They are same quality as Toyota’s products, and this means that they last really long time. I have been now three actually for Sony’s TVs and those all has been lost years and years and there has been not not. There has not been any issues and no any D, that in the soonest and now I have in here this Sony’s remote control. There is now issue F and that I want to show you that how to fix that there is is to another tip that one button in here that button it don’t work very easily. Then I press that in this way, this remote control don’t send this message to TV, and I think that there is two possibilities to fix that remote control. Πρώτη, Ένα, the easiest one is to go to shop and purchase new one, that kind of remote control in the Sony’s control and that cost something like 100 Να 200 Ηπα. Δολάρια. And this is quite expensive, because this is so nice products and other way is to go some pirate remote control. What is very, very cheap to put purchase, but quality is not like in Sony’s and and this. This remote control is the year model 2007 and I I have been fried in here this purchasing date and its name a 2007, because I like to check that how long these Sony’s products and all other products last and now. Πρώτον, when I start to repair this this button first, I I need to open that top cover, and I think that when this is in Japanese products, they always does and do in your some some he that we can.

These are simple, this control and it happens so that first I take these Potteries away and then I start to search that. Is there any screws andand here is no any screws, but then I notice that in here is two holes and I think that in a Japanese way there is idea that I could open that remote control and port that I need three screwdrivers. I have this small electric screwdrivers were put. Points are in that way to our toes cross head and run. One is this plaque and I use this and actually now I need also to this screwdrivers. Εντάξει, and now I have thisI made that those gross head – Κατσαβίδια, screwdrivers andand I need to insert these cluttered drivers in in these holes in hereand the point is that that when I insert these two screwdrivers in that way in there, this is the Idea and then I need a little bit. I move that in top position and I need to push in that direction in in I’ve pushed that in that direction. In this wayand I was also pulled screwdrivers in that direction and then 10 is cover opens now. I assaulted, and also this direction is a little bit like this, not in directing test Bay. It is like little bit in upper, and here is the screwdriver, and then I start his first part that at the tie insert that first one in because there is that kind of holes.

But I need a little bit move and not loud this at this way. Now this opens and carefully ok, τώρα είναι., Ω εντάξει, it isn’t air and then the second tooland this is this critical way. Now there is this small am picker hole, and for that I need different kind of screwdriver. Now I have that flat, but I insert carefully in hereand I start to little bit twistthis discover and wide soon is it that in here and in that pot we have to be carefully the window, but they don’t test throat. This circuit board. What is in the inside then I take second screwdriver in here and I I’m old that in this way, and then I and then I carefully insert that I start to carefully add this cover out in my fingers and out. We have this knock clock and the cover carefully. We move that in up, because if they take this really fast out, then this cover can crack here. Για μενα, and now this discover opens okay, excellent and then I start to search this faulty normally, if there is any any any change this this system place. What and I move this places, then this TB works and now I think that when I look that alright, it looks quite okay and then I check that I run in here. I need some some water or maybe some drink, and this looks like coca cola or Pepsi, and somebody maybe some some kid, because I don’t drink so much coca cola.

I prefer more beer. Beer is better, and I think that now in here is coca cola in inside, and this is this is then easy, because I take wide clean paper if we have white cotton it’s more better and then I clean, if you check in here these are a stay Away and this in here they are clean, and in that point I think that, especially in here there is, that is totally some some soccer or water liquid again, I need to take this all wet away. Ναι, now this are clean. Ναι, this is good a lot of these are and when I clean this fall Ras. I believe that this my remote control works then really nicely, and I don’tand here is also itis interesting and then tools this also, all this wet wet material away. Εντάξει, Εντάξει, άριστος: this is good, and then I think that it here is this coca cola more. If we can check it that way. Ναι, actually there is this whole kind of scrap in here I’ll take those or dirty things away, and this is my plastic, and here is thisthat can controland this goes nicely in here back now and then the final step is that I clean also tap Rf, because this was also wet yeah you sweep this is where and nowand I clean this carefully there is this black things and believe that this remote control works very well and until our install is stopped back, and there goes idea that first, this is the Cover and first I need tois it that until this cover and then then this our rows must be, Στην πραγματικότητα, resistance and that’s mean that this.

This would be that I think stay out in. I need to press toes so to paint that way. Εντάξει, now no it’s fine, because I need that toast those are rose logs in that deduction and that and the first in here here our toes are a us in here here and here that’s post basement must must be in here that’s good. Μπορώ. I take my crate in here and I turn that in the opposite side, then I press these these buttons out of those holes, and I check that. Εντάξει, that looks good. Then I notice that there is still this some Nick in there. I hope I have take those most things, but most things away and there is the circuit board and that and then I do the saw that play. I wrote the attack in this way and then I need to only compress in this play like he knows together and this flop is cold sound. It means that this is looking and the final step is to hear instead factories and here’s only way there is those symbols that plus goes there is plus and in pottery there is plus let’s go there, and then this one goes in there and the final step Is this cover and the cover goes this way, and then I go to check that without this. My my remote control works and I notice that this button is now stuck and I need because it can’t be in that position.

I need to reopen that and and now now I I do that you can, because I have flipped it press, ok and thenand you learn itis that this I’mnot there in here and carefully this way. Do it here here second step cool and carefully little bit enough? Now it so opens, and if, if there are some things little bit damaged, we can insert a little bit glue in that area and then this remote control works. Fine then I take the pump, objected. The pop is what is wrong. This works fine, but this not. What is wrong in here. This works here, but why okay, so the those parts goes in here? Εντάξει, maybe this was the idea, okay good and then I insert again okay. Now this works perfectly like this okay and then I use that leftover back it it’s. Actually it works also in that place right, then i press everything and in johnny’s quality. This is very smooth line. He meant that that I destroyed this that little bit. These are red post, plastic parts, but this is this here there is some parts. What went away in this aware and eat this, but opens, is that little bit clue in that area. Now this looks excellent and then I call to check that and I will be back within five minutes and I report the results. Okay and I’ve tested that con remote control and now this button works perfectly.

But then I notice that still this area is park and then I know the step in here in Japanese way. They respond whole. It is picker in here, and at least three are smaller and port. One is picker and that’s means that that I need to rotate that that part a little bit another position that that is wider. This point should be in here. This was quite. This was a great job. Interesting and now I check that that this wider part goes in this wider. Around there now let’s suit maps, let’s see that how this works Christine steal, this one area is talk, are innate, opened up again and this one port. Actually now I take this part totally out. Εντάξει – and here was also one wider pot, and this month’s must go in there. Εντάξει, this was really complex, interesting to step. This is wider and also in there inside one part is so this is bigger hole in dirt and in here and and that that part one of those is wider. Εντάξει, this is interesting, and now I insert that in here now it should, but it goes in deeper, and then I need to remember again that this is wider. Is one point, Στη συνέχεια, that one, those three are smaller than that one and this wider apart suit goes in that direction: Εντάξει, excellent and then I that there should not be any thirties. Εντάξει. Now this works excellent and then this is like fourth time of our test: δοκιμή.