This rc car, the four oh one wltoys124019, so lets get out of the box. As you can see on the box, λέει 55 kilometers an hour which i believe is roughly 37 μίλια ανά ώρα. So in the box we have these two to justand here we have everything needed to get started so in here, weve got some instructions and then in here we also have this tool to take off wheels and to do some adjustments, and we also have this Charger, so all you do is plug this into a usb port, and then you plug the battery into there. So lets take out the steering wheel as you can see its not the biggest, but that is not always a bad thing. Sometimes you want it to be small because you can drive them one handed and its quite nice. You know quite nice feel it requires four w double a batteries which are needed to run the car so now were getting out the car, and this looks amazing. I havent seen it yet in real life, but just check it out. That is actually amazing. Ξέρεις, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, the springs, Ωραία, nice and soft suspensions. Very good, πολύ μαλακό. As you can see everything, it may look plastic here, but everything here is metal. Apart from the body shell down the sides, weve got some plastic with reinforced metal chassis. These are almost unbreakable ive had so lets.

Take off the body shell and check out inside so nice little body, Κέλυφος, you can get custom body shots which ill leave a link to in the bio um in here it comes with a battery which i believe is a lipo, maybe a two cell. So its quite small, Ξέρεις, όπως έλεγα, with this charger you plug this into there, then into a usb and that charges. Επίσης στο κουτί. It comes with another two batteries. It depends which one youre buying you can buy. Two batteries or you can buy three batteries. I brought the free battery one because its probably better, as you can see the box isnt the biggest you can adjust it, but normal lipos may not fit in this size. So you need to buy these special batteries. That will fit unless you adjust it, which i will do in a future video, probably so, the three batteries all 2200 μαχ 7.4 βολτ, so that is equivalent to 6600 μαχ. All of this, which is quite a lot of running time, either 5000 mh mah in my ftx bonsai and that lasts for ages at least an hour which is very good for an rc car, so to strap the body the uh battery into the car. All you do wrap it around this. It goes in there. So its quite quick, quite easy. You got this connector, as you can see now lets look at the main stuff, as you can see a giant motor for a 112 rc αυτοκίνητο.

This is the size. Thatll go on a 110, so i suspect, itll be very fast, very small servo, but it feels very nice, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, ev the receiver is in here and the um speed controller are connected, so you cant get custom controllers as it is. You might need to do some upgrades uh its not really much more to say you know, as you can see its got this very nice car overall, so lets plug it in and rev it up. So battery just connects here like this together like that, and then we simply unstrap that slightly then we just put in slightly im going properly yeah thats just my fault, my error. It is an awesome. Looking car and ive seen people get a hundred miles per hour of these after upgrades, so im gon na leave a link in the bio slash description to where you can get this off. This is off banggood and its roughly 110 Λίρες, όπως είπα και, ill leave. A link in the description so now its plugged in we can go ahead and press this red button, and now its turned on now were just going to leave it like this. So now because were not going to drive it turn on the controller. Εδώ. Remember four: double a batteries and now lets rev it up wow for a 112 Αυτοκίνητο. This is going to absolutely fly. It looks amazing and, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, the power is amazing.

On this car i dont want to dent the table, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, on the wheels very nice little design can unkill these got these covers on them. So now we can just check out this so just undo it simply like this. So lets put these body shards clips back on just put it in the box for a second and lets check out what it says on the box, so it can be used on the mountains these on rocks deserts and off roads. You can also use it on roads, maybe not the best tyres to use, but pretty decent, so its obviously electric and you can do 55 kilometers an hour shock absorbers. You know its a proper hobby grade, rc car theres some instructions on the back for everything now lets put you in close to detail of this car. So, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε τους άντρες, this is absolutely awesome. Looking i mean just check out these shocks: thats just the noise of um, some plastic, but i mean there. It looks awesome for the price. This is probably one of the best cars you can get. You know its cheap and its fast and, Σημαντικότερο, its fun to drive. Καλά, it looks at least i mean just check out the size of this motor, its absolutely massive for a 1 12 scale car. I cant stop looking at it. I mean yeah, like i was saying with this battery. As you can see this space, you can probably unscrew this uh here and you can probably move this or make it bigger, potentially or you could probably just remove.

