This one it’s slightly larger than the 1 10 scale cars, so i’ll get right into it. I’Ll just quickly show you some mods i’ve done here on the uh bobby shell at least um, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, it’s quite detailed uh. It comes with all these lovely stickers on it. Just like the real car. It’S got all the graphics and i believe you can get um other body shelves for this as well. In all the other series of uh ken blocks, uh cars um. So the mod i’ve done on this shell here is the mesh mod. So what i did was just get a bit of um mesh from the um, a car garage where you just buy bits and pieces on for your cars and, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, i’ve just taped it around here. Now this this hole actually is for the uh airflow to the engine itself of the car. So i think that looks you know pretty cool i’m, quite happy with that. It actually goes with the stickerage, as you can see just there um. Maybe if you’re, you know feeling brave enough, you can probably cut through these vents um even that one there and put the same mesh through there, so yeah that’s um that’s, the body shell. Out of the way. Now we get onto the car itself, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, i’ve got a couple of nice little mods on here um, so i’ve got a battery.

It’S called a battery sort of you know just lets. You know how much power you’ve got left in the car and, if i just switch it on, i can sort of demonstrate that for you, so uh i’ll just put that on there goes in the green, which means the battery is quite good on there it’s. Quite an easy uh mod to do. I wouldn’t really call it a mod it’s, a it’s kind of a must have. If you you know you don’t your car running off on you. If the batteries go a bit flat, so that’s one mod there, the other one i’ve actually included in one of my other videos, is for the um it’s. It basically stops the car from going out of control, it’s made by sky rc and it’s a gyro it’s. Just fitted down there, which i’ve wired quite nicely and tucked in into the uh battery box itself, έτσι ούτως ή άλλως, we’ll get onto the car right so um, another mod um i’ve done on this car is actually i’ve ordered this from mexico. I can’t really buy them around here, but it was on ebay. It took her to a good month to get to me, but i think it looks really smart it’s, a carbon fiber effect um chassis sticker, which is quite nice, Umm είναι, actually quite thick it’s, not like your average paper kind of ones that you get it’s um. Quite nice and it you know, it’s got all the holes and everything has all been pre cut.

All you’ve got to do is when you order it, you can just whack it on and i’ll just um just bring it closer to the camera. So you can see that carbon uh fiber effect on there. You know it looks really nice, so there’s your nitro engine it’s, quite a fast car. This you know not for the faint hearted um. When you do get these. Obviously you have to run them in there’s. A running in procedure, um and you’ve got to sort of. You know go by that. If you want the car to run properly, um nitros can be a bit fiddly uh. Για να είμαι ειλικρινής, you know they’re not totally, for the faint hearted you’ve got to have a bit of patience for them, especially if you put them away over winter periods and stuff. You know when it comes out to summer, and you get these out again. You’Ve got to obviously adjust them um, Ξέρεις, as per the manual or you know, you can look at other vlogs on youtube and stuff, but i’m not going to get into that today. Είμαι., just generally speaking about this car, so the suspension on it is pretty cool it’s, Ξέρεις, δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., καθόλου άσχημα. You can adjust it. You can adjust the suspension. You’Ve got these little spacers here inside the suspend suspension itself, and i i actually took one spacer off from the front to make the car sort of a bit more level because it does sit slightly high at the front and slightly lower on the back.

So to counteract that, i had to obviously just take one spacer out each from the front suspension and that’s sitting there that sits nicely now and you’ve got you know: you’ve got your batteries, they go they’re tucked nicely inside this battery box here. So you’ve got everything in there. I tend to use rechargeable, just find them a little bit more easier to deal with, rather than keep having to buy back. You know normal batteries and they run out and you have to keep buying them. So you know i’m just using these duracells here and i brought one of them: chargers off ebay, so just plug in the wall. Nice sized servo, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε εκεί, it’s just um it’s, not servo, Συγνώμη, δέκτης, box, Um, so yeah that that’s quite nice and it tucks in you know all tucks and tied in so yeah. Everything fits back in the battery box. There quite nicely um there’s. Your air filter, you can get upgrades, you get different ones. This is the standard one that comes with it. I tend to use a bit of air filter oil in here after a few runs, or so just to keep it lubricated and stuff so that no dust particles go in there. There’S your servos you’ve got one there for your throttle and you’ve got another servo. Just there for your steering that’s the steering servo there um the wheels themselves, they’re actually replicas um the real replicas of this car in question, and i think they’re quite nice.

Πραγματικά, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, i’ve curved mine a little bit, you know you have. I have used the car, obviously um straight out the box um, but yeah they’ve got good grip. Tyres have really good grip on them um but yeah. Μου αρέσει αυτό. I like these details, um on the wheels they’re actually called turbo mac – 52s um i’mnot sure if you can buy them um off the hpr website. Last time i did check they weren’t in stock, so i’m gon na wait to get get some new ones. Um it’s got some nice aluminium bits and pieces here, as you can see that just match this yeah, they there’s a few aluminium bits here, there’s one tucked under there, Εγώ είμαι., not sure if you quite see it with the uh camera angle, orange painted and you’ve got Your fuel tank just there fuel tanks, εκεί, nice uh foam bumper in case you do hit a wall or anything um sports tuned exhaust and these cars are quite loud um. I normally take mine to, όπως εσύ., Γνωρίζουν, just industrial areas or anything. I know it’s a bit quiet around there, but yeah a lot of fun a lot of fun, but i do definitely recommend buying uh one of these. If you guys are into your nitros and stuff so yeah i mean almost come up to the end of the vlog um. I am quite new by the way to youtube. So doing these.

You know a little bit nervous, but i’ll get there in the end. Um. Το ίδιο το πλαίσιο, i know we’ve been for it, but it’s um, it’s quite hard is um. I believe it’s aluminium, so yeah that’s that’s pretty durable yeah. So it is a it’s, τέσσερις τροχούς, drive version. I have got um videos of it actually, in my other vlogs on my channel of me, taking this out in the close um there’s. Another thing i can tell you actually there’s um mud guards. There sort of so you don’t get anything splashed inside um. I think it’s more to protect the drive shafts on the car um, but yeah as you can see, four wheel drive so um yeah. I hope you enjoyed the video uh, Όπως είπα και, i’m a bit of a newbie on here.