Oh myself, oh great job! Wow, έχεις τα. Let me try this for sure. Καλά, it's, tough from over here driving it out us yeah. Do my best not to hit you at school man, I'm gon na try and follow it through the water we'll see how it goes. Καλό! Luck! Καλή τύχη! Όχι! Σταμάτα! Ναι! Όχι! No it's! Lipo cutoff sweet more of those batteries. What did you think fog man? That is fun. We do have more of those batteries. How do you yeah? I got two more right now. Ναι, Ναι. Εντάξει, whoo that's, a jocks, Oh trying to kill the cameraman. Did you get the first flu? Got it good and that's? What we got tidal wave let's walk down there yeah starting to get the hang of this truck now. Definitely I'd uh! We first plugged it in had to take a few minutes up and down that road what's good. Πραγματικά, you can do it. You probably got to start after the hump right in the middle yeah used to come right through there Wow good luck to say. Καλή τύχη! I totally hydroplane like a boss, dude yeah, the water, pulls it try going the lengthwise alright job. Αυτό ήταν φοβερό.. Ω, my phone cut off.