RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς – Unboxing a Double Flame Traxxas X-MAXXPitdawg Hydro Dip!

I'Ve moved my old table to the front of the shop and I put a very large box on it. Now you guys have already read the video description. You have seen the thumbnail. You know what is in here, but I have my friend John here to help me he's, going to be opening […]

RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς – RAT ROD REAPER RC TRUCKIncredible Traxxas Summit 4×4 Δράση

Moving Driver in Brushless Buggy RC Truck on Ultra 4 Race Course | RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς

For course, here I have at the farm and I'm getting it prepped for the winter snow and my Kyosho blizzards, but I figured today would be an awesome opportunity to introduce this new truck to our audience. This truck is actually built by my friend Chuck, actually acquired. It in a trade for one […]


RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς – UNBOXiNG a 50lb Dead Lift RC4WD 1/10 ΠΡΟΕΙΔΟΠΟΙΏ 8274 WiNCH & 1.9 Genius Tires Overview

But these tires check these out. These are from RC four wheel drive. These are the 1.9 sized genius tires now you're able to see the tread pattern. What the lugs actually look like and, Φυσικά, the sidewalls now 1.9 sized tires I'm going to need some 1.9 size B blocks. I have not […]

Do They Work? Rock Crawling TricksRC4WD Genius Tires w/ Ballistic Bead Locks | RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς

These are the new 2.2 sized genius tires from RC four wheel drive. I have them mounted up on 2.2 sized aluminum ballistic rims aren't. They sharp they look amazing. My friends, the last few days, I've, been doing a lot of editing of a series. I do called the big dirty 2016 and it's […]

RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς – U4 Rally Race Course – 14 Radio Control TrucksPOKER RALLY TTC 2016 – Pt 1

RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς – ΥΦΑΦΕΙΝΟ ΤΡΝΙΦΟ ΠΑΡΚΟ – Obstacle Course Highlights – TTC 2016 POKER RALLY – Pt 5

He was there. You go nice flex coming down in the rain coming out of the rain. Now he's got mud on his tires. He'S gon na try and climb this. The ramp is slick, Oh down. He goes big tractor tire brand new cut in half lots of lugs. Can he recover from it? […]

RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς – ATV που χρησιμοποιείται στη λασπώδη διαφυγή – 6×6 RC Truck gets Stuck

BEAST II 6X6 Τριπλό άξονα μονοπάτι RC φορτηγό – Ready-to-Run! RC4WD Unboxing | RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς

I haven't been filming here for a while, Στην πραγματικότητα, I've been in my shop out at the ranch of course, but I thought this is a great opportunity to put something back up on the white bench. We'Ve always had great rigs to show you up on the white bench and today is no […]


RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕς – Brushless Axial Bomber on my U4 RC Truck Course