I set up a little course in my old tank trap area because we do have quite a bit of water in there now I am gon na run. A 3s lipo in here that's the first time I'm running a 3s lipo, So 11.1 volts you guys that followed the last episode with the bomber in it notice that I actually changed out the tires. As mentioned. These are out croppers and they're quite skinny. They are sealed on a bead, lock and the reason I've done this check out the stock tyre that comes with it. Look how beefy that is nice and wide right. The thing is, with my tires: no they're, not sealed. I could seal them just by putting some tape on the inside, δεν είναι τίποτα σπουδαίο.. The reason I haven'tand the reason I switched them out is because the type of mud that we have is incredibly sticky, so the bigger the tyre yes, you may be able to float on top for a second, but as soon as it starts digging, it starts. Sticking to it and all of a sudden, your truck, has to move such heavy heavy tires, which is really hard on the transmission and even harder on the brushed motor. So, with skinnier tires just like any kind of vehicle that does mud a nice skinny tire with some good tread and wheel speed of a fairly light truck. You know that the heavier the truck the more wheel speed the more beefier everything has to be, but with these outcrops on here waterproof stock, Σερβο 11.

1 μπαταρία βολτ, I think we're good to go through the gate, nice and slow.