So, as you can tell, we did order the 2100 kv combo. This is also going to be available in the 1400 kv, 2100 kv or 2800 kv, and it’s also available, 540 long can or 550, and the 550 is going to include a 3300 kv motor. So there’s, really nothing on these hobby wing boxes, they’re pretty much uh. Very, very basic other than just this sticker signifying what it is and the part number so. The biggest thing biggest thing that we’re going to be getting here is the brand new r2, which the biggest update that you can tell as well is it’s 80 amp. I have my old hobby wing system back there and at 60 amp, so the speed control did get a 20 amp increase. Also reverse polarity protection, a newer, smaller sensor wire, but we’ll get into that as well. Once we unbox it so let’s get to the speed control we’ll do the motor after so i cut all of the packaging open just to make this a little bit more speedy. First things first get all the goodness out of here. So there is the brand spanking new r2 speed control, so all of the ax systems, including the older uh ax systems, do come with a fan now and it will take direct voltage. So this is the one thing: with these hollow wing products: it doesn’t have a fan port, so you will have to take either direct power from the lead or you will have to take power from your elec receiver itself.

So something to think about in the future. Like i said, new, smaller balance lead. This is also going to have a o ring that catches on this little lip here and that’s what’s going to keep this sealed waterproof. So this is going to be a 2 or three s capable speed control. It is gon na be fully waterproof. Cool part with this is it’s gon na have the foc technology and it’s going to have the constant um power through the motor, so the motor essentially is going to have constant power if you’re going to set it with trim or you’re just going to keep your Finger at a like 25 throttle, for example, it’s not going to lower the amp, draw and slow down the motor it’s just going to continue going so kind of cool thing with the new axe. This is also going to be bluetooth with a brand new bluetooth, app that is available for android or apple. So, if you’re on either system, you are good to go, it also comes with some double sided tape. Some heat shrink for extra leads stuff like that. Gon na come with some awesome, decals, pink, blue and black, and it will also come with some zip ties. So the next thing up we’ve got the motor, so the new 540 l. So this is the long can. This one will still include a three millimeter shaft. So standard pinion, the 550 will include a five millimeter shaft pinion.

So nice long leads on here. The one downside with the axe is, you probably can tell this is going to be a non changeable sensor wire length. So there is extensions available from hobby wing themselves. So this balance i’m sorry balance. The sensor wire is pretty short on here and it’s, also quite short on the speed control, so do plan ahead when you mount these two into your crawler just because you will have to plan ahead. If you need to order that or not order, that extension so i’m, pretty excited to get it in everything is a sealed. Can so backside sealed front side is actually quite sealed as well. You can’t really see much of that front, bearing just with how they machine this end bell with the motor shaft coming out of it, so they try to keep it sealed. I mean the biggest thing with any sort of water is water will get in here and it will seep through so it’s. Never a bad idea. Take your motor apart every once in a while and check that front and rear bearing just in case you know they can seize up, do stuff like that it’s also. Never a bad idea check all your motor uh connections as well as your battery connections make sure no corrosion or anything’s building up there. Also, the other one is check your receiver plug i’ve seen so many of these come out of cars and they are absolutely just green and you wonder why they don’t work, so that is kind of my advice.

If you do plan on running a lot of water, this is all from chris steves himself. He is the king of submerging his stuff and he’s. The king of doing all that fun stuff so i’m really excited to get this in really excited to test it and really excited to do some tuning with the brand spanking new app and all of the telemetry that it can get back to you so really excited About that so let’s get it in and let’s continue the build okay. So we are here for bag number. Four of the gatekeeper build. As you can see, we have everything pre laid out and everything on the bench. Here we are going to be using the 42032 gear set, which is the factory team, steel ones uh, and we are going to be using those guys because they did come in this kit with plastic. So since we are going to be doing this big axe combo, we wanted to make sure that we didn’t have any gear issues, so i would highly recommend buying 42032 from team associated if you want to put big power into this and the other thing we do Want to mention, too, is in the manual they tell you how to build it one way, and the problem is, if you look up here, note different orientation on page 28, which is at the back of this manual right to the back of the page. Here, one more just like that, so i have some numbers here.

