I don’t always with love stores which is leading us. Love is all will ever trust, Ναι, always Music through the wastelands through the highways. So my shadow to sun rays, Μουσική, Μουσική, Μουσική, finding life along the way melodies we haven’t played – Δεν κάνω – Γνωρίζουν, go in around these walls to create a song Music we’ll go through the wastelands through the highways through my shadow through sunrays Music, Μουσική. We’Ll be number see the horizon and will grow in number Macedo. Her Applause we’ll go Music Applause. I walk in the lowland streets empty. The only the Nargis is the home Sue and I’m getting stronger step by step, Music from sound Music, Μουσική, Μουσικό χειροκρότημα, Μουσικό χειροκρότημα, Μουσική, mine, Μουσική, Oh Joe, Μουσική, Χειροκροτήματα, Μουσική, Μουσική, Μουσικό χειροκρότημα, Μουσική.