I am going to compare to the trail walker so now that the sendero is out of the box. Let’S compare both the trail, walker and the scenario let’s start off with the bodies. The trail. Walker, as you can see, is one solid piece. It has the headlights already built in for you. The sendero has the headlights built in for you just like the trail walker, but this body is two pieces. It is connected right here, Music, which i’m hoping, because it is two separate pieces that it’s gon na help. Twist and it’s gon na make it easier to go over things. As you can see, the trail. Walker is one solid body and it doesn’t move, but hopefully in this video you can see that the sendero is actually pivoting in the middle, where it connects to the body which should help go over obstacles. So now that we’ve taken a look at the bodies of both parts, let’s take a look at what’s underneath so straight off the bat um, the trail walker does come with 1.55 size tires and the sendero comes with 1.9. Now i have upgraded the trail walker to 1.9 as well, just because the 1.5 weren’t really what i was looking for, the trail walker when it comes out. The box comes with 1.5 b block tires, which i switched to proline high racks, which are 1.9, and the sendero comes with 1.9 grabber x3. When the sendero comes out the box, it does have the shorty battery holder in now in the gloss it does come with.

The long, which is what i did in the trail walker i have chain, switched it over to have the big one in um. Now, when it comes to electronics in the cars, they are all the same other than the servo. The servo in the sendero has been upgraded um. It is still reading. It’S just been an upgraded servo with metal gears here’s the sendero. As you can see, you can turn the uh the tires in the car um without moving the car, which definitely made it easier to get through this section, Music see how it can pivot on the rock and go over them over the logs pretty easily. Now, with the trail walker, it was that you had to keep nudging it forward or always moving the car forward or backwards in order for the car to steer instead of on the sendera, where it could just pivot in the same spot that the sendero has a More powerful steering servo than the trail walker, as i got stuck and had to reset here, you can see that the trail walker is doing a pretty decent job of getting over the boulder. The sendero is also doing a pretty decent job of getting over the boulders. I do think that the canon servo has something to do with that as well.