Today I will show you a brand new set that has the Ideas label, but it is not something you can buy directly at the moment. This is the 40448 Vintage Car gift with purchase set. You can get this set as a gift starting January 1st, if you spend 85 EURUSD at, Please check the site for the details and the availability.. So why is this an Ideas set exactly At the end of 2019, there was an Ideas contest where LEGO asked people to design a vintage car that would match the Modular buildings.. There were some pretty restrictive rules, the theme and even the dimensions of the car was fixed and it had to be a generic design. So no real life inspirations were allowed.. This was the winning design. As you see, it is quite similar to the real product, but unfortunately all the chrome was lost.. I guess the cost would have been to high for a gift set.. So here is the box of the set.. The car is on a nice beach and it has 2 matching minifigures. On the back there’s, some promotion for LEGO Ideas and further photos of the car from different angles.. Now let’s open the box. There are 3 unnumbered bags inside 2 separate plates, a tiny sticker sheet and the building instructions. The sticker sheet only has the 2 license plates. As usual, the license might be a reference to the designers.. I think A stands for Arne, who is the fan designer M for Mel? Who was the LEGO designer working on the set.

? The numbers 0937 spell LEGO when viewed upside down. On the first 2 pages of the instructions, you can find a nice intro by the Arne. The fan designer of the set with some interesting details., He has a passion for vintage cars and he owns a nearly 50 year old car and the teal color was picked by his daughter, as this is her favorite.. Here are the 2 minifigures from the set.. No new prints are used, but they have a nice assembly that fits the theme well.. The girl has a second print on the head without the glasses., And here is the car.. I think it looks great from all directions and has many nice details considering the scale. Let’s start with the only flaw I found the surfboards on the side. Look very cool, but unfortunately they don’t have enough clutch power to be attached firmly to the body. There’s. No problem, if you don’t touch the car, but they will certainly fall off during playing. It’s, a shame as the car is otherwise very playable.. There are 2 fully working seats for the 2 Στοιχεία. This is something quite unique at this scale. The Speed Champions cars in the 6 stud wide era usually only had a single seat, and even the recent 8 stud wide cars have some issues fitting figures with accessories. As you see, the lady only fits in the Audi without her hair.. There are several interesting details and techniques used in the build like the ice skate used as a hood ornament or the upside down windshield.

That looks weird for the first sight, but totally makes sense. One thing to pay attention to these 1×1 rounded pieces have to be aligned perfectly to look good. Otherwise the smooth lines will be broken.. You can find a lot of SNOT building on the car like the structure of the doors or the rear. Bumper area.. I really like how this technic tube piece was used here and, despite the single stud connection, it sits firmly in place thanks to the parts stabilizing it from the top and the bottom.. Όλα σε όλους, this is a great looking set. It has lots of details and content for a gift set.. If you are planning a purchase from LEGO, then I definitely suggest to do it as soon as possible to get this car.. If you liked this video, then please give it a thumbs up. You can also subscribe and tap the notification bell if you don’t want to miss my LEGO reviews and other LEGO. Rc videos. See you next time.