The weather feels great it’s a little bit of a nip in the air, so it’s not gon na, be super hot we’ve seen, but the sun will be out drying up the landy and we’ll see how it how it goes, but uh i predict it’s gon na, Be an awesome awesome day: Εντάξει, hey what is up you guys from out on the trail here day, two uste, what an awesome day it’s been so far, uh started out with the show and shine for the vintage r seeds, monster trucks and mega trucks and uh Awesome enough, the bigfoot 11 won the best of show for the shafty class of monster truck, οπότε αυτό είναι φοβερό., freestyle, Rc, zei, Όμορφο, beautiful truck that they built um and uh. Ευχαριστώ. Joshua for hooking me up last minute with a bigfoot body to put on it. You are a champ man, αλλά ναι, εεε, so that thing was looking good and beautiful truck out here. Did some racing did first in the first qualifier got hung up in the second one, είμαστε., not racing for anything but pride and uh. So i think i was second or third in the actual final event, but didn’t really matter it’s for fun. It was just banging into each other on this tiny little course super fun and uh yeah. So then we did mud trucks uh. But before that i went on the trail with the guys from operation 11, charlie and man.

That was a blast to see those guys out on the trail for the first time with their brand new rc’s super cool and they were loving it having a blast. So it’s been an awesome event, i mean rob and the crew has put on just an amazing event and they should be very proud of what they’ve built here and so i’m really excited about it. I hope to come back next year. Hopefully it just keeps growing, it sounds like it just keeps on growing and growing uh. They got semi trucks. All that that’ll be on show tomorrow, big air bashing lots of stuff. Coming guys. I hear some semi trucks rolling up right now, but um awesome event. Awesome day, thank you to dixieland rc. For being one of the sponsors. I won. One of the uh prizes from them scale goodies in a stand, so that’s awesome anyway, guys have fun, rc and we’ll catch you next time. Εντάξει, welcome! Uh two go. I can’t believe. Ω, i need to get a battle come on eleven charlie i’m. Here doing it the hard way jimmy just holding strong there. It is now that was perfect. Um right right so is that’s. Why we’re here, oh yeah there it is, that was wicked.