LEGO 76112 App-Controlled BatmobileWheelies! Wheelies! Wheelies!

Pace construct and detailed evaluation video concerning the LEGO 76112 App-Managed Batmobile. This set incorporates the brand new Powered Up hub with Bluetooth app management and two new Powered Up M motors. It additionally has an unique Batman minifigure and a few Bat-accessories.

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In Stock App-Controlled Motorized Batmobile 07111 ... ΜΑΣ $49.99 ALIEXPRESS Αγοράστε τώρα


18 Παρατηρήσεις
  1. Μεγάλη βίντεο! I've noticed you can buy the remote separately on Ebay. Do you need the wire component as well or will the remote connect through the original components you get within this kit?

  2. You can always buy the remote control on Bricklink (28739c01)

    I paid €75,45 for this set

  3. could you hook up the power functions remote with that

  4. Szia, egy technikai kérdésem lenne. Az sbrick plus csatlakoztatható a buwizz-hez?

  5. too late, lego..buwizz is still lightyears ahead

  6. i agree with you! around 80€ should be better! but i'll wait for other sets with those new feature or wait for this one to be cheaper!

  7. Szia techniking vagyok mi lett a leg-technic hu val. már egy hónapja nem működik

  8. I'll probably pick up this set just to build a GBC out of the hub and motors.

  9. Cool video!! The hand held controller, has a shorter Bluetooth range???

  10. A fair review, without hate or hype. Very neutral, what is realy good 🙂

  11. How's the new motor's power compared to PF M motor?

  12. What is it's price? ( in Rupees so my mom will understand)

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