ΕΜΕΊΣ ΕΠΙΝΌΗΣΕ ένα φορτηγό-πλύσιμο στο μάθημα στο λασπωμένο κατωφλιών μονοπάτι 4 X 4! | RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕΣ

I SURE DO LOVE BEING A DAD! Maurice is 5.5 years previous, and is changing into lethal on the yard path course! Immediately, he’s utilizing his Traxxas "TRX4" Sport truck ( ) to wheel his option to right into a newly put in Truck Wash! This truck wash I featured final yr ( ) is tremendous easy to make and solely price me about $25 to make.. so very easy! To up the strain for this video, I put in a 800gph pump right into a small gap I lined with rubber. I crammed it with water, made a rapid construction to help the rocks, and have the truckwash re-circulate the water by Pumping it up, and having it fall again down on itself. Actually easy! The battery is a deep cycle wheel chair, or small machine 12v.

It doesnt take a lot to assemble a yard path park.. as I point out on this movie I’ve made smaller ones. Right here is an instance video: (Maurice was solely 6 Months previous then!) How far he has are available in 5 years of being round this pastime.

WE WOULD LIKE YOU TO LEAVE A COMMENT for Maurice!! Let him understand how good he’s doing.. so in future years when he seems to be again.. he’ll see we acquired his again!


It doesn't take a lot to be a very good Dad.. simply have an understanding that children are folks too..

Hear, Encourage.. Educate, and permit them to show you too

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