Now i got the 24th scale fever. Look. What just came in. You know i’m, a toyota fan boy, and that looks like something i personally own doesn’t it. I wonder if it’s any good now i know some people have been saying this one right here, one cell, not enough but may do a monitor, do some stuff to it. Like i said 24th scale, fever is in wait for another one coming in, and this other one right here that i’ve already modded check those videos out coming soon on my main channel check it out guys. Here we go is all you get in the box. The spare body post and that charger for the one cell and it’s a lipo transmitter comes with some more basic transmitter version of the hobby plus stuff and even some horizon stuff comes with this transmitter too, the the more digital version. But here we go this trucks, not too bad little bit of weird body lines here and there i can see myself definitely trimming that off that’s kind of weird hangover right there it’s just needs to drop the body a little bit, probably make it look more scale And true to element rc fashion check that out you get a scaled box. I don’t know if i can show the top right there got to flip this box inside out to make full use of it, but i’m, probably just gon na leave it alone, really cool. Looking box, though, look at those cool signage that you can trim out and use pretty sweet.

Oh man, i got ta clean the garage, so i know some of these guys have smaller wheels and tires that’s. The reason why i decided to get them because these axials perform really well for their size being 24 skills. Why they got big tires well, this one right here is not that much bigger than that one. I guess, but once you get to the deadbolt tires, get bigger and the jeep jlu tires are big too so that’s. What helps these things perform so well. This guy right here, gon na, have a tough time with this competition on the trails let’s see what it can do paint scheme. You know i do like my kawasaki, so the lime green works for me and i did wish my truck was white, but i have one now let’s check this guy out front mounted motor and gearbox with divorced transfer case front mounted. Servo chassis mounted three wire servo, esc receiver, combo lipo and nickel metal, capable little extra port for your lights or an fpv system. One cell. Why one cell 500 milliamp hour is that 500 or 550 520 milliamp hour one so that might need to be upgraded. But man look at that that looks pretty cool right kind of mimicking. The 10 scale stuff with a divorce transfer case still friction shocks, but all right we’ll see how it handles when it times to go on the trail all right here we go guys. The enduro 24 trail runner, man.

How i wish this thing was like the real trail runner, you know, an ifs front end would be pretty sick on a 24 scale. But you know this is just a rebranded rc car, which is you know, kind of weird to me for team associated or element as they want to call their new brand for their crawlers to do because you know they make some pretty cool stuff, and i was Hoping this would be more original and isf front would be pretty sick. What you think, i hope to make a version too hope. They’Re listening, i doubt it. My channel is too small subscribe there’s this comparator guys the hobby plus cr24 geforce edition. I believe that one’s called our g armor edition. Now this thing right here, it’s under 100. This is just over 100 that’s, just under 100 and for the price. Oh man, you can’t go wrong with this one. Either it comes with lights. It’S got some scale features. You know hard hard plastics, hard, molded plastics on the lexan body, which make it look pretty cool, but anyway, this is the run for this right here. We will be running this today with this truck as well, and then a review afterwards for this one, so it’ll be backwards for this guy, but it’s, nothing, new it’s, just something i purchased because of its size and it’s more comparable relate to this guy than the Axillas with the big tires so let’s take these guys out for a run.

Hope you guys enjoy funny enough, the element’s, the one that comes with the more basic analog controller than the digital for the hobby, plus pretty weird. You know how these name brand guys like to save a lot of money and charge you a lot still for their trucks, but i guess 99.99 isn’t bad let’s get to this now. These are both one cell trucks, but the modulation on them is pretty good. They’Re tiny, as you can see, i’m struggling on this already there you go got some grip. This is why i like it on the trail because it’s unpredictable – you have you know, really slippery spots dirty spots and it really tests these guys out roll over already try to follow that same line as much as i can so it’s fair. So this one right here is definitely tail heavy versus the enduro 24’s front heavy because of that front mounted motor there’s an older design, so we can forgive it for those little things. Okay, i can’t even make it up here, what’s going on oh i’m. Getting hung up on stuff there you go it’s, not even the way i went. Is it i’m taking a more difficult route? Oh well, i guess i need to go back down this way and then up here’s, where i went. I believe oh hi centered there you go all right here. We go guys. My favorite part of the my hill climb, or my trail right here – is this very first obstacle area, it’s littered with a bunch of these little tiny trees for these guys.

Now so i need to get around those in half there. You go keep remembering these things are small. I can just high center and hit rocks with the axles and everything i’m expecting this one to be able to make it up there because of the front weight bias right. It made it up there, but now i’m stuck in a hard place. All right. Let me bring you guys closer to where i’m stuck right now so, as you can tell, if i go the wrong way, i’m rolling this sucker for sure, with no wheel weight, because this is where i roll a lot of my stuff. So let’s. Take it easy here, let’s keep this guy on the trail. Yes come on all right here’s, i believe it’s the same way i took with this guy touching plants, in my hand, not good to do in the desert. Unless you want to get poisoned, i made it up too i’m, not being as gentle with this one, as i was with the other one for some weird reason, i swear it’s just me, because they’re both pretty good in modulation, throttle and steering wise, like i said This one’s slow, though check it out, but it’s got power. I had to stop the video a second ago because you know i’m, not the only one on these trails so hikers come by. I have to give them some space to get around all right after i get up this right here, i’m going to change my view, so i don’t think i went this way with this one.

