Thirty five streamer remote. We begin with the smaller and less expensive of the two. The streamer remote this device is meant for a smaller home theater setup that contains a television, a single streaming device and a sound bar. The streamer remote can learn how to control your devices in two ways, either by punching in the respective code directly into the device or, if you have your devices remote hanging around the one for all remote can learn how to emit the same signal as that other Remote, this is an entry level, τηλεχειριστήριο που είναι, very easy to set up, and apart from the easy setup, there are buttons at the bottom to help you access your favorite streaming apps as well as a color shifting backlight feature next, the URC 7880 smart control 8 allows You to control up to eight devices instead of three. This much larger device is more robust and also possesses smart activities that can be programmed into the device. This one also is very easy to set up. You can do the same either by learning or by punching. The correct code into the device, but you can also use the devices companion app to easily program your remote. This was incredibly simple and I highly recommend that if you grab this remote to download the accompanying app on iOS or Android it’s a breeze to set up your device, in addition with this one, it has a few other nice features like a built in speaker behind The battery door that enables a remote finder feature for when you lose that remote and you don’t know where it is one quick note: neither of these devices come with batteries in the box, they’re powered by four triple a batteries which isn’t an insignificant expense to add.

On to the remotes price tag, so just be wary of that before you go out and grab these devices all in all they’re, both great entry level, universal, remote options for you. If you have a smaller setup in your spare room, για παράδειγμα, the URC 79 35 streamer remote might be a perfect solution for you. If you do have more than three devices, Ωστόσο, you might want to grab the 78 80 smart control 8, because it allows a higher device count while giving you an easy set up process and some additional bells and whistles.