This is a brand new release. Hpi jump shot st flux version i got is a stadium truck. Οπότε βασικά., this is the version 2 and they step it up and turn it into flux, which is brushless now it’s 3x capable like in typical hpi fashion box. Art is beautiful, so now let’s go to the box and see what they have on here. Faster tougher meter, 2 wheel drive waterproof. We got a 4000 Kv: Κινητήρα 80 amp esc 3s, capable servos water resistant, tvp chassis, which is a two vertical plate that put together like that. They call it the twin vertical plate, and now we have hd metal gears. As you can see in this picture, compared to my version, one of the jump shot the idler gear is metal and the gears around the diff housing is also metal before it was plastic, and now it has a metal plate for the motor mount to keep the Motor secured and it got threaded coil over shots, dude i’m excited guys, let’s open this up. I’M ready well check it out guys the body is beautiful. Normally i like a darker deeper blue. This is more on the lighter side, but they still look pretty good with all the decals there’s, some minor details of it, the places they put the decals in and the color scheme they all go really well together. The spoiler is on the bigger side, though i prefer to be a little bit lower, so i might trim it before we look at the car in the transmitter.

Let’S hop over and see what’s in the box. It comes with two allen: wrench and the four way one and some extra body clips extra hpi racing decals. We got this booklet that says important information and this kit card, where you scan it and we’ll bring you into the hpi website. Let’S go through the manual real quick. This manual is pretty detailed, it has about 47 pages and the manual comes in multiple languages, so it comes in english, french mercy, danke, Γερμανικά, Ιαπωνικά. It shows you the table of contents. First page just talk about the components and stuff you need for it. I love going through this manual just to show you how much effort they put into this kit. So, on page eight and nine, they said before you start teach how to install the batteries and they want you to set up the esc. I have a feeling that’s already set up in the factory, but it doesn’t hurt to go through it again. So it’s pretty much just calibrating it let’s skip a couple pages. They tell you to check the fail safe, how to turn on the system and some troubleshooting guide, and this section talks about maintenance and the type of tools you will need how to glue your tires. Replacing your pinion on this page here’s a chart that tells you about different gear ratio with different pinions and it talks about the motor temperature not to exceed 158 Βαθμούς, fahrenheit or 70 βαθμοί Κελσίου.

On this page, it talks about the slipper clutch, let’s just keep going and also teach you how to adjust it. How cool is that and then there’s more about the divs shocks, ραδιόφωνο, maintenance, and now we go into the electronics with the binding setting of the failed safety endpoint and on this page is the esc setup. It shows you the program of the csc. This is where you can program the low voltage cut off, which is default at 3.0 βολτ. Sometimes i like to set it at 3.2 just to keep it safe. You can set your running mode, the punch and the brake force and on the back here, there’s a parts list and then your exploded view diagram, sweet manual, guys transmitter pretty familiar. This is the tf 41, which i already have a couple from all my other kits and, όπως είπα και πριν., in my other videos, i love this transmitter. It feels really good and looks really good it’s, a very sexy, looking transmitter so overall i’m really happy about this and have tons of adjustments on here such as throttle and steering end point. It also have dual rate for the steering has throttle and steering trim for an rtr kit. I actually ranked this transmitter at the top before we check out the car let’s show you what’s in store. I bought another xpi micro, rs4 and a hobby plus 124 scale crawling. I got off banggood, they sell it under a different brand like ur uav, ή κάτι τέτοιο., but it’s still a hobby plus.

So this kit itself is actually really expensive. I do consider it on a pricier side for a two wheel: drive basher kit at this price point there’s a lot of options out there and you can actually get into the four wheel. Drive territory. Normally two wheel drives are a little more affordable than four wheel drive, but the street price on this is actually higher than the hpi bullet st flux, and that is a four wheel drive one with. Τούτου λεχθέντος, it still doesn’t stop me from buying this kit and here’s. My reason, because i have a hpi firestorm here and they discontinued recently, because the factory that produced this kit is no longer here and hpi is having issues sourcing parts for it. So they have to discontinue it, but getting parts for it will be a little bit tougher for me and i really like this car. This is my favorite stadium truck of all time, so i will be keeping it for a while, but i don’t want to bash it hard and i want to keep it in good shape, so i need something to replace it that’s why i bought this hpi st Jump shot, i also have a rustler stadium truck, but i do like having more options and another reason why i bought this, even though i consider it on the pricier side is because of hpi i’m a huge fan of hpi in the 90s. My first nitro car was hpi and most of their nitro touring.

