The traxxas x maxx just look at the size of this box. Here i can barely reach my arm all the way across it. I didn’t stop there. I picked up two 4s lipo batteries, we’re going to be sending all but 30 volts for this truck should provide plenty of power, and we got two sets of paddle tires here to go on the truck. We got some snow on the ground. Οπότε ναι., there was quite an investment here i mean the truck runs about 950. The lipo batteries run about almost 300, and these paddle tires. You can probably put new tires on your real car for what these here cost too. But in my mind, all i can think about is the snow flying through the air and this truck skipping across the ground going 50 mile an hour and that’s the kind of fun that you have to be thinking about when you walk out of the hobby shop With all this, underneath your arm so let’s get started. Let’S get this truck out of the box and have some fun. So before we pull the truck out of the box, you guys know i like to look around the box to see what you’re going to get yourself into before purchasing something like this. Στο μπροστινό μέρος του κουτιού. We have xmax, we have a picture of the truck and we got 8s 50 plus mile an hour so that kind of gets you pumped up right off the bat on the side of the box.

It really doesn’t tell you a whole lot. It really doesn’t have to either and we’ve got a big picture of an x max and guess what actual size. This is how big this truck is going to be on the end of the box, a nice picture of the truck, and it has a couple different colors that you can get the truck in there’s, a red, πορτοκάλι, green and blue and dark blue. Well there’s. A white dot over the red one, so hopefully there’s a red truck inside this box. The side of the box has a lot of helpful information. Shows you the features of the truck even has a size comparison of the x maxx versus the stampede. You can see really how much bigger the x max is over say, like the stampede. Has a self writing feature. So if the truck gets up on its roof press and hold a button, it’ll flip it right back on all four tires again. We’Ll get more into that aluminum shocks, Αδιάβροχο, electronics and over on the far side is a picture of the chassis. Then we have a pitch of the vxl electronic speed controller, which is capable up to 30 plus volts 8s lipo power drive train system, a dual fan cooled motor and a wheelie bar. So i consider this side of the box. Pretty important does have a picture of the transmitter and the speed controller, but in this small paragraph right here tells you that the lipo batteries and charger are sold separately.

Και τέλος, the moment i’ve been waiting for is getting this thing out of the box. So let’s get the tape, cut and open it up. Μουσική. Εντάξει, let’s get this thing out of the box. Phew whoa! You can see i’m gon na run out of room real quick here. Let’S move the box around i’m gon na need a bigger house. Wow. Εντάξει, we got our transmitter right on top Music let’s open up the sides here, i guess a little different than our normal unboxing. Definitely this thing is big. Let’S get the cardboard out of the way get it set up on the table here. So i can show you guys a little bit better what’s going on get the book out of the way. This thing really is just so impressive, so let’s get the plastic off. We do that by undoing the latch on the back, so we can remove the body we’ll flip that up lift the body off. Take the plastic off wow, δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζω., cool i’m. Definitely a fan of red and this thing looks sweet wow. You can see what the roll cage looks underneath there, the new uh locking body latch system that traxxas has that’s pretty cool, no more pins the front tab slides into the chassis feels pretty heavy duty and looks great next. We take a closer look at this chassis and everything is just huge. Θέλω να πω, είναι., λες και δεν ξέρω., even know five wrenches big enough to work on this thing.

Look at the tie, straps that are used to hold down the the suspension parts. These things are humongous too. All right looks like we have to cut open the tie straps next we’ll. Do that got a pair of scissors here, we’re just going to cut them. Well that moved that right up in the air didn’t it cut. These tie, straps out of the way here, springs right up guys, i’m in all i’m. Amazed at how big this thing is the shocks they’re the size of my fist. The springs are humongous the adjusters. On top of the shocks you can grab, i’ll hold them with your hand and actually turn them it’s, not a fine adjustment. I mean you are moving that to adjust the shocks. This thing is just so well built. If we look at the top of it and see what it looks like from the top, if we look at the bottom, it looks like one big giant, skid plate. These a arms are huge. I can’t even imagine breaking these things, although i’m sure i probably will eventually now we’ll take a closer look at everything. On top of the chassis, we have the dual fan: Ψύχεται: Κινητήρα, a heavy duty; aluminum heat sink wrapping around the motor two connectors for your lipo batteries, traxxas vxl, 8s speed controller receiver and a big servo up on the front and everything connected to that on the Steering looks heavy duty on each side of the chassis.

You have two battery hold downs. Push these tabs outward lift that up slide your battery down into place and then you’ll fold, this back down and snap that back in there and that will hold your battery down on each side. Nwo, we’ll take a look at the back of the chest. You have your wheelie bar with your wheels, the aluminum shocks. The springs are steel, the adjusters are plastic, the top of the shocks are plastic, the a arms are also plastic and the drive shafts are steel. The differential rear housings on the front and rear are plastic. Nwo, if we take a look at the front of the chassis, we can see the front. Bumper does look heavy duty and everything is constructed the same way as the rear of the car. The bottom of the chest is really not a whole lot to look at. You can see the a arms and you can see everything just looks like one big giant skid plate, but it looks like some pieces are removable. You can separate the rear from the center of the chassis or the front from the center of the chassis. Ας. Now be using this heavy duty, lug wrench here we’ll be taking off the tires. We’Ll be mounting up. The paddle tires from traxxas that’s part number 7773. I think we’re gon na need this for the deep snow today. So let’s get these mounted up. So we can get this thing outside in the snow and play around with it.

