Oh I’ve been waiting for this so last year me and my little brother got racing cars. So this was my one but like as soon as I started. Driving it started doing donuts and also the adjuster fell off, so we can’t adjust it. So we called them and got a refund, but I got a new one it’s right here, so I guess I could open it right now. So here’s a scissors. Ok! So here it is here’s the x knight its 118 scale and it goes 20kms an hour. So I guess let’s open it aww. I think I might know really hard to take out yep. It actually looks really cool. Ok, lets try and cut here’s the controller. The batteris go right here: screws there, so yeah gon na turn it around so I’m, actually left handed or not right. So I might change this. Actually I think I’ll be able to do it like that yeah. So yeah here it is. I’m gon na see if I can get the car out. Ok, yea, so car right here. Alright! So here is the X Knight, it’s, an awesome design and I love the orange but let’s take a closer look. The wheels are really grippy and it’s, actually quite soft, and I think that’s a good thing. Also. It doesn’t have that much suspension, so I wouldn’t put it offroad that much. I think the charger is right in this box right here. This is a USB connection and it doesn’t look like it comes with a plug, so I’ll just use mine for my iPad, but we have to get the battery out.

Okay, so its out yoink, so let’s take the battery out so here’s the battery. It says it chargers for 3 hours, but this doesn’t look like it has an auto switch off when it’s full. So you might want to set a timer that charges for three hours because I’ve seen videos when they charge it for too long and it blows up or catches on fire. Okay, so I’m gon na charge it so I’ll be back real, soon, it’s all charged up. So let’s take it for a spin, so here we are outside so I’m going to quickly test my car. So we have a pretty good good path. Bull shirt anyway, let’s just go straight to it: whoa whoa k2. I really like my new car. It goes quite fast, but I’m pretty sure that’s, not 20 KS it’s also a tiny bit hard to steer because it goes to like really sharp, left and right there’s a lot of places on the internet. You could get these I’ll put a few on the screen. Now, like gearbest eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress and wish just make sure you check the reviews before buying they’re, not always from the same place. I got mine from wish and, as you can see, is twenty two dollars and six dollars. Shipping that’s under 30 bucks for the price is really good, so it’s definitely worth it. I hope you guys enjoyed this review. If you did, please hit that like button and if you haven’t subscribed.

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