Cars were so awesome back then, and that was a huge deal for me, because it reminds me a lot about my childhood and i wanted them to stay around and i still have a lot of hpi cars, so supporting them. Keeping them in business is good for the industry and it’s just good for everything and that’s. Why i bought another expiry product, not one, but two. The target has a really good feel to it. The wheels looks really good guys looks like it’s constructed, really tough and could take a pretty good beating so right off the bat you can see that the link on the top, which is the camber link, is actually beefier than the version one. So you can see it’s actually not as beefy as this one. Οπότε βασικά., the design is very similar servo’s in the same place, and the key points is, of course the electronics. This is the flux version. Έχει ένα 80 amp ese in there and, with this being a short course truck is a little bit longer and also with the monster truck. It has a shorter wheelbase than the shortcuts truck and the chassis on the monster truck instead of completely fat right here is kind of raised up a little to give it higher ground clearance. There are some screws here where you can actually adjust this whole portion and push it up forward to change the weight distribution. Νομίζω ότι είναι., pretty cool because gives you options to change the car’s handling in different situations, different surfaces, so the shocks looks to be very similar.

The plastic body is threaded, also a plastic cap, and speaking of that, i think at the price of this kit they could have at least put an aluminum on the cap, or maybe just aluminum body overall and that’s, just my opinion, guys we go to the back. We see a different gear cover. This is on the original one. Where you can see the slipper clutch is wide open and on the new one there’s a rubber seal right here that protects it from outside elements and it’s clear. So you can see what’s going on inside, which is really awesome. The cover looks like the firestorm, except that it’s not cleared on the firestorm one. So this is a very nice touch. It reminds me of my old nosy buggy, Γεια σας παιδιά, i’m really liking. The look of this, Νομίζω, with it being shorter than a shortcrust truck. It doesn’t look as weird, because once i put the body on the shortcuts truck there’s just way too many gaps over here and it just feels kind of weird, but with the stadium truck with the body closer to the chassis and it’s. Not as long it looks a little beefier just visually, it looks stronger. They are using a version 2 serum saver which hopefully is a lot stronger than this one, because i did break the silver saver before it comes with a 23 t pinion. I think on this one is either 17 Ή 19.

Αν θυμάμαι καλά, look in the back looks like there’s. Some leak fluid right here. I think it’s coming from the diff, the divs are oil filled and they changed it from the version one and two inside the gears on the version. One is more like a spur type. It has four pieces and it’s. I don’t believe it’s oil filled. So on this one, the gears inside are beveled. Επιπλέον, the gears are similar to the savage xs rs4 sport 3 and the bullet ranges so with that. I think they did a really good move, because this just lets parts flying out and now you can actually share the gears from different platforms and it’s good for me, because i own the sport 3 and also a savage access and a bullet and knowing that the Gears are interchangeable among those couple, cars is freaking awesome, και αυτή είναι η 4000 kv κινητήρα. Είναι ένα 540 motor which is also a 3650, and we have a steel dog bone i’m, not sure if they updated this, but it does seems really similar to the old one, but it’s not a bad thing, because i have no issues with the old one. I think hp did a good job upgrading some of the key components so i’m really happy that they actually beat this up. So now we can put a 3s in here, maybe in the future, when i’m brave enough i’ll, probably put 4s in here, Δεν κάνω, know we’ll see.

Let me show you the other side of the truck the battery is on the bottom. You just take the body clip out, pull this open and has a dense connector having the battery on the bottom is actually pretty cool because sometimes when you’re outside you don’t have to remove all four of the body clips. So now you just do one, which is a lot more convenient. This kit does come with four ball bearings. Look how smooth the wheels are just keep spinning and spinning and spinning before i end the video i just want to put it next to the rustler and the firestorm for you to see the firestorm from this angle. It does look like the first time rides. A little lower, this is a very sporty rc car, δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., pretty good on the track and also very good for bashing. So hopefully the jump shot can live up to that i’m, going to run the stock first, just to see how it feels like i might lower it in the future. But for now i’m, just running like that, looking at the chassis, you can tell there’s a huge difference in design, tdp and aluminum, although the firestorm is made of tons of plastic, but this guy is so strong. I’Ve had this for many years and i pretty much bash it pretty hard as hard as my other cars, and this one holds up really good and the only thing that i actually damaged on this is a bent.

Camber link nothing else, so it is a very tall order for the jump shot to match this guy, but i’m very hopeful because of all the improvement they did to this. I think it’s gon na be pretty good, possibly not as track worthy as the firestorm, but i am hopeful that good things will come out of this, so i can truly retire. This guy i’m really excited to take this out for a test run i’m gon na try to take it out today, i’m charging the battery right now so in my next video it’s going to come up really soon. Hopefully i could get it up in a couple hours: Ναι, είμαι., just really happy and excited about this it’s crazy i’ve been waiting for a long time for hp to toughen up this jump, shot and it’s. τελικά, here i like four year drive, but i also like running two wheel drives two wheel: drive buggies and stadium. Trucks has always been the place in my heart i’m saying that, because i have somebody commented on my other video with hpi and slash, i did a comparison of it and they’re asking me. Why would you even want to run two wheel, drive and here’s my answer? I am a hobbyist i enjoy playing rc cars. I like the feel of different setups. I just enjoy them all right guys. I just want to say thank you for watching again make sure you stay tuned because i will be taking this out shortly after i take a mean dump so until next time stay safe, peace out and stay awesome.