0. What is up? Y’All it’s. Your boy base scott here today, we’re going to be reviewing the e revo 2.0 on 2s lipo. Καλά, i think i said before us because there’s two of them all right so to start the body it’s a limited edition body. You can only get this specific black body at your local hobby shop if they have it in stock, so yeah that body’s cool it’s black it’s got the red on the e revo, but everything else is pretty much black silver and a little bit of dark gray. All right so, whenever i took this out to the skate park and bashed it around, i had a couple problems. Primarily this white connector keeps coming undone, so i think i’m gon na go through and put some e tape on. There wrap all three of those for the esc and that should be good to go. Other problem that i had was the batteries they kept coming unplugged. Whenever i’d would jump it uh, it would just come unplugged but that’s a common problem and i don’t want to take those, because if i need to disconnect the battery and kill the power to the unit, i need to be able to do it quickly, οπότε αυτό είναι.. How i’m going to be doing that the shocks? Absolutely loving the onboard system that they’ve created on this a lot of people have problems with the tie rods in the rear right here they keep popping out on the inner joints, but mine seems to be holding really well.

The tires that came on this, the glue is starting to come undone on certain ones, let’s see if i can find some like right here on this one it’s coming undone i’ll show you all that here in a second just doing it on a lot of them. Just right around around the rim, δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., like they didn’t, put enough glue down on it, but that’s an easy fix. All it is, is a little bit extra glue and you’re good to go. I want to upgrade the gears already because it’s on 2s 4s it’s a little slow from what i’ve seen in other people’s videos kevin talbot shout out. I probably said that name way wrong, but i love his videos. He inspired me to actually get the e revo. I want to upgrade the gears before i go to success, because this motor is capable of 6s, so probably going to do new servos, because they’re a little bit weak i’m, not going to lie they’re a little bit weak straight out of the box, but they have Upgraded red servos from traxxas that it’s just plug and play probably gon na eventually do that whenever they actually go out, uh bash wise it’s taken quite a beating and it’s held up very well. The wing is completely up but that’s. The main thing that’s gon na get hit whenever it rolls over. My self right feature does not work. Insert video here. It doesn’t go all the way, as you saw it’s just i don’t know.

I bet you it’s the gearing problem because i just feel like i don’t have enough power 30 miles an hour out the box with a 4s lipo. If you go up to 6 έχει να κάνει με. 50, i think it is i’ll insert the gears ratios and mile per hours with the 2s4s and 6s. I need to quit saying 2s, but uh overall. I, like it so i’m gon na play a little bit of footage of this car running around a little bit doing some back flips off some chain link fence, uh playing in the dirt just having a good old time with it. No major real jumps right now. Είμαι., not trying to destroy it the first week that i get it that will come eventually, Αν, but other than that everybody have a badass day, keep the smiles high and i will see y’all next time.