I just kind of want to talk to you about the super clodbuster uh. I just finished building this one up. Obviously i had a ton of fun doing it just kind of want to share that experience with you and share what the clodbuster means to me. Nwo. This truck came out and i think it was like 87, the original clodbuster, not the super claw, buster and uh. That was just a cool truck back then i mean i remember, seeing as a kid in the catalogs and just wanting one. It was massive. You know nowadays, we’ve got large scale vehicles, so many of them it doesn’t phase us anymore, but back then a big claw. Buster like this was just the coolest thing in the world to happen. I always wanted one and uh you know every year was on my christmas. Wish list never got one, but when i started working in a hobby store, i finally got my hands on a clodbuster and it had a sassy chassis on it. I’Ve mentioned this here on the channel before and it was just really cool. It was my prized possession. I think it was like 16 Ή 17 years old and while i was working at the hobby shop, it was on display and someone came in and offered me money for it and they offered me a lot of money for it. And i took it and it was probably one of the worst decisions i’ve ever made to sell that rc vehicle in in my life.

I i’ve regretted it every day since uh, but i i’ve won one since then and and i’ve driven some, but i never had one back in my collection again. Then i had a chance to get my hands on this super claude, the black edition here and from what i gather these things sold out like crazy. It was just a really cool version of the cloudbuster: they they have the superclaw buster, the blue one uh. We actually have one here for the channel that i’m going to do a retro build on um, but i had to have a stock one there’s, just something about having a stock clod uh. I don’t know whether it brings memories back for some people or whatever, but it’s a cool rc to have in your collection. Now the cloudbuster is a full buildup kit and that’s part of the fun. With this thing, Ξέρεις, when i open up the box, all you see is just parts trees that you have to cut the parts off of and big bags of hardware. I mean bags of hardware that weigh almost a couple of pounds. Ε, εάν, if you hold them all together, it’s just a cool experience to dig through the box for the first time check out all the parts you know smell the rubber from the tires uh. These big monster tires in the box. When you see that you just get amped about building the kit and then the body, the the you know, the the chevrolet style body, the original one had the the bowtie logo on there, the chevrolet logo on the back and everything uh.

But you know the newer super close. Obviously doesn’t have that they’ve got a 4×4 logo in the front, but this body itself has spawned so many builds and the cloudbuster itself has just spawned. So many different types of builds out there from motoron axle trucks uh. You know that are really capable crawlers. Just these incredible monster truck builds that people do and you can build a club buster, basically out of aftermarket parts that’s how you know: it’s really influenced our hobby and the other day. I put this truck on our social media and someone said well: it doesn’t look, really scaling it. It does look scale. Πραγματικά, the body you know for the era that it was built in was very scale and nowadays no maybe it’s, όχι. Ξέρεις, like the super scale truck, but i mean back then that’s that’s. What really got people going into modeling and building and wanting to create something special, something realistic, even uh with this truck it just did so many things for all different types of modelers out there, Αλλά, like i said you know, the body here is just very cool. It’S a hard abs plastici just painted this one with black. Just one can of black just hit it and you know i’m going to drive this thing. I want to drive this thing so if it gets scratched up i’m not going to complain about it, not going to be too worried about it, but you could go wild and you know really detail this thing out to make it look even more incredible with the Paintwork and everything, but you know with the super claw buster black editionthey give you these chrome decals, which is really awesome.

Chrome, grille, the chrome, roll bar with the the lights on top the chrome bumpers. Just looks awesome for those of us again who have been in the hobby forever and i i think it still appeals to people that are getting into the hobby today. We’Ve got these dark chrome colored wheels on here for the black edition, and then you know, it’s peeking out from the front rear the red bumpers, the red shocks. The shocks are just friction: shocks yeah. They they bounce around a little bit. It’S part of the driving fun of this truck, but again you know all of it. Tied together really looks awesome. Now the big deal with this truck is the motor on axle. So we’ve got uh two axles front rear, obviously each with their own motor and again that’s. What really spawned a lot of builds out there and in stock form. These these axles are pretty bulletproof and you can actually put some power to them as well and they will hold up there’s plastic gears inside now. One thing with tamiya vehicles, as many of you know there aren’t any bearings in the kit, and i actually built this one up with the factory bushings, because i just want that full experience of just building a stock to meet a truck and and most likely it’s Going to sit most of its life on on the wall here in the workshop i’ll take it out here and there and it won’t, really wear out the bushings.

I made sure to grease them really well, but of course you go get ball. Bearings yourself, ομάδα, fast eddie bearings, has a full set to me. It has bearings as well, but when you’re building up the transmission, just a quick tip for you guys make sure you pay attention uh to assembling them, there’s a little nut inside. That goes into one of the slots and there’s, actually a spacer inside one of the gears that has to go in so make sure you follow the directions to a t and i’m telling you that, because i forgot that spacer, so i had to go. Take everything apart, but it was so much fun to build the chassis on here. Uh is the tamiya plastic. The battery sits in the center since it’s a super claw, buster there’s a little tweaks like you know, we don’t have the mechanical speed controller anymore. That came with the original clod. They do give you a speed controller with this one that is capable of handling both of the motors uh and again they’re, Teh 540 mabuchi motors in there, but one steering servo in the center controls both front and rear wheels. So it’s a four wheel steer truck, which is very cool and it needs it needs it, especially if you run a standard servo in there like we did way back in the late 80s early 90s. All we had were standard styles that had like 40 ounce. Inches of torque barely moved the wheels, but we still had fun with the truck anyway.

