Rc here you guys are probably thinking. Oh it’s toy grade it’s, not hobby grade or anything like that, but I’m actually going to make it hobby grade. I found it in the dump. I was like brand new, mainly what I wanted it for was the body to put on my scx10, but it didn’t really fit on the SD x10, γι' αυτό είμαι., just gon na leave it on here and I’m just going to basically make this a hobby grade. Car it’s, actually probably one of the better new bright our seats I’ve ever seen. I mean they’re, δεν είναι το καλύτερο, because they’re toy grade right, but so basically all I’m going to be doing is I had to slang around as well. I gave away one of these in the last video and I just had an extra one lying around so I’m, going to be putting an XL 5 εδώ μέσα.. This thing’s, actually four wheel drive its motor on axle, so there’s a motor up front here there. Πραγματικά, this motor at the rear here in the motor at the front and then here’s your basic electronics, all that’s, going to be coming out and you’re, putting this XL 5 in routing it in parallel to each motor off of there and because there’s two motor leads Right so I’ll be putting them on the same one and I’m just basically also I’m doing with this is just putting in the cheapest electronics that I got just to make it work like a hobby grade car so yeah.

I got this HP IRF one receiver it’s just anand I got this onyx 6 cell battery pack here – δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., not bad it’s, pretty good battery pack. It works good for what I use it’s a two thousand milliamp hour to 7.2 volt nickel metal hydride and they got this HP. I SF one servo so like I said this is just a cheapest stuff that I got so I’m going to make it work because all the basic stuff this is it actually has articulation, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε εδώ, has some articulation it’s got Center suspension as you Can see there as well and we’ll take a look at the bottom here. Βασικά, this is where the several mounting is, as you can see in there, I’ll be putting the servo right where that arms moving and trying to mod that or whatever it’s actually got a link steering system like the SS 10, οπότε αυτό είναι πολύ ωραίο.. That should be easy to mod and career it’s. Just simple stuff. These tires are: Εντάξει, είναι, actually pretty soft, so I’m going to start ripping this stuff out and update you guys on the next part of it.