Skye, wait! Wait! Oh! What happened? Go ahead, let it rip turn around: oh Music, so it’s sky it’s pretty solid on the grass. It bounces a little bit right, but it still works now, we’re going to check it out now, we’re going to try to understand, check it out, pretty cool on donuts huh. All right go straight: Music, so Music, so it’s good on grass, it’s good on sand. It’S! Good on dirt, it’s good on concrete, but remember it died on us. The other video now we’re gon na try it on the sidewalk with harder surface, bring it here. Music, okay, hold on what about this guy let’s see how good it is on this it’s, like wood, Music. All right last thing: we’re going to try it on is uh yeah let’s go i’m kind of nervous. You nervous guy Music come on go i’m, not gon na. Go get it boy what you mean go straight Music. So what do you think about? What do you think about the megalodon being in the water? It wasn’t good? Really, it was pretty slow, though right. Try it again: Music, Music turn it around all right. You guys saw it it’s, not so efficient in the water it’s going pretty slow, but it does go in the water Music. I guess the next thing we’re going to do is look for another toy and see you guys in the next video.