But again the big experience here is building it up uh. Every time i i’ve seen people talk about this truck. They have so much fun building it and then you know when you go out and drive it, you just got a smile from ear to ear and if you want to go ahead, detail the body i mean that could take you days and you just enjoy painting It up the way you want it to look to me. I mean they really created something special here again, it’s an icon in the industry. If you go find someone on the street and say: do you know anybody with an rc car, είναι, probably going to say yeah? I know a guy that has a clod buster. I mean that’s. How popular this truck is. So if you’re still able to find one of these, one of the black editions, i’d say grab it because they’re just a cool collector’s kit to have there is a possibility that to me it will do another run. It may not be anytime soon. Έτσι και πάλι, if you find one and and you’ve been you know, kind of thinking about having a clod in your collection now would be the time to grab it but uh. I can’t wait to drive this thing uh. It took me a few weeks to build it up again. I wanted the experience i just built it up here and there and now i need to go.

Get this thing dirty so let’s head outside and have some fun with this super clodbuster. So so so speak. So so so so me all right, it’s time to wheel the clot around. While i talk about the driveand this spot right herethat i picked, Νομίζω, is the best spot for this truck in this entire park, because it’s just rough terrain, δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., no big jumps there’s not going to be a lot of speed here. But this is the perfect terrain for a clodbuster just having fun with it. It really just brings me back to when i first started in rc and uh i actually drove at this track. There was an rc track here and uh guys were just driving their clod busters around in the parking lot on the track hitting just rough terrain like this and it this is bringing me back right now to that fun i mean you just hear the driveline chirping On this thing, it’s bouncing around the body’s rattling it’s, not fast, but there’s, just something about it. I could just sit here all day and just go over these bumps and ruts and stuff. It is so much fun and if you, if you started back in the 80s early 90s, i mean you know the quad was huge. Then people wanted to have a clodbuster and uh. Αυτό είναι, αυτό είναι., really just bringing me back right now. Look at those wheels just bouncing around that servo savers, maxing out it’s, just so funny to watch it’s, fun that’s.

I no, i hope, i’m explaining it right because it’s just this cool driving experience that you get from a tamiya vehicle. Although a little wheelie action there, man i’m a little nervous, though i mean i don’twant to roll it and it’s been a couple times where i almost rolled up. Ω, i just got it muddy. This adds to the fun factor of it, but uh yeah. I haven’t rolled it yet so i don’t want to roll it. I want to scratch this thing. I want it to look good i’m cool with the dirt and the dust and the mud i don’t want scratches on it. Look at that here, let’s i’ll do a full throttle run for you guys just so you can see how fast it is. You saw in the action portion before, but there it is that’s maxed out that’s full throttle out of the box. I’Ve got a 2s lipo battery uh just wedged in there, and this thing look at that bouncing around the clodbuster. I mean that’s. Why that’s why? This thing is so popular why people have modified it because it’s just this truck that brings excitement. Rc excitement to you from the build all the way to the drive. This thing is cool can’t, wait to build my retro quad that’s gon na be a lot of fun. I’Ll hit up the race scene with that, Νομίζω, but this for the backyard bounce around dirt, it’s rad all right, Παιδιά, Ας, head back to the workshop and wrap up the video.

So after watching that action segment, i bet there’s a bunch of people out there right now, just reliving some really good memories. Maybe you drove a clod buster. Maybe you saw someone drive a clod buster. Maybe you just built one and put it on the shelf and you’re just thinking to yourself wow that was cool to watch, and then i bet you there’s some people that are thinking. What did i just watch? What was that all about? Ναι, the clodbuster is a classic rc vehicle. It doesn’t handle like today’s modern vehicles, but back then, when this vehicle was released, Αυτό είναι, what we drove that’s, what we learned to drive that’s what we had fun just wheeling around whether it was in the backyard or at the local park and some dirt. It was just a fun truck. You know this monster sized vehicle, Στη συνέχεια, was something everybody wanted to have, and i think people still want it today, Αυτό είναι. Why to me keeps releasing the clodbuster people love this truck out there in the field. I was fighting the steering just trying to get it to turn hammering on the throttle, almost always just to get some speed out of it, going reverse to forward to get a little bit of wheelie action, and just you know, finding some sort of lip on a Jump just to get a little air under the wheels to me. That was just a lot of fun and again i was reliving the past.

Just when i got into rc seeing this truck drive around. It was finally cool to have one on my own again and just say you know what i’m just gon na relax and have fun and after the camera was off. I continued to drive this thing. I just sat in the back of my jeep and i just drove it around. The parking lot kicking up, dirt kicking up rocks and it was just so much fun and now for those of you that are new. That found this video because you were looking for a monster truck to check out. You know this is a great truck to turn into a retro class build and in fact, i’ve got a another super cloth kit back there that i’m going to build up on this channel with the j concepts, chassis and a bunch of parts. But the solid axle monster truck segment is an awesome segment to get into again whether you’re just building something for fun building something to race in a racing class, or you just want to experience what we experienced in the past. You just want to deep dive into rc. This truck will definitely bring you there. I had a lot of fun with this to me at cloudbuster and it’s, probably going to go on the shelf. I again i had i sold one in the past, i’ve regretted it ever since, and this thing is kind of just going to be a shelf clean.

I might run it here and there, but uh it’s, just really something i wanted to have in my collection, and i bet you there’s a lot of other people that want it in their collection as well. All right guys hope you just enjoyed my fun time with the super club buster black edition, if you haven’t done so yet. Please click that subscribe button and the notifications bell.