I think i went down here. Actually there you go all right. Let’S change the view all right now i just put this guy back up here, but that guy actually rolled right over here so let’s see if we can get further with this guy – and i already mentioned this – this one is more tail heavy, because it’s got more Scale accessories and a spare tire back there, so the lexan body is heavier on this one, but it does look cool and you do get a lot for your money. With this guy, you get lights, you get molded plastic pieces, a functioning roof light bar that you can actually put leds on pretty good for your money. I believe i bought this no discount code, no anything on banggood at the us warehouse shipped to my door with shipping for 94 and some change so that’s pretty good. Now let’s see if we can get up this see that tail heavy, nothing wheel, weights, can’t change and the cool thing about the hobby plus is it? Has bead lock wheels, so we can’t open those up and put weights in there. Well see this thing: didn’t make it further than the in zero 24, so i’d say the 24. Definitely outclassed it right there just by climbing that and the rest was my bad driving, because i could climb that and just turned left instead of went down this area and then rolled. But it happens to me all the time because i’m filming from a different angle – and i don’t see where i’m going most of the time because i’m looking through the camera, little side hill of mine, it changes all the time.

So i can’t take the same line. I’M gon na have to go uh i’ll, try to take the hardest line possible, but let’s check it out. Yeah that just threw me right back on the trail. There you go. Unfortunately, we can’t ever take the same route most of the time, because people hike on this trail, so the routes change rocks, get moved around that’s. What makes it awesome and i’m high centered now? Oh there, you go, got out of that and never go that high on this side. You should go down right here. There you go 24 skill life. All right here goes: the hobby plus ooh i’m surprised it’s, making it up that i’m, not even showing what i’m doing right now geez what’s wrong with me, having too much fun on my own i’m, not sharing it with my friends there you go up that section Too, all right we’re at the hill climb let’s go ahead. You go first, enduro 24 tires are soft grippy, actually really good soft tires on this one gun it up there a little bit it’s a little soft, which way i’m gon na go i’ll. Try to write the harder section, all right, it’s too loose up there for this guy let’s go to the left, where i go with most of them, because it’s a lot harder, packed, oh i’m, full throttle and it’s drying, but it dug in it’s trying i’m full Throttle guys there you go just fix my line, a little bit and i’m to the top, all right.

That was awesome, all right, happy plus it’s your turn, mr tail heavy. Hopefully you can make it up usually tail bias. Heaviness is not good for climbing. Oh, i centered it on that rock i’m, not going anywhere from there. There you go it’s full throttle full throttle. Oh wow, i need to pay attention more i’m driving what’s wrong with me. This is intense there’s tail heavy truck having a problem right here come on. It’S trying it wants to make it up it wants to there. It goes oh different route because i couldn’t pass that rock, hopefully i’ll still make it, though it’s too soft up to this side back down let’s try this out again try to bounce it. Try to bounce it, yeah come on buddy. There you go and now i made it up. Hopefully you guys saw that. Well there you guys go these tiny little beasts sure showed us what’s up right. They did it no problem so now, it’s time to go back down the hill and i’m gon na stay quiet for this part of it and let’s just make this a nice downhill trail run. So i hope you guys enjoy it. Then 0 24 go down this section let’s see if it tries to go head over heels, got ta stay out of this rut again i’m trying to go straight back into it, what’s wrong with me. I have no wheel weights, man don’t! Go that way! I’Ll, take it easy here all right and there’s the last downhill right here and i make it back on the trail now in theory, it’s supposed to be easier for this guy, so let’s hope it is try to take an identical line, stay away from that craziness Over there there you go down here, oh back up a little take the wrong line.

Oh i can’t back up, looks like i’m committed to this line. Now here i go, i might have to bump it. Oh no, no needed it made it down, see rear bias, weight better for downhill. This is why i like to evenly put wheel weights on my truck, but if it’s rear, biased like this, i probably will put more wheel weights in the front to make it more front bias, because a little bit front is better than back. But you don’t want too much front and no back because you don’t want to just keep on going head over heels down hill. You know what i mean the last part and it’s down. Well, there you guys go two 24th scale, rigs that are pretty similar in spec and size. The hobby plus cr24 is the smallest of the bunch it’s, the tiniest of the tinies shortest wheelbase out of that one lengthwise. This one right here will be second and the scx 24s are longer than these two. Now those are the only three twenty four scales, i own s, two scx 24s and these two. So these are the only things i’m, comparing it to and so far they’re. All pretty good in their own right. This one right here, tail heavy this one right here, front heavy! So a lot better performance, and this you know this one has bead lock wheels. So you can go ahead and put wheel weights in that and get that performance too, so either way.

These two are both good, this one just under 100, this one just over 100, both great rigs well, anyways, guys thanks for subscribing, i always appreciate it like and comment below.