I got a little piece of foam over my microphone. Maybe it’ll help uh let’s see what we’re gon na be running it on we’re gon na be running it on uh, 3s uh let’s see what this battery is. It’S, an avionic bubonic, 3 000 milliamps, 50 c discharge, so we’ll see what it’ll do and uh we had to change to the bigger battery tray up front it’s got the standard, uh overdrive gears whatever come in at stock, so we’re gon na run this run on It just stock and we’ll probably run another run in a couple days with the optional overdrive. I forget what the percentage is on it. We went ahead and put the decals on the side to give it this white, stripe and we’re going to fold the mirrors in so we don’t break them off. I hope you all enjoy this video. It was going to take this thing out to the river, but we had so much rain. Yesterday the river is flooded. A buddy of mine sent me a picture this morning. He went out there and checked it out so both places we usually go crawl. I just probably just flooded out. I know one of them is the one he sent me the picture of so we’re going to take it out here to the big head. The little big head crawling trap. First thing: we’re going to do is uh. Try it on these stairs uh, i don’t think any of my trucks stock has actually made these stairs before.

I think he’s impressed me already. Oh yeah yeah, none of my trucks, none of my crawlers. This right here is a problem because you skid plate maneuver it around hey there we go. We got the light plug hanging out the bottom, but that’ll be all right. It’S awesome, truck y’all! Oh just got yourself in a bad position right there, all right now let’s come over here and see if we can bring it up. These rocks right, oh yeah! Oh, it should have flipped over right. There all right now we’re going to take it over here and uh. Try this one little climb here: Music, another difficult, a lot of trucks, don’t make it. This is the way it’s set. Oh i’m, already yeah. We better get them lights out. There then white wires. When they get ripped off, i usually don’t run lights, but i don’t want to rip them off, will be a beast. Go around to the other side, see if we can get a better, better angle, better view over here. I can tell you already performing a whole lot better than i thought it would stop tires out of the box i’m gon na try that optional overdrive, but i didn’t expect it failed that today we will come back and try it with the optional overdrive. So let’s try these stairs out right here, especially with the muddy tires Music that’s. My fault come on. Oh, oh, oh, oh, my goodness! That again is bad driving.

This truck is performing awesome. I wish we could take it down to glendale, where i do most of my videos at but like got a big big rain last night all day yesterday. This is hard right here, because you’re hitting that stick other part at the same time. So you really have to i’m, not gon na make it again, but it’s just causing mother tires that’s. All it is let’s reset. Try it again. I guess it’s just trying to center itself baby tires that’s that uh composite decking boards. What that’s made out of it’s made out of so it don’t get no grip at all. Oh, i ain’t gon na do that. Let’S put it back over here on the rocks zero hd a little bit too much out of it a little low. So oh yeah doing great Music tonight, i’ll – probably be here i’m going to the river, i think sunday, if it don’t rain, i might be here i might be at the railroad. This thing is sick hd. It is a value for the money. Okay, i don’t think i’m gon na do anything to it: i’m gon na change it to put that overdrive gear in to come with it that’s it. So there you have it guys. This enduro hd the first run it’s a tough truck it’s held up really good. I can’t can’t complain at all it’s real sturdy truck built real well, even though it don’t have portable axles.

You have a lot of clearance. I really like it. I guess it’s the best performing truck out of the box i’ve ever owned. That includes the trx. 6. I’M afraid to say: well i hope you all enjoyed this video whoa. I hope you all enjoyed this video remember until next time.