This small device will allow us to record video and audio as well as shoot pictures in full discretion. The set includes a micro camera in the remote control memory card and adapter AC charger and cable for charging. The device, the United Kingdom type adapter to a power outlet, USB cable and an imitation of a car key. The device has three buttons button marked as door opening turns on the device and enables the video recording button with the car closing symbol turn off the device. The third button is responsible for making photos. The device signals its works with vibrations, so user is aware of its actions. After removing the plug located in the bottom of the unit, we have access to the micro SD card slot mini USB, socket and LEDs that indicate the micro cam operation. The lens and microphone are located on. The top. Video files are recorded at a resolution of 640 διά 480 pixels at 30. Frames per second pictures are of the size of 1280 διά 960 pixels. The camera angle is 61 Βαθμούς. Recordings are stamped with date and time working time with fully charged battery is up to three hours. Let us remember that during recording point the device at a subject or person, there are not required any drivers or additional software. When you connect using a USB cable, the computer detects the device as a removable drive. The presented product will serve perfectly to record important conversations.