Every single video, every single install that i’ve seen of the traxxas bec they’re, not removing that wire. So i assume that the bec is designed such that you don’t need to where it probably cuts it off it’s plugged in, but it doesn’t actually supply power to then backfeed. My next step is going to be to bypass the vec entirely and use my castle link to upgrade the amperage to whatever it needs to be 7.4 or or 8.. Another question that i would like you guys to tell me if i have the amperage of something like that. Is it bad for the system, because i am under the impression that you can up the amperage. The system will ask for a specific amount of amperage, and if the battery or the esc can’t supply it, then you just get what you get, but i don’t think giving it. The ability to have more amperage is a problem because it doesn’t dictate its draw that’s. The components that dictate the drawlet me know if that’s, accurate or not and that’s, pretty much it guys.

So thanks for watching, let me know what you think in the comments section and check out the next video, because you’re going to see this thing tearing it up, going up, rocks going through snow, going like 35 miles an hour up a 45 degree hill it’s kind Of nuts, Έτσι κι έτσι, Ω, my goodness that was dope yeah in the middle of that whole congregation. Χειροκροτήματα, absolutely no problems whatsoever. Αυτό είναι. Why i upgraded this thing to be ridiculous? Is that a humvee? Ναι? Ναι, it is my favorite vehicle. You know i got to go to a um army vehicle show.