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Try this RC Automobile right here: HTTPS://tinyurl.com/yxvcjvrh
It’s unhappy when RC Automobile racing goes dangerous as a result of the rc truck has one thing fallacious with it proper out of the field. 🙁
What do you assume is fallacious with our RC automobile? Tell us your prognosis within the feedback under. Additionally, you’ll want to take a look at another pace check linked under:

JLB Racing J3Speed Pace Check: HTTPS://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=NPJgWJE0J64

JLB Bacing 21101 Pace Check: HTTPS://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=iOlsBx2a0r4&t=53s

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34 Παρατηρήσεις
  1. You should tell the speed in kilometers and miles per hour.

  2. after everyone has stopped telling you to tighten the slipper clutch nut, and yes everyone knows why its making noise, ill tell you why and how to repair it so it doesnt keep loosening up every 10 mins. remove the slipper nut, place a drop of medium blue loctite threadlocker on the threads or inside the nut, even if it had a nylon locknut already, tighten it down wait 60 mins then test truck and loosen the slipper till it slips 6inches on full throttle. after 30 ή 40 runs the slipper will have to be adjusted due to normal material wear. and yes i know your not racers, just testers, but now ya know.

  3. As always guys; Left click and thanks! 👍

  4. Adjust the motor mount mabey but try the slipper clutch first

  5. Loving this one thanks for sharing very important information giving thanks blessed love to all knowledge is power hopefully everyone pays attention keep up the good work lol she's a better driver than you

  6. Looks like you got schooled on that one. Lots of experienced RC people out there. Thats good. Its nice to have a well knowlaged group of people out there to help out. Now you can find the issue and correct it. I agree with most of them.

  7. This is the older style of tenth scale racing trucks with the wheels outside of the body except this one is all wheel drive. Really neat

  8. awesome video guys me and my daughter love watching your show shes got me making a youtube channel now nothing as good as you but I just purchased a heavy modded traxxas x01 on 8s!!!! cant wait get it uploaded you guys are great and have got my daughter into rc hobby big time to gives me even more daddy daughter time love it !!!!

  9. Wow, a lot of comments about a slipper clutch. Which makes sense, when the noise happens when the wheels have resistance. Μεγάλη βίντεο & speed test! Take care! JP

  10. U guys should try the ecx torment. It's a great truck and lots of fun 🙂

  11. I'm sorry for putting the wrong review on the yellow pick up truck but I wanted too thank you the actual one the yellow truck just wanted to thank too you for telling us about the vehicle that you and abby and amelia let's not forget popeye on not here too sugar coat things thanks to you all given it a second chance maybe some truck grease on all the couplings on the vehicle it might get it quieting it down I look forward to your second review ont the truck car what ever they call it thanks for all your hard work and your time you put in all your reviews thanks again Michael Holden said that

  12. You are here to tell the truth I like that you are great people I luv the way you're doing the right thing you and abby are here to tell the truth not sugarcoat coat things I like that we and the people are here behind things it does make a funny type noise idont no it might sound better out sounding better if gear the front end back better if you grease the front end back with axle grease things you are great people bye giving it a second chance because it is such a low price on the the car we and the people are looking forward to the follow up on the truck or car great videos to me on being the the nicest people on the videos on being honest as can be I like that are here just wanted too thank you again for videos you bring to us again Nate and abby and amelia and let's not forget popeye

  13. +10 bonus points for the sweet Bob's Burgers shirt!

  14. ZD racing makes some great products! I love my ZD racing Thunder 4×4 truck that you guys tried and recommended. That truck is loads of fun and a great basher with tons of power!

  15. I like what Bryan BryanT said. Could you do a video on that?

  16. Keep these coming please. Love yur vids!! You guyz are AWESOME. May need a little tighting/loosening? I'm still learning myself. Your veteran viewers will help. Get this out again, Ναι. Ευχαριστώ.

  17. Another thing be for running an rc vehicle like that you should always check the gear mesh before running it the first time they're not always set right

  18. Noice!

    If it made 45-47K i'd say it's ok to put 50…..but anything below 45 just won't cut it!
    Why do companies insist on those practices?

    With that big open space it does make the vehicle look really slow….but i think sound does make a difference in speed and that just did not sound fast enough

  19. This is a very cheap copy of the Lrp s10 blast tx2

  20. I don’t like it no metal parts looks like one crash and it’s done for nice review though

  21. Could be gears not making proper contact

  22. Slipper clutch !! If not not then slippy diff, Only under load .
    The truck has a blatant whiff of FTX Carnage about it , and it’s No cheaper either and at Least in UK at least the parts for the FTX are easily available and cheap.
    But you failed to mention the quilt quality of this rc. To be honest it looks cheaper than it costs .

  23. If it doesn't have a slipper clutch I'd check gear mesh seemed a little tight to me anyway keep up the great content!

  24. hey guys can you review the Maverick straddling brushless cars I love your vids

  25. The promblem your having is with the slipper clutch
    It is loose
    I have this promblem with mine

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