You know the the benefits of this vehicle and we have some really cool running video. You know i set it up good and uh. I got it going: it’s, pretty fun, it’s the gatekeeper and it’s the enduro sendero chassis, with a trailing arm, suspension, um, much more travel they um and with that they, the wheelbase, expanded to 12.8 inches. I believe instead of 12.3, and they have a few models. Let me look at my cheat uh 450 for the ready to run with battery 380 without the battery, so apple stops comparison and this particular one is 290 Music as a kit, and but it comes with these gold factory team team associated shocks, so not bad. So i think you you really want to do the the kit, because you want brushless in this thing, aluminum adjustable pan hard, super cool and uh. In the end, something really really interesting. Uh is going on hot off the presses this week. So, hang on till the end, after the running, video and i’ll tell you the good news element: rc steering super cool. It has uh high clearance links, that’s a nice touch right, let’s, see let’s, get this level and then good, steering good suspension action and then with brushless super fast – and you know this is uh element, rc team associated drivetrain, very smooth, so this kind of vehicle you Want it to modulate, and then you want it to go fast, so brushes is ideal for this application.

Okay, so something unique that it’s got going on is they they just got the the chassis that i described and there’s and sendero with trailing arm, and they put this this cage on it, okay, so very easy to access, because it’s just uh sitting on top of It and and let’s see you know a little bit narrow for batteries. I’Ve had problems fitting batteries and whatnot, and but it is heavy. This thing is very. I should weigh it very, very top heavy and the way they set it up. It was kind of narrow and long, so i made it wider with big offset hubs and man. It performed a whole lot better. I should it should. This should be really even wider. I just i just don’t have spacers right now, so so here it is. I have a homes hobby stubby on it pretty decent uh, savox servo and i finally got it to perform so enjoy the running video i’m going to run it on my table, because uh that’s just kind of how i roll i’m not sure what the stock gearing Is and nice and fast so enjoy running video Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, here is the easter egg. The surprise that i have for you guys so, just this week they released a new version of the gatekeeper and it’s called the ecto element. Rc ecto man there’s some funny names huh. So what is it the gate? The ecto is the same thing, but without this cage, because this pampers performance, you know so they said: okay, let’s get rid of that and let’s put just the power wagon style, pickup body on it super light.

You know 2.8 wheelbase and and see what happens new. Bumper as well, because this one doesn’t have a a bumper, so you know mixed reviews out there, but um. You know because it’s it’s another repackaging of of a familiar platform, but i get what they’re trying to do this really tips over a lot. Does it have a? Does it have a oh? No, it doesn’t have a well, it does have some kind of um of sway bar. Not really, maybe maybe i can play with it. So uh element rc ecto, uh i’ll, put some pictures in but uh and a little bit of video, but something something interesting: something new for 20 kind of new for 2021. All right thanks a todd don’t forget to subscribe and click the links in the subscription to a main hobbies that really helps our channel out and interact with it. Comment like share.