But since then the atmosphere among the upper echelon of fast cars has thickened and dynamically. The Aventador has struggled to keep up, which is why Lamborghini has come up with this car, a dramatically more advanced, Aventador known simply as the S. It costs a whopping, 277 thousand pounds and boasts four wheel, steering and comprehensively updated electronic suspension. Teh 6.5 liter v12 has also been tickled to produce 730 bhp at 8400 σ.α.λ., while the aerodynamic efficiency is up by 50, with a hundred and thirty percent, more downforce and less drag says Lamborghini and, as you can see for yourselves, the Aventador s also looks quite Different from its predecessor with new styling treatments, εμπρός και πίσω, plus an unashamed nod towards the Countach around its rear wheel, arches in the flesh, it looks sensational to be honest, but the more important questions are what’s it like to drive and has Lamborghini done enough to Keep the car competitive with its increasingly brilliant rivals from Ferrari and McLaren it out so 300 grams worth of Aventador s. What is it like around at the Valencia Grand Prix circuit? I don’t know yet, but a few things that it has. I know we already talked about the four wheel steering and their new suspension and the new. Όπως γνωρίζετε, we haven’t talked about the ECU yet because it’s really essential this that what them again you’ve done this cars got loads of ECU’s, but it’s got one big brain of an ECU that can that sorts out everything for all the dynamic parameters.

So the steering the brakes, the throttle map the gear change, the diff and the four wheel drive system, the four wheel steering system all goes through one being ECU and they reckon that’s made a massive difference to the kind of fluidity of feel and the consistency of Response and I have to say I have done a few cheeky laps earlier in the wet it’s sort of drying out now, but still not fully dry, but they they are not telling fibs. This thing I hate the phrase all other piece, this so let’s use the phrase as one. It really does have a lovely kind of rhythmic consistency to the way it does everything which the old car didn’t have. The old car felt like a bit of a fire under a roof. Για να είμαι ειλικρινής, this thing, Αν, it’s just immense. I hope you’re going to be able to hear what I’m saying, if I’m not going to go too quickly. Just yet because well, ακούω, υπάρχει! No way you can hear me above that, especially if I run it over some rumble strips as well. I’Ve got it in Corsa because we’re on a track, so you do. I think it sounds better than the old Emma in store as well. I know it’s got a few more horsepower it’s up to 7030 now so it’s got another 38 horsepower to paper the other, the previous Aventador. They just seem to sound a bit north yeah and my absolutely love what they’ve done to the steering and the response of this 4 wheel steering system.

There is so much more bite on turnin and a high speed, just extra stability. He feels like a different car. What they say is that the four wheel steering system has had the subjective impression of shortening the wheelbase by half a metre, and you know what they. That is how it feels this thing kind of feels like a hurricane, but with a stonking gravy 12 engine in it it feels so much more agile, Μουσική, δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., also rather fast in a straight line. Carbon ceramic brakes, a standard which just they’re just awesome, is lovely, feel through them that’s. What this car has got, which the previous Aventador never quite had feel the old one was fast, but you kind of it was a wrestling match in Italy. He kind of had steering that didn’t feel linked him hooks out to the rear axle and the brakes were a bit weird and the throttle would kind of give. You burst some acceleration when he didn’t want it, but every millimeter of travel on the throttle on this thing makes a difference. Laughs is lovely, it just makes you feel there were no restrictions on production numbers for the Aventador s. Lamborghini expects to sell several thousand of them over the next four or five years, with the USA being the biggest market to plan at number. Two and interestingly, the UK at number three next time round. Rumor has it that the v12 will be aided in its course by hybrid electric power, much like the laferrari, but but the time being, the Aventador S makes do with a convention achieved with v12, and there is nothing wrong about.

Αυτό είναι το σπίτι μου., after all, one of the greatest combustion engines of all time and in this instance, it revs to an incredible 8500 rpm before the limiter intrudes, and it sounds better than ever. Thanks to a new 30 lighter exhaust system. I get this me. You do need to have a little bit of a word with yourself before you really start to try and drive this thing quickly, especially for a lovely drag like this. This thing has become a prop roppa driver’s car, not just a pose ‘mobile I’m going to being carried away here. The Econo can’t help it Music. I make messes so that so that is the aventador s and what an utterly incredible car it has become much improved dynamically in every way. It also looks better, sounds better and goes harder than ever as well, but it’s the step up in handling sharpness. That really defines the Aventador S. It is now good enough to compete with the very best and, για να είμαι ειλικρινής, that represents a huge improvement, so well done. Lamborghini and we’ll have more of this in the future. If you please click on the video windows to watch.