NEW 4G Android Dual Camera ADAS 1080p Mirror Car DVR for 2018 – Junsun A880

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28 Παρατηρήσεις
  1. Can it be any memory card? He did not recognize the card I gave him.

  2. Γεια σου, can you have multiple mirrors of different cars and view it in the app ?

  3. How do you adjust the time and date. Mine is 12 hrs ahead. Cant find for daylight savings or time zone.

  4. I subscribe your channel.i need this product but i can't order

  5. Hola disculpe como se obtiene la Sim card y la otra de 4g ? Gracias espero su respuesta

  6. Wtf your not reviewing it dude.. telemarketer 😂😊

  7. My car has Wi-Fi can I still use all the functions instead of using its 4G LTE connections like live streaming DVR functions?

  8. No miles per hour? Deal breaker. No thanks.

  9. That looks gay..woth your mirrior sticking out

  10. Is this record front and rear vedios same time?

  11. I do not see the optionshow float button""" whyyyyy

  12. Si no tengo sim card ..puedo utilizar wifi para obtener los mismo beneficios

  13. problem with using rear camera continuously
    i have this mirror mod. alps lo mp2 v1.9 cm84
    i want to use the preview always showing me the rear camera
    When i want to use the rear camera continuously it change after few minutes to front cam., why? how i can use the rare cam continuously
    (the problem not in recording but in preview and using the mirror to see what behind me while driving my car)
    can you help me

  14. Do you have or will you make a detailed review like this one but for the Junsun A930 ?

  15. How is it holding now sir? 9 months later

  16. Hi great review. Does this also have an anti glare similar to regular rearview mirrors for those drivers who turns on their hi beam?

  17. Does it have a battery inside? How many standby hours have in parking mode with or without 4G connection and monitoring. Ευχαριστούμε !

  18. Junsun A930 10" HD 4G WiFi can you do a rivew?

  19. Γεια σου, mine does not have the adas function, maybe it's a different firmware. Is it possible to add the function? Ευχαριστούμε

  20. Any idea what the difference is between this, the A880, and the A930?

  21. Very interesting vid, keep it up 😀
    I have a question though : is it possible to stream music from your phone to the DVR via Bluetooth ?

  22. Is it proper glass mirror when the screen if off or like it is a LCD screen with a mirror like screen?

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