So this thing here i picked up ive been wanting one for a while. I was over in hello rc a few weeks back and jason and liz had one so i had to have it. I went into cyclone hobbies today and they had one set back for me and i picked it up. I also got to drive uh john sargents gatekeeper, which is essentially the same thing and i kind of fell in love with the the way the thing crawls. If you want to use the long battery tray youre going to have to do a mod, the battery tray that they provide you with in there is a very small one for a very small pack. I run big packs 5 000 milliamp. I like to crawl all day now in order to do that, it was sticking out through the fender sides, so id actually do a little bit of trimming off the end of the battery tray to make it fit. But we got it in there and its all good now so lets just get this thing out on the course give it a run and well talk about it as we go in full detail, also theres a scale garage inside the box. I opened it up and this was in there, so i set it up on the desk here and i think its probably going to be its permanent residence. Nice little thing. They add in there thats, probably one of the coolest things ive seen in a while, be my first time driving the ecto i havent, given any test drive or anything were doing it all together.

Uh one of the things youre going to want to know is there is no on and off switch. This is a plug it in and go esc, not a real big fan of that didnt like it on the axials either. It does seem to crawl, really nice and slow okay, so this thing does have a 550 14 turn 5 slot motor and a sc 480 x, esc, 2 or 3s with no switch, as we know already has a three channel receiver and i dont know if you Guys uh noticed this or not, but it has the wires the black to the red red to the black thats. Just something i kind of thought was odd. Bring it across these rocks, maybe up the tire so far. It seems to be handling itself really well, it does have a oil filled. Aluminum shocks. I got a little sketchy there for a moment. Oh still, wheelied. Out of it, though i got this steep spot, it gives some of the vehicles some problems all right. It made it now. This thing also has a pretty decent set of bead lock, wheels on it, theyre plastic, but theyre better than none, and it also has a trailing arm set up with a sway bar in the rear. Come on get over there you go and it rained today too. So this is a little extra extra difficult for it. Oh, were getting dangerous up here, all right. It made it stakes up here.

Literally, im gon na try to come down this bridge and then go back up the spot on the left that is known for being challenging. Well, the radio on this isnt too bad its kind of a big clumpy radio, but it has all your normal stuff. Your 2.4 gigahertz and all your trim settings and very different channels. It takes four double as nothing special, but not bad for a little stock radio and back up try not to fall off the rocks growing across here. Nice also comes with a sticker set and a really nice set of instructions. Its fully exploded view shows you about everything you need to know come up the rock side. Oh, it is doing a good job. Look at that amazing thats the spot right there, though all right it powered through it awesome. I am really liking this. These tires dont seem too bad, but i went ahead and picked up a set of j concepts, land mines, while i was there because they had them. I figured why not theyll probably end up on this thing: im really liking it so far. It does an excellent job, especially for being all stock, also comes with pretty decent little uh set of spare parts couple accessories mirrors and whatnot uh the links, and i think, a spare body mounts case. You want to put a suv style body on it. Yeah walks down the stairs here, Music Laughter. We went down that a little faster than i intended and we can turn it around and come back up the same spot.

I think ive definitely got it a lot heavier in the front than i do. The back with having that big battery there there and anything really going on in the back, i might have to add a little weight to the tires, a little bit of brass knuckles. But this thing is crawling really nice. Also. It does have a couple of spots on the esc for lighting time to give it the real test. This is something i normally do when i am testing mods on really capable vehicles, ive never really tried it with just a bone stock. So what im going to do is theres steep one on the left that looks like ladders. Im gon na try to come up it across down on the far right and then back up in the middle, and if it can do all that, that is pretty impressive. For a bone stock, vehicle okay were not out of the woods yet we made it through the first one, a little bit more difficult when youre driving far away from behind the camera too, because you cant be right there to line up your wheels properly. So id say its really doing well, considering all the factors im really impressed right now, im gon na. Do it all right it did it well thats, going to conclude our test on the ecto folks theres, a few things you got to do that a battery tray is a little bit of a pain.

I wish it had an on off button. Maybe they cleaned up the wires a little bit better, but overall, for a first run stock on everything. It has walked all over this course and done an amazing job. So its got my vote of confidence and thumbs up from the get go thanks for watching everybody. This is brent from adventure. Time rc come back, hang out again id love to show you more of my videos.