So essentially we want to build option number two, because that is going to give us a little bit more of the overdrive for the front end. So that’s going to give us our 11 overdrive. Instead of the 5 overdrive, so here’s some math, if you want to take a peek at that for people that are really interested so just make sure when you do build this, if you want to build five percent, just continue on with page number seven, if you Do want to go up to the 11. You always want to go to page number 28.. So here we go we’re gon na get building. One thing i will mention also is on these gears. They will have a number to them so 2852, as well as these gears. You can see. They have some numbers as well, so match up the corresponding bottom gear to the idler gear and you’ll be good to go. So one thing i want to mention before we jump into the time lapse: is these new hardened gears are going to have threads in them? I barely just tell that they do, but the problem is to keep the screws inside here to keep this driving on the drive hub, you’re, going to have to put a metal screw in here, and you are going to want to use a little bit of blue Loctite downside is it’s full of machine on you can kind of see it’s super shiny, so a good trick that we found – and i want to say thank you to ty tessman for this um – is to use a handy, dandy pipe cleaner.

So what we want to do is just grab our pipe cleaner, a little bit of brake clean right on the edge there, and what you can do is put the pipe cleaner through the holes and clean it out a couple times and just make sure that you Get all the machine, oil and all the bad stuff that you don’t want in there out. So now, when you go and use your loctite once you clean the screw with the same method of a paper, towel it’s going to be clean. So now that’s a kind of a cool tip before we get into like doing the build, because i just thought i’d mention it you’d probably see me: do it really quick in the time lapse, but makes life easy and now you know for sure for sure you’re, Not going to have any failures on the trails with screws backing out ram it into the gear case, or anything like that, so let’s get building i’ve got everything cleaned up here, just wanted to show you that tip so before we put grease in the trans. I just want to show you kind of how this whole system works, with the overdrive side and the under drive side. So the easiest way we can test to make sure that we put this together right is this is the back side of the transmission, and this is the front side of the transmission. So if you see we have the drive, shaft eyelets pretty much lined up, i guess as best as we physically can.

So if we rotate this one, this one should actually pass it so right now you can kind of see it’s down this one’s a little bit up, so this one should pass and go faster than what the rear one does so, the easiest way to test this Is that we turn this one full rotation, this one should cam forward more than the rear one. So we’ll go right here, so we’ll go half a rotation. So now you can already tell this. One was down a little bit now this side’s down a little bit, and that was only half rotation. So if we go one full rotation, then you can see this one under one. Full rotation only did about three quarters of a rotation on that side and if we keep going that’s going to get even worse so now, this one is another half turn and this one you can’t even barely see the hole and if we go one more it’s Completely gone so kind of a cool system, we’ll grease this up, throw it on the truck and that’ll probably be the end of this video. I don’t want to see how cool this transmission is so it’s butter smooth and then once we get the rear case and it’ll take all of the play out. So make sure you throw a good coating of grease on here, but make sure you do this first before you go and put it in the truck.

I know a couple. People have put this in backwards. Easiest way to remember it, though, is 52 28 and the 28 and the 20., so the biggest idler gear always goes with the input cure. The easiest way to put it together, so we’ll grease it up, throw it in the cool part. I always forget to mention about these enduros is this truck is not going to use a slipper clutch, which is a common issue on all of the other crawlers most of the time. You have to actually upgrade this part to a slipper eliminator kit. So, as you can see, the spur gear has that hexagon shape, just like the pads or black thereof pads, so now it’s just kind of playing the match game and just like that, throw your nut on lock it down, and this is one thing that i find That a lot of people do is they’ll actually lock this nut down a little bit too far. So realistically, you just need to get it tight. It doesn’t need to be like mushrooming. The plastic tight. It just needs to be tight, so we’ll hit some resistance here with the nylock. So this is the nyloc nut as well. It doesn’t get snug doesn’t need to be ridiculously scorching tight, but there you go there’s our transmission, just like that. So we’ll throw the uh the axe in here the 2100. So another thing that we found, sometimes if you’re going to be doing the 1800 kv safe, fusion or a smaller motor, and you want a little bit more wheel speed.

This is an 87 two spur. We found team associated does make a 76 tooth spur, which is the smallest one. Here we can use the downside. Is we run into a pinion, slash gear cover issue? So, as you can see on the bottom side of this gear cover, you can only run so big of a pinion 21 tooth pinion is about the biggest we find without a whole bunch of modification on the inside of this gear cover. So just keep that in mind if you are gon na run a smaller kb motor but that’s it everybody. Thank you so much. This is uh part four of the enduro build so bag four as well. So it kind of worked out pretty good um don’t forget to like comment and subscribe don’t forget to check out our other youtube channels. I know chris just did a ton of stuff with the traxxas udr as well so we’re gon na put this together on uh episode, number five. We will be getting into building some diffs. So thank you.