Υπάρχει., not a big difference in size between the stock tires and the paddle tires. You can see they’re about the same width about the same height, but there should be a lot more grip in the snow. With these paddle tires. This thing looks like an absolute beast. With these paddle tires all mounted up ready to go here. This ought to be great out in the snow. Now all we have to do is get our two lipo batteries in place and put the body on we’re ready. So you want to do some research on your batteries before you run out and spend all that money. If you’re going to stick all traxxas, you can get the traxxas lipo batteries and you can get the traxxas id charger. That seems to work just fine, i own both already. I already have a hobby grade charger, so i decided to go with the power hobby. 8100C. 14.8 volt lipo battery it’s a 4s. I got two of those we’re gon na be installing those in the truck. You have to be careful. You are dealing with quite a bit of voltage. So when plugging this together, you want to match up the red wire with the red wire on your asc, and you can also look real close on the plug, θα, see plus and a minus, and on this side here, you’ll see plus and a minus just match. Those up plug that together on this side here, both the wires, are black, so it’s kind of misleading just make sure that you line up the plus and the plus and the minus and the minus and you’ll be fine and then we’re ready to go next.

We’Ll open up the box with the transmitter just cut this right here across the top like that, and you have your tq top qualifier traxxas 2.4 gigahertz transmitter it’s got simple controls. It’S a two channel radio has a menu button. A set button has a steering trim. Knob also has a multi function, knob, which will control your tsm that’s traxxas stability management system. So if your truck is sliding back and forth on ice or say muddy or loose dirt conditions, you can adjust this knob right here, so it dries nice and straight under full throttle the back of the transmitter. You have an on off switch. You have a steering wheel, steering it to the right will turn the truck to the right. Steering it to the left will steer the truck to the left, underneath that you have a throttle. Control pulling that trigger toward the handle will move the truck forward full throttle, pushing it forward, we’ll put on the brake, pushing it forward again: we’ll move the truck in reverse and at the bottom of the transmitter, is your battery door just slide that over to the Side and you will need to provide four double a batteries, we’ll install them into the transmitter, and if you turn on the power switch you’ll see you got a green led light, always turn the transmitter on before you turn the truck on and we’ll give everything a Simple test before we take everything outside we’ll turn our transmitter on next we’ll turn on the truck and right on top of your esc is a button press.

The button see some red lights and then a green light. You guys can see that down there. Then you can test your steering turn the wheel to the left and the right and just slightly touch the throttle just to make sure everything’s working there before we beat it up out there in the snow. We’Ll just take one more look at it. Άνδρας. This thing looks so cool love the color now we’re ready to go out and have some fun Music. As long as you got it rolling it’s like rolling right on top of water. Look at that thing. Go Music man wow, τόσο πολλή δύναμη, snow’s soft walking around about 10 inches of snow. This thing’s just eating it right, Μουσική, up, ουάου αυτό είναι! All you can say, is wow that thing’s doing about 30 mile an hour across this snow out there we’re gon na gap. This section right here here he comes Music, see if x, maxx can clear it ready, έτοιμος, Μουσική. Oh all right so now, we’re going to use the gnss performance analyzer here and see. How fast is we already ran like about a half an hour through the batteries, so it’s not going to be top speed, but it’ll give us an idea, especially with the paddles on the road here all right. Ας, do uh start on track all right, he’s going to take a run, watch all right, bring her on back Music wow, quick it’s, Γρήγορη 35 mile an hour with the paddle tires on, and we already ran at least about a half an hour through the truck.

Οπότε, ναι., so i mean this thing: is quick and plus we’re about below freezing a little bit below freezing out here, right for sure, yeah all right! Τρομερό, cool cool test 35 mile an hour with the paddle tires on wow yo. What do you think of that? Άνθρωπος φορτηγών, that thing is sick, Ναι, it isn’t it yeah when you’re a kid and you’re thinking about going across the snow with an rc vehicle, and you take one out there and totally lets you down this isn’t. The case is it. This is not the case. I couldn’t have dreamt that it was this good yeah. It still is mean it is awesome, Γεια! Thank you for driving the truck today dave. We had a great time yup, so shooting video 100 was awesome. This is now my favorite new rc truck. We took this truck out of the box, ran it across the field that had snow 10 inches deep. It left a 2 inch deep track as it’s going across the field at 40 μίλι την ώρα, we hit a snow bank all but cleared a road that was 30 πόδια ευρύ, while the truck was eight feet in the air. I got home pulled the body off. Everything was packed with snow, i got it all cleared out. I looked for broken parts and guess what there was no broken parts, not even a scratch on the body. I got lucky there, but this met all my expectations of, in my mind, thinking about a truck flying across a field like that in deep snow, the snow flying with the paddle tires.

It was just incredible. I love this truck it’s awesome. So please subscribe to my channel. I hope you guys really enjoyed this video don’t forget to hit the like button and you can also join my facebook group that’s.