It depends up to you, Φυσικά, like i said this is a hobby thats completely up to you, what you choose to do with your rc car, έτσι αφήνει, take it out for a test, drive and then were gon na have some fun. Εντάξει, so were now on location, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, and now lets give it a whip. So weve got the stock battery in and uh weve already got stuck its how bad drivingi am so ive already driven it before actually recording this second part, and i mean i sort of crashed it. I damaged the front, but its completely fine, just over jumps. I got ta be careful, so i mean the speed of this. Considering were on. Oh no considering were on this like thick grass, its also quite wet today, considering that the uh conditions are like this, its actually pretty amazing how fast it is on here. Χειροκροτήματα, i mean just check out the speed of that i mean its a really fun car to drive, obviously its not similar to my short course truck or a crawler, so it cant go off road as well. Όπως γνωρίζετε, some cars could over rocks. I bet this thing is absolutely amazing. Same with grass to be honest, ive got stuck again. Im used to this sort of other drift cars or short course is what im used to never really driven a rc buggy before and ive flipped it again.

Όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, it is so muddy out here. Its almost like crueler conditions so were gon na find another area to drive this and see what its all about. Εντάξει, so found some flatter grass. Now one thing ive noticed that is that the motor is getting really hot, and that is not a problem because with these wltoys once it heats up, it will just stop the motor if it gets too hot. So it wont completely burn out the motor, so ive added this this like ventilation, so some air can get in into the motor im gon na. You may need to buy a fan for this for this motor and um Music, because sorry, i just got attacked by a dog. Καλά, the car did at least um now were back no dogs around. Δεν νομίζω, like i was saying you may need to buy fan for the motor, because i mean, if you look underneath its literally just the motor, so you may need to buy some of that ive seen people everyones literally got it so theyre quite cheap, Though, like five pounds, maybe ill leave a link to one in the description which someone on facebook recommended to me so now lets take it out for a whip. I mean its quite fast. Ξέρεις 410 Λίρες. Oh dont, Ω, θεέ μου. I rolled it for 110 Λίρες, though this car is so good. I mean you can get it off banggood and you can potentially get off ebay like i said ill leave.

A description leave a link in the description. Imagine if we had the crawler. Sadly, this car is not actually waterproof, so we couldnt take it in here, but that is deep, Νομίζω, Ναι. Imagine if we had to crawl it like a trx for this waterproof. That would be amazing. Kevin talbot would love that right. Carls back lets go for a speedbag, so on the box it says 34 μίλια ανά ώρα, which is pretty fast, ive also heard people say: theyve got 37 38. So around that speed, both very fast. You know for the price. You know this is probably one of the best cars you can get so now lets take it on to some sand and maybe some tarmac okay. So we found a location with a long straight. Cars do come down here, though so ive got to be careful. I aint one car in like five minutes, so just make sure that no cars coming but forgot to switch it on is pretty cool. Για να είμαι ειλικρινής, its not like boiling now because ive been walking for quite a bit now, because you know we needed to just save on some battery Applause. So just waiting for one car to go. Leaving this car park then weaken and drive. So weve put a fresh battery in there fully fully charged. So oh we flipped it. Okay were all good to go now so lets. Take it down just check no cars so fast kept quite impressive.

Εννοώ, Νομίζω, its very light, which may be a problem. You know you may want it to be slightly lighter for really like speed runs, or you just really want it more on the ground more. If youre really like going to convert into a drag car just checkand i track it againthat is fast. You know basically, a couple of days ago i was driving it and this sort of just popped out and i kind of broke it. You know its really cheap part. You know cheap to fix. All you need to do is pop it back in gon na. Do that off camera because it only takes like 10 seconds need to need to apply some force, though right back now, lets put it back onto the road.